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via @gapingvoid RT @tom_peters: The world is not going to hell! < indeed! gov saying the world is getting more dangerous. No it isn't.
RT @Queen_UK: Don't even think about putting one under a car park in Slough. #RichardIII <- some cracking jokes on Twitter today on this
RT @StevenRWilkes: #gkimconf should there be a common EDRM for gov? Oliver Morley: no, platform less important than how it's set up and used, culture etc.
RT @RWW: Where Are The Killer Apps For Office 2013? "number and quality are early indicators of value of the platform."
ZDNet has an interview with IBM GM for Social Business on defining social business and view of Microsoft and Oracle
MIT Tech Review: Software predicts tomorrow's news by looking at today's and yesterday's focusing on connected trends
RT @johnthegeo: .@marxculture: If a user knows there’s an EDRMS we’re doing it wrong. <- interesting thought
RT @tomcoates: Turns out its not just in the US that politicians who believe stupid things get on Science and Technology committees:
via @StefanTuralski: #CanadaWaterLibrary does that <-yey, need national focus but with work areas too
RT @mbrit: Fab piece from @joiningdots on reimagining the UK High Street. Yes, please. <- thanks :-)
Blog post - Friday thought: Libraries and re-imagining the High Street
Why #SharePoint needs to pivot and it's not just about social. Wired on start of new enterprise software cycle
Come to think of it - this is first e.g. I've seen of an Internet site being censored in the UK and #BBC of all things
RT @markwilsonit: Corporates trying to “command and control” social simply trying to limit legal liabilities <- grounded perspective #socbiz
Can any UK resident make sense of this BBC notice why can only BBC web sites funded by license fee be displayed to us?
RT @charles_au: Lots of Microsoft surfaces here at #BETT_show ... Looks good but not sure about bringing kids back to a table is a good idea
RT @ActionLamb: "You need to leave your ego at the door to truly get sh1t done" <- hmmm, true for do-ers, less so for leaders. eg Steve Jobs
RT @rmappleby: Discussing abstraction of complexity and partitioning of skills #monkigras <- sounds interesting, thought it was a beer event
Thank you so much Windows for automatically rebooting the Office Server after updates and killing my overnight mega-file download :-/
RT @mikko: I tweeted about this Freelancer․com project last night: They deleted it overnight. Pic below.
“@SolihullPolice: 48 cans of Red Bull stolen from the BP Garage, Chester Rd – how do these people sleep at night...” < on form again :-)
RT @mikechitty: Imagine I gave you £40bn to tackle UK challenges. I might be a little disappointed if you chose to give us faster trains in 30 years
RT @MSFTenterprise: Gartner: by 2016, 50% of large orgs will have internal social nets - < 100% already do, informally
RT @hiimles: "Red herring" in a business meeting is the politically correct way to say "***** ******". (aka "ur talking crap") via @martinxo
RT @IglooSoftware: "Markets are moving from competitive advantage to collaborative advantage as the guiding principle"
RT @roundtrip: Enterprise 2.0 and Observable Work via @jonhusband - how social media can help invisible knowledge work
RT @kdettner: BB Balance let's you easily switch between your work and personal profiles <- not designed by a modern generation then..
"it's that easy" is heading into the same territory as "fast and fluid" and anything involving the word super..
RT @mbrit: webcast comment - 50% of the important phone platforms are named after fruits. <- if include the OS, do jelly beans count..? ;-)
Is any mobile device manufacturer not using the phrase 'fast, fluid' when demo'ing interactions with the user interface, I wonder..
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