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Jason McDonald - software engineering, form meeting function, philosophy, language, art, computers, music, science, learning, et al. Atlanta, GA.
RT @aubiefan: Why Do Other Rich Nations Spend So Much Less on Healthcare?
RT @hypepotamus: Learn more about @TEDxPeachtree and why you don't want to miss out on their event Oct 17th.
RT @dsims: only in videogames: “$35 preorder of a yet-to-be-determined expansion to a soon-to-be-released game, no refunds."
When was the word "electronics" replaced with "technology"? #definition #dictionary #grammarpolice
RT @jewelia: Nearly 1.5 yrs ago I wrote a Google Doc of "Tips for Finding Software Engineering Jobs". I've updated it w/ new info:
RT @switchyards: As with most entrepreneurs, the right time to build something is when you can’t stop thinking about it.
RT @bg_atlanta: #Atlanta! We #meetup once again in 4 days @Joystick_ATL. Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Ping us for info!
RT @scottyhendo: For every public dollar spent on BeltLine, $3 of private money has been invested in surrounding areas
RT @zeldman: The truth at last. Who Designed the Hamburger Icon?
RT @hypepotamus: You can only get the full scoop here, meet @ColliderATL the new kid at #Biltmore
RT @billrobbins: This is why you need to test edge use cases in your designs.
New definition: If you have a max payout then you are NOT insurance, but a discount plan.
Re: Engage with the livestream -
"But is that the demographic that actually talks to their reps and/or votes?" - xero
#readinglist Finished Shattered by Kevin Hearne
RT @lessig: That's it. We did it. For US. For @aaronsw. Tears, and sleep, and endless thanks. #MayDayPAC
#readinglist Started Shattered by Kevin Hearne
RT @bg_atlanta: Our next event is July 14, once again @Joystick_ATL. Are you or your company interested in becoming a sponsor? Ping us back for details.
Origin just crashed while attempting to ask me why I wouldn't recommend it to friends... Well then.. #uxfails
Toothaches are a great way to find out how much of life you merely tolerate
RT @martinfowler: It may be cheap and simple but the card wall is a most valuable tool for agile collaboration. @paulocaroli explains
RT @novo_be: "Atlanta has talent; it just needs to be galvanized." – @GA firechat with @tavani of @switchyards on the consumer start up scene in Atlanta
Such as the ".nuget" hidden folder, lowerCamelCase for most things, "src" folder, etc. Though, I prefer the .NET namespace convention
RT @scottyhendo: Good night, @hypepotamus (the space)! It was a good two years of impact for the Atlanta startup scene.
RT @CalEvans: Trying to hire developers? Remember this. Companies who invest in their developer culture, don’t need recruiters. Think about it.
RT @jimwooley: Javascript ninjas: Why does new Date("2000/01/01") != new Date("2000-01-01")
RT @Floppy: If I had to sum up agile thinking, I’d define it as the full internalisation and acceptance of the phrase “I have no idea what I’m doing”.
RT @codinghorror: I just added $150 to my donation to Please join @lessig, there is nobody I trust more in politics
RT @iamdevloper: 10 lines of code = 10 issues. 500 lines of code = "looks fine." Code reviews.
RT @WoodstockPD: LOCATED: The missing child has been located.
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