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RT @MSFTnews: Don't get scroogled by Gmail. "Emails are personal" <- nope, you lose control the minute you hit send
RT @BenNunney: "I don't really follow twitter" - I see your problem. <- :-) nice one, Ben
RT @markwilsonit: Glasgow wins £24m grant to become UK's first 'smart city': (via @ciouk)... one showcase; needs a lot more...
RT @REdwards: @joiningdots If "Enemy of the State" were being made today, i bet Will Smith's iPhone would be wiped before his credit card was blocked...
Surprised that Android OS doesn't include a remote wipe facility. Keeping control of data on your phone, even without the phone, matters
'Collaborative Working' is not the same as 'Social Business' #socbiz #yam (and why MS and Yammer needed each other)
Tip to phone spammers. Don't start automated calls with "Hello. This is an urgent message..." If it really was urgent, a human would call
RT @stuartbruce: MT @kristalsmile Why aren't there more female speakers in digital? @sazzy sums it up > We (men) must do more to help
RT @pegahranjbar: Microsoft Office 365 Receives G-Cloud IL2 Accreditation from the UK Cabinet Office via @markstokes
Why not all projects needs to follow the 'smart' criteria innovations can't be accurately estimated or predicted
RT @markwilsonit:...Is internalcomms a profession? ^MW I'd suggest it's a specialism; as PR is to marketing < good ans
RT @kalsing: Too many people suffer from CC-itis... <- and its close relative reply-all-itus ;-) blame lazy appraisals ('visibility')
ZDNet article - interview with Jive CEO on the future for enterprise social software " exec level sponsorship is key"
argh, typo. Ugh :-)
Tried phoning T-Mobile. Routes to EE, passed around 3 depts back to T-Mobile, line too bad to hear. Said would call back. Still waiting :-(
"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write" H.G.Wells + critical thinking
iPhone5 and Nexus4 side by side view
The Nexus 4 has arrived and bit of a shock after unpacking. It's... well... physically a lot better looking than I expected it to be.
RT @DavidGurteen: How much gets lost in efforts to "make conversations productive"? /hear, hear <- +1 thoughtful post
TNT is not only worst delivery service in Warwickshire (trumping CityLink) but also has worst customer service helpline. Bring back humans
too funny - 'in the absence of any other media outlet covering this story, it falls unto us...' - Newsnight intro to Richard III segment
via @gapingvoid RT @tom_peters: The world is not going to hell! < indeed! gov saying the world is getting more dangerous. No it isn't.
RT @Queen_UK: Don't even think about putting one under a car park in Slough. #RichardIII <- some cracking jokes on Twitter today on this
RT @StevenRWilkes: #gkimconf should there be a common EDRM for gov? Oliver Morley: no, platform less important than how it's set up and used, culture etc.
RT @RWW: Where Are The Killer Apps For Office 2013? "number and quality are early indicators of value of the platform."
ZDNet has an interview with IBM GM for Social Business on defining social business and view of Microsoft and Oracle
MIT Tech Review: Software predicts tomorrow's news by looking at today's and yesterday's focusing on connected trends
RT @johnthegeo: .@marxculture: If a user knows there’s an EDRMS we’re doing it wrong. <- interesting thought
RT @tomcoates: Turns out its not just in the US that politicians who believe stupid things get on Science and Technology committees:
via @StefanTuralski: #CanadaWaterLibrary does that <-yey, need national focus but with work areas too
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