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I am a librarian. I help college students find stuff. @oajoe Opinions my own. I got my sense of humor from my Dad. Blame him.
My theory is that there are multiple dresses made with different color fabrics. Ta da.
I wonder if I have reached peak library.
Drama Llammas.
keep the drama for your llama! - RepoRat
You are right. Now, I just need a llama. - Joe
^ oh my GOD I had forgotten all about that beautiful gem! - Catherine Pellegrino
it's the first place my mind goes when I hear the word llama :) - ellbeecee from Android
Meh, this isn't even close. I also have the font wrong, it isn't consolas. The d has a slanted top.
and the f is narrower. - Joe
The glow has a hard edge, not fuzzy. Word art is probably not the correct tool. - Joe
And the letter-spacing is tighter. - Bren from iPhone
Close enough for llama work! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I am not going to attempt an alpacafeed logo.
Do anybody no what font (or typeface, whatever) the FF peeps used for their logo?
If only I could ask Bret Taylor to change the logo to llamafeed.
I am going to be 4 years old in July. Jupiter years old that is.
RT @postgreen: The troubling psychology behind how we decide who's a scientific "expert"
RT @postgreen: The troubling psychology behind how we decide who's a scientific "expert"
RT @astrokatie: @tweetsoutloud @MarsCuriosity You know what they say: never judge a planet by its thin layer of oxidized regolith!
RT @julia_fallon: Great to see the #PublicDomain calculator adorning the walls of the EU Parliament @OutOfCopyright #AllezCulture
RT @julia_fallon: Great to see the #PublicDomain calculator adorning the walls of the EU Parliament @OutOfCopyright #AllezCulture (and now it adorns this post, ;) - chaz2b
[NBN] Pretend that you are a librarian in the year 2025
This weekend I learned that there are people who think that we live inside a concave/hollow earth. I don't even... I can think of three ways to debunk the theory, but I doubt they would even listen.
Lunar eclipses. Hard to get a Lunar eclipse when you can't get the earth between the Sun and Moon. - Joe
Sun set and sun rise. I guess they think the sun (and the Moon?) goes through holes in the top and bottom of the hollow Earth. The problem is that everyone would see the sunrise and set at the same time, and that is not the case. Peeps in England and Australia see the sun rise and set at different times. [but with the Sun rising and setting east and west, are the holes in the middle of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?] - Joe
Apparently, Lawrence Livermore (where my brother worked for many years) used to have a group devoted to explaining everything in terms of a hollow earth, but AFAIK it was all a highly sophisticated joke group. Still, you know, enough scientists and engineers can explain almost *anything* plausibly. - Walt Crawford
Stars not visible. There are some stars that are not visible to people in the northern hemisphere. If I go down to FLA or to Australia, I can see different sets of stars. If we are inside a hollow Earth, all of us can see all of the stars all of the time. That is not what we see. - Joe
(I have no personal knowledge of this group, but there were rumors. You don't get much besides rumors from Lawrence Livermore.) - Walt Crawford
It was this article. The hollow earth guy started commenting. - Joe
Thanks Walt. I thought flat earthers were nuts--this takes the cake. - Joe
The Wizard of Christchurch had a map that explained the hollow-earth theory. (It's printed on the back of his map of the world which has south at the top.) I think there's some stuff about light bending which explains the stars and sunset things. Not sure if he addresses lunar eclipses. - Deborah Fitchett
Well, in their defense, God did tell Moses to take off his sandals because he was standing on hollow ground. - Micah from FFHound!
^ then when would it have been appropriate for Moses to put his shoes back on? =P - Andrew C (✔)
I find the thread quite amusing. And while I realize that anything is possible, the premise of the post is literally giving me a headache. Please tell me you're joking, Joe. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Since Joe's been giving reasons why the hollow-earth "theory" requires some, uh, advanced views on physical laws, I think it's safe to say he isn't advocating for the theory. - Walt Crawford
Sorry for the rebump, but there are people who actually believe in the concave/hollow earth concept. NOT ME. - Joe
Oh I get that. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I was just hoping the whole thing was a put on. - MoTO Boychick Devil
*scans the Wiki*... *sigh* - MoTO Boychick Devil
Andrew, when walking on water, of course. - Micah from FFHound!
RT @creativelibprac: New article - "Creativity at the Edge: Cutting Back on Library Services during Hard Times"
Hmmmmmmm. Let me ponder this. /Railroad facts to think about/
.@ShinyDoom @daniosty the journal @creativelibprac is one of the few LIS CC-BY journals out there, that I know of.
(Also on Twitter): There are others--19 in all according to DOAJ, excluding the one fee-charging case. Some non-English. Best known may be JLSC and In the Library... (and Ariadne, I suppose). - Walt Crawford
Last I looked, In the Library with the lead pipe had a different license. Glad that they are now CC-BY. - Joe
Well...I was relying on DOAJ in this case, and that's not always safe. (There's a reason my Library Tech Reports issue won't attempt to deal with licenses...) So I could very easily be wrong. There should be more, but you know how us humanities/social science people are. - Walt Crawford
.@ShinyDoom @daniosty thanks for the plug! @creativelibprac The Journal of Creative Library Practice will have some new articles out soon.
Zuul must be a Unitarian Universalist. They spell everything with two u's.
They duu? - bentley
Yuup. - Joe
Someone at the Chronicle said that colleges should start up digital-first journalism schools, the academic equivalents of Vox or BuzzFeed. You won't believe what happens next!
... why do we assume this isn't already happening? Pretty sure both the student newspapers here are digital-first. - RepoRat
ah, I see. well, some things there to ponder. - RepoRat
I'm with one commenter: "the academic equivalent of Buzzfeed" just makes my head hurt. - Walt Crawford
The teaching dilemma is real, in library school as in j-school: with the best will in the world, it is dang hard to teach and keep up with what's going on at the same time. I have my own ways of dealing with this, but it is a helluva challenge. And yep, it does sometimes mean dancing a fan-dance for the Powers That Be. - RepoRat
[tag] Climate mitigation and intellectual property in tension | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
"Ensure the Future of School Library Fundin"
[tag] #tollaccess - Uncovering information from social media hyperlinks: An investigation of twitter - Vaughan -…
[tag] #tollaccess - Uncovering information from social media hyperlinks: An investigation of twitter - Vaughan -…
[tag] The ‘total cost of publication’ in a hybrid open-access environment: Institutional approaches to funding…
[tag] The ‘total cost of publication’ in a hybrid open-access environment: Institutional approaches to funding…
[tag] GeneEd - Genetics, Education, Discovery - NLM - NIH
RT @protohedgehog: Probably the best ever for #HonestAbstracts @AcademiaObscura
RT @protohedgehog: Probably the best ever for #HonestAbstracts @AcademiaObscura
Anyone want tickets to the DU-Colorado College Hockey game this evening? It starts in an hour. Just stop by my house to pick up the tix.
Too late. - Joe
Love that a publisher of business content sends out an email that has a crappy screen capture from a Disney movie with no care for copyright infringement.
well, if that made it to court I think most judges would be all "fair use, GTFO" - RepoRat
Probably, but it just tickled my funny bone that they picked a Disney clip, instead of some other image. - Joe
Oh noes, something moved on the Internet.
Please let it not be something I use in my syllabi. #redirectyourdangURLseverybody - RepoRat
Probably not. We link to a PBS movie in the catalog, and they changed the directory structure, so we need to change the link in our catalog. - Joe
Arrest warrant issued for Elsa
[CL] From the January 2015 issue of C&RL News
[CL] From the January 2015 issue of C&RL News
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