Impressions with the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3
RT @MSFTBusinessUK: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning combines power of comprehensive machine learning with benefits of #cloud
RT @onedrive: Massive increase to #OneDrive storage plans: 15 GB free, 1 TB for Office 365 subscribers via @sympmarc
(off-topic tweet alert) pants, pants, pants, pants, pants..! It’s raining and the hay field was cut at the weekend, not yet ready for baling
Bit of a first for me. Carefully crafting an article to avoid phrases that could lead to being sued for libel.. :-/
RT @nntaleb: The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary. [2nd most popular aphorism] via @stoweboyd
RT @thehistoryguy: My overly robust defence of twitter < nice summary about a modern news channel, via @markgould13
RT @PaulBromford: Design #innovation: new ways of thinking can change the world HT @MrASingh
RT @sitepointdotcom: Red button v green button - a UX dilemma solved:
RT @Forbes: Studies suggest that information processing is directed by relative thinking: <nothing new, but nice eg
Last stop of the day, pitched up at @Postshift < many thanks for the desk space :-)
RT @JosCreese: while we spend £££$$ on cyber security, Gartner report that 70% of org.s have experienced one or more data breaches invoked through printing
RT @FastCoDesign: Women have made big gains in attaining degrees in almost all fields--except this one:
First hands-on look at Microsoft's new Surface3. Surprisingly exceeded expectations, including the stylus for input. And I hate styluses..
RT @stevesi: 15/17 We know iphone/iOS disrupted whole stack. Just as we know internet disrupted so much. But not everything, always, exactly same way.
Just attended great session on digital democracy at Parliament. One for a blog post later...
Feeling like a student again :-) at Imperial College London for a lecture at the Data Science Institute
RT @ThinkingDigital: Excellent read. Dilbert on Startups.. #tdc14
RT @MeasuringU: The Most Fundamental Concept In Usability via @gerrymcgovern
RT @hnycombinator: Box Acquiring Streem (YC S12) (cmts < interesting…
I’ll be in London over the next three days attending various Technology Week events. Shout out for potential meet-ups :-)
RT @SharePointRandy: MT "@bcs: BCS partners in Connecting Tech City campaign announced today by Boris Johnson: BCS, The Chartered I..."
RT @mgorbis: What the Theory of “Disruptive Innovation” Gets Wrong Theory is not a law of nature. Via @LeadershipABC
RT @maryjofoley: Microsoft readies public preview of cloud-based machine-learning service:
RT @r0bwells: Organisations must prepare for the security implications of the digital workplace - Gartner @kcomconnected
RT @robdthomas: Perhaps a tipping point for online education
RT @idlehands12: Very interesting via @FutureGov Evidence that peer to peer needs technology less than it needs community enthusiasm?
RT @leebryant: remembering Norbert Wiener:
RT @timkastelle: Interesting: Nudge economics: has push come to shove for a fashionable theory?
RT @smartccouncil: Internet of Things in action: 3 real-world examples from Europe #smartcities
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