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John Cleese
the coffee is in post-production.. - John Cleese
i want my share of the coffee! - imabonehead
I had a coffee once that was in pre-production, unfortunately it ended up in development hell, in the end it had to be shelfed. - Jason
I'll sign up later, ok? It's on my to-do list. - Pete D
Signed up yesterday. Haven't been approved yet. Is that MY fault?! - BUNNY POO SALAD
Ian Shepherd
Ad in twitter-stream ? Un-follow... (sigh)
When I saw this in your Twitter stream I mis-read it as "And in twitter-stream..." so I clicked through looking for the context. Which I didn't find! - John Cleese
And now for something completely different... - Joe Lencioni
In which case I must apologise for the lack of clarity, context and ultimately interest in that tweet ! - Ian Shepherd
John - are you supposed to be answering these? You seem to be asking the questions back haha
Is this not a room for questions? - John Cleese
Can we have an argument room? - Lauren
beautiful - John Cleese
sweet! - Elvira
Looks like something off the alien films...cute though! - Lauren
Rob Stradling
If I was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder... would he tell me?
which one of you would like to know? - John Cleese
Know what? - Rob Stradling
Rob Stradling
What is the collective noun for free-runners?
What kind of free-runners? - John Cleese
John Cleese
@cameronreilly Hitler was also a vegetarian
as well as his propensity for genocide... - Vicky
Are you suggesting there's a causal relationahip between the two - vegetarianism and genocidal tendencies? - dkb
Uh oh, someone might need a lawyer :D - Mo Kargas
he was also an animal lover... he never ate dog - John Cleese
Hitler collected Hummel figurines and painted small moustaches on them. - Kevin Leroux
Deek Deekster
should we limit the questions in any way?
Would it help me find answers? - John Cleese
Pete D
Are you going to answer them?
What do you expect - silence? - John Cleese
Rob Stradling
Does this count as one of my questions?
do you think that makes a difference? - John Cleese
It probably depends whether or not you invoke McCallum 4, doesn't it? - Rob Stradling
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