Anyone tap into the offline consulting area of IM yet? I know I've been absent, but it is GREAT money! @reply or DM if this interests you!
RT @malkady - Google looking to change http to SPDY to make web 55% faster
@MikeFilsaime Dude, is that all you do in that office of yours? GET TO WORK! :)
Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.
Finally enjoying some time off. Nice little 3 day getaway to the lake house in the middle of nowhere. Almost forgot what the stars look like
The visual effects of Transformers 2 were amazing. If you haven't seen it, make sure to catch it on the big screen! :)
Sitting in a DoubleTree hotel suite in Asheville... the weather and scenery is absolutely gorgeous! White water rafting tomorrow! Cant wait!
@David_Preston Sounds fun... so have you had a break yet from doing ALL those seminars? Wish I could've had the time to make atleast 1 of em
80 percent of Twitter users have less than 10 followers -
If you owned the domain name - what would you do with it? Ideas, anyone?
@David_Preston - It's about time you changed your name. Much better!
Here is an excellent post made over at the Warrior Forum on productivity (and a touch on the Zeigarnik Effect) -
@VivaLaPatch I read the review over at http://flypatchfly on the XL2 plane... nice review! I just cant stand the hand lever braking system!
@VivaLaPatch I saw that... it's exciting. They took their plane rental prices down, too. AH how I itch to fly!
@markress Is there a way I can get a hold of you regarding Offline Gold East? If so, DM me. :)
Anyone need a domain? Host gator is selling domain names for 1 cent. Use coupon code, "1cent" -
Host Gator is offering 1 cent domain names. Use the coupon code "1cent".
Today's Daily IM Consulting Tip: When meeting with business owners, grab hold of your subconscious & VISUALIZE the positive end result.
Want to use Twitter to promote your site and watch it go viral? Check out this cool FREE video I made: (no opt in)
Headed home after a great weekend at Sun N Fun in Lakeland, Fl. Did anyone attend The Offline Gold Summit in Las Vegas this weekend?
So... out of pure curiosity, and a bit off topic - but, is anyone a pilot? Any student pilots, or anyone interested in becoming one?
@edniu Yeah, I've made too much money to count using Offline Consulting. It's about time more ppl start to, too. Let me know how it goes.
@edniu I actually had plans to, but can't make it unfortunately. I'm a pilot and I just CANNOT give up Sun-N-Fun in Lakeland, FL :( You?
@Jeffrey_Donovan - Internet TETA! Hah, Mario would appreciate that one. Cool working on set with you (for the few times), by the way.
Filming on the set of Burn Notice at The Grove Isle Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove... A resort on it's own island! Beautiful set.
Just made a new blog post! Pitching Commercial Intent to Offline Businesses (consultants - must read!) -
I knew I'd be busy with moving into my new house, but this much? Phew! Back to business, at last!
RT @mashable Retweet iPhone App for Twitter: Free for 24h (via @tweetmeme)
Here's a VERY cool free method to promote your websites, blogs, products, etc. virally using Twitter -
At the end of the day, what will you have achieved?
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