My first tweet on my new iPad 2 in the back of a taxi in Orlando with a Verizon MiFi. Heaven!
I am in Washington for an board meeting.
I am in Washington for an board meeting.
Help!!! Performance of TweetDeck seems to be getting worse and worse, presumable due to Air. What is your favorite Tweet App for Mac OSX?
RT @RalphBassfeld: Star Wars flowchart: How to determine which character you are via @websenat
RT @timoreilly: Big showdown will come if Apple tells users they can't buy in-app from Amazon for Kindle Amazon wins.
Cool! Ranks with Intel's initial pitch. RT @codepo8: The original Star Trek pitch document (16 page PDF)
Congrats @irina_guseva #guessirinasnewjob. Sorry I missed all the traffic yesterday.
RT @jhabiteici: Continued growth at #Alfresco... conducting interviews for several open positions in the Americas office this week.
RT @Alfresco: Alfresco Continues to Add Social Content Management Features to Enterprise CMS via @cmswire
RT @TIME: Quora: The new web site everyone's talking about |
The 10 Worst Restaurant Signs from @Zagat.
8 reasons why 2011 will be the year of CMIS - Digital Landfill via @jmancini77
RT @tombaeyens: RT @Alfresco: Content Management Gets Social with Alfresco via @econtentmag
RT @ron_miller: Alfresco 3.4 takes a social turn. on FierceContentManagement. #ecm #e20 #content #cms
RT @alfresco: New website, videos, Enterprise product release. Things are happening #Alfresco. Check out
Has your child gotten an "F" on their exam? At least it can be amusing - Not that mine ever would!
#Cal Berkeley scientists successfully synthesize nothing. #fridayfun
Looks like we'll have a full house for the #Alfresco event in Washington DC tomorrow.
On board BA 285 to SFO. Off to Washington later this week for our event. #Alfresco
21 Social Media Predictions and Trends for 2011 | ClickZ
Rich coming from Microsoft RT @cheeky_geeky White Hse Reminds Agencies to Abide "Technology Neutrality" #gov20 #opengov
EMC-Documentum continues to anger with impromptu audits < Real Story Group Blog
Pretty cool! Like my old green-bar attempts. RT @Dries: Unbelievable ASCII art using typewriters:
Return of $100 bbl oil! RT @nelderini: Brent pushes $100/bbl on weak USD & supply. Is it rail, relocalization, efficiency? No! Speculators!
Good reasons Florent. RT @efge: New blog entry: Why Nuxeo Dropped JCR. #nuxeo #jcr #ecm #cmis
RT @jbarrez: Tutorial: call an EJB in a BPMN 2.0 process using Activiti and Spring #activiti #alfresco #bpmn20
RT @GeorgeDearing: China spends 1/6th of US on its military & invests 2x on #cleantech -- [Guardian]
End of Pres line for her? RT @CBSNews: Palin says media guilty of "blood libel" for suggested links 2 Tucson:
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