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Jason McDonald - software engineering, form meeting function, philosophy, language, art, computers, music, science, learning, et al. Atlanta, GA.
RT @EvanKaufman: Peter Parker's main source of income is selfies.
Anyone know of a reputable, reliable (>99.9% uptime), fast CPanel Linux host? #webhosting
RT @iamdevloper: One day, a boss will ask an employee to build an Animal based system and suddenly every OOP tutorial on the internet will become relevant.
Offer from @ATT almost made me puke. $20/mo (6) for 768k internet. Hrm I could sell my "extra" @XFINITY to neighbors & make $480/mo
#readinglist Finished The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
RT @codinghorror: Windows is so profoundly bad at high DPI that I just don't care about 4k displays. It is beyond awful on the Surface 2 Pro.
RT @ValaAfshar: Price of 1Gb of storage: 1981 $300000 1987 $50000 1990 $10000 1994 $1000 1997 $100 2000 $10 2004 $1 2012 $0.10 Today FREE
400 lines into a C++ file and it's all memory mgmt, no b logic yet. Don't know how ppl still tolerate this
RT @MarsCuriosity: You guys! @NASAKepler found the 1st Earth-size exoplanet in the habitable zone
The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge -
The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge
The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) -
The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)
RT @shanselman: Full online browse-able source code for the .NET Framework:
Dear Online Newspapers: Blogs will stay superior so long as you refuse to link to source material. Thanks!
Reading a property sets another property. Feel like I'm playing side-effect bingo today #lesigh
#readinglist Started The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
#readinglist Finished Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson
RT @scottyhendo: Georgia Tech Startups are seeking mentors. Here's a chance to help:
RT @alexgriendling: I hope that future security bugs have better logos.
"Eat only one carb per meal." What nonsense is this? What does that even mean?
Best Cat Vines - The Best Cat Vine Compilation (25 MINUTES) -
Best Cat Vines - The Best Cat Vine Compilation (25 MINUTES)
When you use regions in C# to mark public methods as hacks to not use, then perhaps you're not programming by contract
The worst part of the actual constant was that it was the "minute" level for a "minimum". Not confusing at all... eg MINIMUM_THRESHOLD_MIN
SOME_LONG_NAMED_CONSTANT_WITH_NOTHING_ABBREVIATED_MIN. Really? You had to abbreviate "minute"? #thingsprogrammerssay
#readinglist Started Mona Lisa Overdrive by William Gibson
Why will NuGet remove files from my project (without asking) yet won't update my web.config? #wtfits
Anti-patterns I see in every single project: "common" namespace and "util" class. Why?!
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