Lollapalooza 2011: The 20th Anniversary Edition : via @AddThis
Ominous clouds rolling through Chicago
Big Ups to Tom Skilling. I'll still watch him on WGN to find out what the Chicago weather is going to be like. Thankful its not 100 degrees
Not the first, nor the last to say it, but I'm really digging Google+. Robert Scoble thinks it's just for geeks, but I think he's wrong.
RT @walkersands What Is Google+ - Daniel Laloggia lays it out.
In Google Analytics, check form related goals 4 each web browser. New client had form bug w/Chrome. Fixed bug, increased conversions by 10%
Assembling client case study data. 1st client had 400% increase in conversions. SEO, Landing Page & Form Optimization combination paid off
Ate my first and possibly only cupcake with Bacon
Ate my first and possibly only cupcake with Bacon
Power out due to storm. My Verizon LTE broadband card and my laptop are keeping me sane. At least until my battery dies.
Just downloaded the latest Screaming Frog SEO Spider V1.6. Performs great; can now save a crawl; and supports bulk export all internal links
RT @SceneTap: Yes! When we launch we will be on Android. RT @felska: Hey @SceneTap, do you have an android app?
My 7 year old son requested the song "Secret Agent Man" this morning in the car on the way to summer day camp. He sang along all the way.
RT @walkersands Web Design and Big-Time Hype: First Impressions of
RT @walkersands The Font That’s Taking Over The World
Not a tool that I use every day, but when I need to do a reverse image search, TinEye is the bomb.
RT @jackielamp: Outsource Your Day-To-Day Errands On Your iPhone with AirRun - via @socialtimes
RT @James_Easter: Osama Bin Laden just ousted Hitler as the Mayor of Hell on @foursquare....LOL
RT @opie: RT @seanmalarkey: BREAKING NEWS: Chuck Norris returns from secret trip to Pakistan.
Glad to see Americans united again.
Waiting for Obama to speak at a hastily arranged press conference. I'm praying that we've captured or ended Osama Bin Laden's life.
RT @walkersands Is the Answer to Your Question “Crowdsourcing”?
RT @NickGorski: RT @chicagobulls: The Bulls have defeated every team in the NBA this season except for one. Looking at you @thenyknicks
Google Panda Updates Keep Coming. A timeline of recent Google Panda related updates.#SEO
RT @walkersands How do you make money from an app without third-party advertising?
RT @Mike_Stelzner: How Social Media Generated $300,000 in Software Sales in a Weekend via @smexaminer
Just installed my new Verizon 4g modem, and I’m getting 10Mb/s download, 1.1Mb/s upload. Nice!!! Faster than my DSL social media at the auto show in Chicago.
Got a Verizon iPhone today. It's taken more than 2 hours to setup, and it's still not working. My Droid previously took only 5 minutes #fail
Into the Mind of a Usability Expert (and SEO!) | Search Engine Journal via @sejournal
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