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RT @BoondoggleGames: Version 1.0.2 for iOS is out! Please try updating if you've been having problems on your iOS device! Happy walking :)
#HackingTrial shows it’s time for *real* change Plse RT & sign the declaration at #LevesonNow
.@stephenfry Challenge accepted Sir! Watch this: #montypythonlive
RT @BoondoggleGames Just submitted update 1.0.2 to for review on the appstore, should fix crashes on most iOS devices
People @GlastoFest - tweet a video of your silly walk with #thesillywalk and I'll retweet the best! #glastonbury
RT @stuartdredge: Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks gets its own mobile game via @guardian
Good tweetings Australia! A long way to walk to the Python shows for you all. If you need a silly fix visit
RT @TUAW: The Ministry of Silly Walks is now an iOS game, and it's fantastically silly -
Well done ‘’!*[sunshine}*!’ on the leader board with a flappy waddle of 1832 metres! That’s quite a silly distance.
That @stephenfry is rather silly, I wonder if he can beat my frantic promenade?
My personal best is 3135 metres, but I’m very, very silly...
My personal best is 3135 metres, but I’m very, very silly
Looks like I’ll be performing the Ministry of Silly Walks after all… check out the app here I'm feeling sprightly!
RT @hackinginquiry: Society of Editors: ‘verdicts show there was never anything wrong’ #hackingtrial
Which funny guy, Ian Hislop or Steve Coogan, *really* stands up for free expression? A serious analysis Please share
Fancy joining what may be the worst run fan club in the world? The needs you. #montypythonlive #pythonspamclub
Fancy joining what may be the worst run fan club in the world? The needs you. #montyoythonlive #pythonspamclub
I am pleased to introduce Developing Global #Compassion: A webisode series by @PaulEkman & @DalaiLama!
Hilarious documentary - One Rogue Reporter - turning tables on the tabloids,with Rich Peppiatt Highly recommended
I am hoping the Sunday Times will be compiling an 'Interesting List '. I'm curious if any of the Rich People will be on it.
I am sorry for my behaviour on Alan Carr last night. My wife's friends tell me I am falling too much under her influence
I recommend an excellent book about people who feel no guilt for their wrong actions.It's written by philosopher Aaron James : 'Assholes'
In Spring, my best haikus always seem to have one syllable too many
Still in Sydney...watching the ceremony. Very moved.Just want to say...Thanks Anzac
Apparently Paul Dacre,Editor of the Daily Mail,was rude to somebody in the last couple on months. I've asked the DM if they can confirm this
What a pathetic story.When the Mail rang my PR guy they had NO IDEA when the 'incident' had happened ! Watch out for more desperate crap
As I support Hacked Off,Daily Mail desperate to find nasty stories about me and my family.Do please feel free to help them
In response to the news that flesh will be revealed at the Python Reunion, I’ve started getting into shape.
Hotel security man tells me that in some hotels staff tip off paps when 'celebrities' arrive Reward for name of pap who hassled me
Pap photographed me in bar of Langham Hotel.Where were security ? Anyone know his name ?
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