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Symbols in Sketch3 are absolutely awesome.
RT @Isaac239: PREACH: @TheNickFrost Steve Jobs on the disease of believing that 90% of the work is having a great idea. via @cdixon
Listening to Tinie Tempah soundchecking on the beach in front of my apartment… in Egypt(?) Surreal.
“You know, understanding technology and being able to control it is now as fundamental as being able to read and write…” — 😲🔫
Reasons to live in Canada: (via @duncangeere)
Maybe after 10,000 stars @github might let us have the “Ghost” username. It’s a reserved word internally which they don’t want to change :(
12 stars to go until @TryGhost hits 10,000 stars on GitHub
RT @onuro: Effin sick @sketchapp 3 feature: Drag any layer/group from the layer list to your desktop, and it’s exported! Too good to be true.
Wish @sketchapp 3 was more expensive. If we want a serious Photoshop rival, it needs to make some serious revenue for further development.
Very much looking forward to HybridConf this year - here's why you should come: :)
RT @GoogleFacts: Do you make $34,000 or more each year? If so, you're the world's richest 1% of people.
RT @ArtCopywriter: Took me far too long to figure out what's wrong with this newspaper ad...
I live in Africa now, so obviously every email I send is fraud.
RT @hrtbps: Today we are reminded just how good The Onion is at what it does, and how bad other media outlets are at what it does.
April in Egypt. Christmas tree still going strong.
Every interaction with @MailChimp list ever: [EMAIL!] - unsubscribe - [EMAIL!: you sure?] - yes - [EMAIL!: ok then] - SERIOUSLY, STOP NOW.
Of course the Daily Currants is a satirical parody site… I knew that…… (ha) Scary how easy that was to believe though.
I don’t know how I missed this. Sarah Palin’s theory on where the missing Malaysia Airlines flight went… just… wow…
RT @TryGhost: Announcing Ghost 0.4.2 - Tag archives, better mobile support, custom page templates and more!
New post: Jumping The Gun (or: Why You Need to Stop Complaining About Facebook & Oculus Rift)
Just backed: DisHonesty - A Documentary Feature Film about Lying, by @danariely (who is awesome)
I was hoping there might be a 3rd party OSX plugin that highjacks the quit function for all apps and puts a delay on it
What I’m looking for is the *delay* function where CMD+Q *does not* quit your app unless you hold it down for longer. Like Google chrome
Clearly that wasn’t worded well, given all the confused responses. Yes: thank you, I realise that CMD+Q does, in fact, work on all apps
You know Chrome has that setting where you have to hold down CMD+Q to make it quit? Is there any way to make *all* OSX apps do that?
RT @jasonsantamaria: Internet: There is still plenty of time to consider not posting that hilarious April Fools’ Day prank you’ve been working so hard on.
Modals that don’t close when you press esc: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Just been shown the first “adult website” powered by @TryGhost. You guys. This is it. We finally made it.
Paypal and Netflix migrate to Node.js - please, tell me more about how “no hosts are going to support node.js”
Juts discovered another nonprofit org called Ghost(Pro) … heh …
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