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Packing for @HybridConf tomorrow in Sweden. Will be the first time in ~5 months that I’ve worn shoes (vs flipflops). How does this work even
Bit of a double take when I looked up from my laptop & saw this out the window. For scale: that's a full-size truck.
You know how facebook pages used to have a wall people could write on? Is there any way to see those old posts on the new design? I’m stuck
So cool to see Mailgun making custom integration tools for Ghost (and their new company blog running on Ghost!)
RT @kaelifa: There’s still time to get a last-minute early bird ticket for @HybridConf Let me know if you’re interested. Happy to accept an offer.
RT @philgibson01: Meanwhile outside the Ecuadorean embassy, police prepare an Assange trap ready for in case he emerges.
RT @GoogleFacts: The word 'school' comes from the ancient Greek for 'free time'. Best. Marketing. Strategy. Ever.
RT @itsleesimpson: "So Yeah, We Tried Slack …" @sandwich kill it again!
Best part: Those totals are only her public repo contributions. If you factor in the @TryGhost private repositories - the numbers double.
So @erisds has officially not taken a single day off shipping Open Source code for @TryGhost in over a year:
1 week to @hybridconf - time to get excited!
This is the most confusing blog I’ve seen so far that’s built on Ghost: via @talking_rabbits
Also: Ghost is now the largest open source project in the world using @emberjs (and we love it, like, more than cake & unicorns)
And of course @jaswilli, @novaugust and @geekproject win the OSS Contributor MVP awards for this release!
You can’t imagine how many bugs there would’ve been if it were not for the immense beta testing efforts of @DavidBalderston and @andyboutte
Incredibly proud of the amazing group of contributors who made Ghost 0.5 a reality today - feel very privileged to work with this team :)
RT @TryGhost: Announcing Ghost 0.5: - Now with Multi-User support and *hundreds* of improvements.
RT @klimtypefoundry: “Did you unsubscribe by accident?” Yeah. I totally scrolled for ages to the bottom of your dumb email & clicked the 3px type by mistake.
But a 787 Dreamliner will set you back $200,000,000. So there’s that.
Ghost 0.5 is kind of like a Boing 787 Dreamliner. Took ages to make + no big visual difference, but holy shit everything is so much better.
Getting ready to release Ghost 0.5 next week. Half the team is already off working on 0.6 and 0.7. Watch this space 😏
Can’t believe I haven’t watched Silicon Valley (the TV show) until now. It’s absolutely awesome.
Elite populism. This article is about Ivy League graduates, but it could so easily be about white men in tech.
Crash Dev: The one thing you can't teach an entrepreneur
RT @ErisDS: One simple trick to test Open Source pull requests in seconds: Help us test Ghost!
RT @AdrienneLaF: Complaints @nytimes had about the telegraph in 1858: "superficial, sudden, unsifted, too fast for the truth..."
Nice to see @ErisDS in this month’s Net Mag
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