John Dupuis What a day. First, dealing with some racist defacement of a plaque in a group study room. Security involved, etc. Then, strange smells from work on the roof of the library, causing some staff to go home or be relocated temporarily. Then, just when that seems resolved, the roofers somehow manage to set fire to the roof.
Fortunately, very little damage but there was a bit of smoke in the library. Fire alarm went off, evacuated the building, Dealing with fire dept, contractor, health & safety people, and all the rest. We ended up closing for the day and will hopefully be open tomorrow if the H&S people give the ok. - John Dupuis
Oh yeah, and the university's whole data centre is in the basement of our building. - John Dupuis
that's quite a day you had! hope tomorrow is better! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm hoping not to have to go in tomorrow to figure it all out. - John Dupuis
Wow - sorry to hear all that.Were the strange smells just tar? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
No, the smells were some sort of solvent they were using to melt & remove some part of the old roof. Later on, they were using a flame thrower to melt another part of the roof and that's what started the fire. Needless to say, all work has been halted. - John Dupuis
And who was that recently mused about possibly wanting to get into administration....Just say no, Steve! - John Dupuis
if we can't dissolve the roof, we'll set it on fire! - Richard Akerman
There's something to be said for taking the *second* lowest quote. - John Dupuis
My favourite moment was when the Fire Dept captain tore the contractor a new one, right there in front of a good portion of univ administrators. - John Dupuis
It happened again! Roofers set another fire on the roof today! Fortunately, there was even less smoke in the library this time and the fire alarms didn't go off. But still, it was kinda tense for a while there, with lots of facilities, fire prevention and heath & safety people milling about. Most staff relocated to another building for about 90 minutes but we stayed open with no circ and just me making sure everything was ok. Sigh. And to think this is my last day before vacation. - John Dupuis
And again today! The library was evacuated for a few hours due to a gas leak on the site for the new Life Sciences building. All three have been on Fridays. Also, I think we need to start getting better contractors. - John Dupuis
John: I can just see the sign on your wall (borrowed from almost any industrial manufacturer, but with slightly different wording): We Have Gone [X] Weeks Without a Roof Fire! - walt crawford