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RT @TheMetalWhovian: @JohnCleese 10,999,968 to go...
I’ve been told that the will come to windows phone if this is retwitted 11 million times. That's 1m times per user
The app may persuade @BillGates to put down his iPhone and get a Windows one
Apparently only 11 people have a windows phone so unless sufficient comments are presented app may not be released.
Due to silly demand, will be available for Windows phones very soon ...
RT @SportsCenter: THIS JUST IN: Cristiano Ronaldo has resumed training with Portugal after missing their first 2 World Cup tune-ups.
I see that "D.E.L.B" has amassed 94,650 coins in the app. That’s just sad. I recommend flappy bird.
RT @2Lange: The new Monty Python's "Ministry of Silly Walks" app is jolly good! #sillywalks
RT @Boondogglegames On the @verge of buying Maybe these kind words will help persuade you.
I totally disagree with George Clooney @clooney_clooney about the daily mail. They are much, much worse than that
A charming audio review
Well done 'DblOhsvn 77' for collecting 788 coins in just one absurd session of silliness
'Elly Awesome' reviews The Ministry of Silly Walks App
#WorldCup Here’s some inspiration for the most professional of divers
RT @christhebutcher: @JohnCleese It could be added to the Silly Walk game. With an England kit, of course! :-D
RT @garchbo: @JohnCleese Brazil Faulty!... but... "Don't mention the war!" #BRA #GER
RT @BoondoggleGames City of London. Don't just schlep home, Silly Walk home
RT @bar_spn: @JohnCleese do not underestimate #ThePelvicFloor walk
A video capture of the very elegant trolley Waltz
5 star reviews for the app. That’s just marvellously silly!
5 star reviews for the app. That’s just marvellous silly!
During your 'loco' motion, do make sure you visit 'Plonk' for the finest vintages
RT @montypython: Don’t forget, Monty Python Sings (again) out now - filled with Python classics, like these:
And finally, presenting the particularly dippy, ‘Triple axel flying snooze’
RT @BoondoggleGames It's possible to take a very silly nap on the trolley at the start
RT @RyanWilliams15: #Nationalministryofsillywalksday @JohnCleese, @stephenfry This could be a think, A day where python take over.
RT @badgerbuckley: @JohnCleese @BoondoggleGames best game ever! I have lost hours of my life to this beast x
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