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RT @BillMoyersHQ: Paul Krugman: Why We’re in a New Gilded Age #incomeinequality
RT @deBeauxOs1: Excellent post from @dupuisj: "Digital Canada 150: Wasted opportunity" #cdnpoli via @mgeist @Bibliocracy
So it's way harder to write 2 paragraphs for new venue on topic for audience that's unfamiliar w subj than to ramble on forever on yr blog.
Totally. - Marie
For those that are interested, I was talking about this: - John Dupuis
^^^ sweet. - Marie
RT @SLAAcadSCS: Elsevier Takedown Notices: A Q&A with Peter Suber -
RT @ROMLibrary: Everything is not available online. Had to dust off the microfiche today!
RT @DanWeaver_ca: The Beer Store trying to mislead & scare #Ontario into supporting a foreign-owned govt-protected monopoly: #ONpoli
RT @rabbleca: Let's take a look at Jim Flaherty's legacy. The whole thing. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. #cdnpoli #canecon
RT @needalibraryjob: Making a Difference with Librarians Without Borders : News & Events Blog
RT @goldsbie: The Beer Store gets slammed down hard with all the sarcasm it deserves:
The horror. - Joe - Systems Analyst
RT @AWarb: Astroparticle Seminar @McGillUPhysics on Search for Supersymmetry using Higgs boson by Dr. Andrée Robichaud-Véronneau
RT @SnowHydro: "Stopping pursuit of TT posn has provided me exactly what #tenure was meant to do: complete & total #academic freedom...isn't that ironic"
RT @cdnsciencepub: From the Borealis Feed today: "Crusading for invertebrates: effective outreach in schools" by Dr. Chris Buddle,...
RT @forthefatlady: "Library school is like your little brother. You can talk shit about it, but you won’t let anyone else do it."
RT @mjsuhonos: The librarian @reddit_AMA is fairly brief, but JAM packed with insightful perspectives. Take some time to read it:
RT @speakup4sci: RT @DianeOrihel: The Experimental Lakes Area made News of the Week at @sciencemagazine! #cdnsci #SaveELA...
Access Copyright Urges Copyright Board to Ignore Supreme Court Ruling on Fair Dealing by @mgeist
wait. did i read that right? because they are offering to sell a license to use an otherwise free thing, the otherwise free thing should be deemed no longer available in favor of the license? - Jenica
this was my moment of rage this morning. - jambina
Access Copyright is suing my institution. - John Dupuis
RT @torbooks: A terrifying new Mind Meld at @sfsignal: if you could only read 1 author for the rest of your life, who would it be?
RT @andreweckford: Putting the finishing touches on my weighted random number generator. I mean, my grade spreadsheet.
RT @davidkroll: Last tweet on @McGillU @joeschwarcz chemophobia article was to fix a bad link. Good one:
RT @mrgunn: "If you are ever on the receiving end of criticism online, I suggest you not use any of [these] arguments" @DoctorZen
RT @meganjwatson: If I could focus as well on work as I do on food, I could change the world. #alwayshungry
Why 'Game of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin Shouldn't Plan Your Wedding by CollegeHumor via @LaughingSquid
RT @mgeist: RT @Bibliocracy: Excellent post from @dupuisj: "Digital Canada 150: Wasted opportunity" #cdnpoli
RT @YorkUPresOffice: Very pleased to announce the appointment of #YorkU's Prof. Barbara Crow as Dean of @YorkGradStudies:
RT @cracked: The ready- to-wear dress shirt. 25 Minor Inventions That Totally Changed Your Life - |
RT @orzelc: Your 2014 Internet in a nutshell MT @bjfr Do more than tweet empty aphorisms....
RT @robyndoolittle: Now I'm off to the Globe and Mail to join their investigative team. I'm so excited for the new challenges coming my way.
Up to Here With Trolls? | Inside Higher Ed via @sharethis
RT @JesseBrown: What only the press knows about Rob Ford. New #CANADALAND podcast with @robyndoolittle & @goldsbie
RT @juliaoftoronto: Mapping scientific excellence: Check out this nifty visualization cc @aleszubajak @EthanZ #dataviz #science
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