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For those that are interested, I ranted a little OA rant on twitter:
OA Hulk just retweeted it in toto. - RepoRat
Thanks. The ACM thing was just killing me. - John Dupuis
Another slightly unhinged rant: - John Dupuis
Thank you for doing that. I've been preaching "libraries shouldn't be subsidizing non-publishing society activities" for years now, not that anybody's listening. You may have a wider audience and definitely a more succinct style. - Walt Crawford
Come to think of it, on Twitter at least, you *definitely* have a much wider audience. - Walt Crawford
Thanks, Walt. Hard to compare Twitter vs C&I, but it's probably at least a different audience. And thank you for all your work on OA. - John Dupuis
Rants collected for your reading pleasure: - John Dupuis
Liking this again. - Joe
Apparently it's going to be a trilogy. Third installment later this week. - John Dupuis
With the grand finale here: - John Dupuis
Bolman/Gallos ideas? I would like to read these. - RepoRat
This book: Pretty good way of looking at the kinds of attitudes you need in academia beyond "command and control." - John Dupuis
Cool, I will try to get my hands on that! - RepoRat
If you do read it, I'd be interested in hearing your impressions. - John Dupuis
Sure. I don't know how useful it'll be, though. I am SO BAD at leadership stuff. SO VERY VERY BAD. - RepoRat
Thinking you're bad at leadership stuff will probably make your impressions even more interesting. The book tries to define leadership in a way that would be broadly accessible in academia. I'm not sure how successful they are, but the attempt is definitely worthwhile. Which reminds me that I want to dig this book up and give it a read as well: - John Dupuis
Huh. I will too. - RepoRat
'Sup. - Joe
Cool linky stuff for science & other undergrads (12): How to Read & Discuss a Book:
RT @edyong209: BOOM! @slugnads provides a much-needed corrective to the CJR's terrible fawning piece on IFLS
RT @AmyGaukel: Interesting work by @LassondeSchool prof: YFile » Researchers at York University study how much gravity is enough
RT @adhamilton: I excitedly told a group of Eng Lit students how cool @UTSC_weather is today. I don’t think they believed me #sciencelibrarianproblems
RT @MU_Peter: Open Access Rants: On the wagon with Henry Ford & Steve Jobs by @dupuisj (& read the twitter rants too!)
RT @janeschmidt: Librarians, for the love of Dewey, stop counting books! Please!
Blog post: Open Access Rants: On the wagon with Henry Ford & Steve Jobs: #openaccess
RT @theturner: "Cdn Arctic ice reached a record low in summer 2012." Incontrovertible fact. Too hot to handle for EnviroCan under Stephen Harper.
RT @theturner: ICYMI, PM Harper is off to the Arctic, while his govt has forbidden discussing Arctic sea ice melt in public #cdnpoli
RT @theturner: Of all the many episodes in the #CPC's war on science, this sea ice melt incident might be starkest e.g. of refusal to disclose basic facts.
RT @gluejar: I updated my "Library Privacy, RIP" post with links to open source alternatives for sharing and analytics.
RT @Bibliocracy: If anybody has taught courses on privacy in public libraries and wouldn't mind sharing material, please get in touch!
RT @JazzTimes: Writer Django Gold's exclusive response to the furor sparked by his #SonnyRollins #NewYorker humor piece.
RT @kanderson: Professional societies in the US are growing concerned about public access policies.
Hear that sound? That is a big loud FUD! - Joe
Poor babies. Here, have a world's smallest violin. - RepoRat
The hill is widely read by staffers. Hopefully this won't have any impact - Christina Pikas from iPhone
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh - RepoRat
There was a lot of the same kind of FUD here about the coming Tri-Agency OA policy. "Ooooh, but what about the societies?" - John Dupuis
"Our professional society provides so little real value to its members that we can only survive because of library subsidies. Help us maintain our budgets by draining library budgets!" - Walt Crawford
Bingo. Same with government's funding research. They don't fund research for the sake of supporting society or commercial publishers' journal programs. They fund research for lots of reasons, but none of them involve making sure that publishers are taken care of. As a result, government OA mandates shouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about how mandating OA is going to affect the... more... - John Dupuis
^^^ Bingo is right. - Joe
Today's #SabbaticalTShirtProject shirt is from the @FieldMuseum in Chicago. Great place to visit!
RT @petersuber: I just signed this open letter and hope you will too. Please spread the word.
RT @eduroamLovesYou: @dupuisj I love you too, John ❤❤❤❤
Oh, yes, @teslascience has a new fundraising program: BUY A BRICK FOR NIK
Today's #SabbaticalTShirtProject features my goddamn Tesla Museum t-shirt. / @oatmeal @teslascience
RT @AstroKatie: Just did a panel on "The Scientific Culture" at @loncon3. Unfortunately, the reminder notification looked like this.
RT @emckiernan13: @lizatucsf @NathanWPCantley @dupuisj AAAS letter signers, pls consider signing SfN letter. Similar concerns. Thx!
RT @timeshighered: Academic criticises ‘inadequate nature’ of free public #OpenAccess service:
Peppers & tomatoes! Zucchini up next!
Start by getting some nice grill marks on the red onion!
For various reasons, the first BBQ of the season.
RT @rhh: “War and Peace” tortured me: Facebook, email and the neuroscience of always being distracted
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