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RT @jamesgleave1: It speaks volumes when politicians are discussing how best to engage with UKIP voters, and not the 60%+ who didn't vote at all.
McKinsey insights: 7 habits of highly effective digital enterprises “protect digital talent from ‘business as usual’"
RT @LifeTipTrick: If you want to go somewhere you like but no one else wants to, go by yourself. You'll meet people with similar interests as you.
RT @nickconfessore: Props: @nypost has the best possible story on the Kimye wedding.
RT @ralph_ohr: Must-read post by M. Tushman: Why Silicon Valley Rules Don’t Work for So Many Older Companies
RT @stevenbjohnson: I love David's approach to these issues. RT @mbauwens David Sloan Wilson on Human Evolution and the Commons
RT @dangillmor: If all this is true, it's time for an antitrust investigation of Amazon's book business.
Ugh, the joy of Friday commute. Every single seat on @VirginTrains is reserved. Here's hoping whoever booked my seat doesn't turn up
RT @johngoode: Some *interesting* references to Apples Executives and their ability to comprehend issues:
RT @jangles: The Trouble With IBM via @BW < a good read < competing with Amazon for enterprise contract, and lost
RT @lfbenjamin: The Rise of the Gig Economy. "Fractional work is the next small thing (2004)". @thomaspower
Friday comment: The difference that makes great leadership? Knowing how the small personal gestures matter
RT @PalyMoth: The Value in Mobile Economic Time @joiningdots
RT @dwauctioneer: There should be an option to anti-vote. "I don't want any of them in particular but dear god not that one. Take one off his total. "
RT @InformationAge: An angry letter to eBay: 5 questions it must answer about its security breach - @rik_ferguson @TrendMicro
RT @CelineSchill: Welcome to my blog pls share if you enjoy < exploring social re-engineering of business, good read
Seen on LinkedIn “The future of computing shouldn’t need a kickstand.” < am inclined to agree.. still more work to do to hit the spot
Just discovered Jack White’s version of U2’s Love is Blindness. Fab! It’s one of those rare covers… prefer it to the original
RT @olanderil: The No Bullshit Guide To The Collaborative Economy #socbiz #socialmedia
New article: The Value in Mobile Economic Time the rise of amplified individuals and the need for a #responsiveorg
RT @verge: Implant no bigger than a grain of rice is powered by wireless breakthrough
RT @steverubel: Good analysis. But it's a macro issue, not just limited to one. The New York Times' digital challenges, in 5 charts
RT @BBCTech: Cyber-thief gets 20-year jail term
RT @sharonodea: Enterprise mobility is flailing. Maybe it’s time to drop the do-it-yourself approach.
RT @BridgetAyers: Google releases Hangouts extension for Microsoft Outlook
RT @REdwards: Replace "country" with "company" and "live" with "work" and you have reason enough to upgrade IT. Excellent in...
RT @MeredithFrost: Such a great idea. RT @krupenin: Cool use of twitter < +1, genius!
“@PGuru714: @joiningdots @MartinHowitt Can't speak for Martin but current focus seems to be help individuals to profit from their assets
RT @PGuru714: @MartinHowitt @joiningdots Would you clarify further what you mean? < could (need to) be huge savings for some gov services
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