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Give to the food bank and get a free #pfrpg book from Jon Brazer Enterprizes
Campaign Mastery - Layers Of Mis-translation: RPGs and Dubbed TV #rpg
Raiding the Cathedral => a table of treasures via @GnomeStew #rptgem
Inspirograph via Jesse Calhoon - create neat images for your games #rptgem
What's in the hole? Archeology findings table #rptgem
Castles and More Castles! #rptgem Get castle pics sent to you every couple of days. Great for GM inspiration.
Player Advice: 10 Dungeon Delving Tips for Beginners via Creighton Broadhurst #rptgem
The official Dungeons & Dragons on Pinterest I like the D&D Yore Gallery best. :)
GM inspiration: An Illustrated Cross Section of Hong Kong’s Infamous Kowloon Walled City #rptgem
Campaign Mastery - Ask The GM: Seasoning The Stew (making races feel distinctive) #rpg
Fun animation shows you can tell a fun story in one minute. GMs take note. #rptgem
Neat little printable item tracker => #rptgem
RPT #10: Romance In Games – It’s The Chase That’s Fun #rpg #dnd
Ask The GM: Seasoning The Stew (making races feel distinctive) -
"Jabberetch the Grinder of Knuckles." Fun name generator => #rptgems
Adventure Hooks that Make you Yawn => good tip about making sessions interesting #rptgem
Fun little character creator with Inklewriter via Aaron Frost. Anyone else made something with Inklewriter? #rptgems
European word translator. Map shows all translations at once. #rptgem
Tourism in Sleepland: Sleep management for GMs & other creative people -
Super-heroics as an FRP Combat Planning Tool -
There’s Something About Undead – Blog Carnival Oct 2014 -
Race To The Moon – a lesson in story structure -
Memorials To History – an ‘a good name’ extra -
Abandoned Islands – Iconic Adventure Settings -
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