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RT @crodarte: This interview touched on many more subjects than initially expected. Peter Thiel on Innovation and Stagnation:
RT @crodarte: This interview touched on many more subjects than initially expected. Peter Thiel on Innovation and Stagnation:
RT @crodarte: Stanford launches research center for wearables | mHealthNews cc/ @JonOlsen @2rz
RT @crodarte: Word choice matters apparently :) Application of "Bother" in patient reported outcomes instruments across cultures
LittleBits New CloudBit Module Lets Anyone Build ‘Internet of Things’ Devices
Congrats to CEO Elizabeth Holmes on Theranos. Well deserved. Enjoyed working on the market entry strategy at Stanfor…
Thanks to @bhorowitz who dropped great startup wisdom + hip hop knowledge tonight. #thehardthing #a16z
Ben Horowitz: "My job is not to protect my money. My job is to help people find their greatness." #thehardthing #phatstartup #a16z #NYC
RT @SAI: Samsung has a new smartwatch launching today. It's called the Gear Fit. Here's our review.
Choosing Your Co-Founders - So you’ve got that burning big idea, you have done your research, and you are...
RT @randizuckerberg: Inspired by Facebook's IPO roadshow, Betabrand is now selling "executive pinstriped hoodies" Opening bell worthy? ;)
29 Secret 'Easter Eggs' Hidden In Your iPhone
Make the game follow you
The Highlight iphone app is pretty cool :-) #SXSW Thanks @kayvonbina
Really, Whitney Houston has died? TMZ not the most credible source, but...
Samsung’s new phones will have flexible screens | VentureBeat via @venturebeat
RT @BreakingNews: North Korea says its leader Kim Jong-il has died-@YonhapNews
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. #ClichesThatRock
Awesome speech by Mayor of Newark @CoryBooker at PFE today. Go Cardinal!
Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs - #iTunes
The double edged sword of technology is that any one can organize with or without the best intents.
Pay What You Wish Admission To The Guggenheim Museum This Weekend via @pulsdJFK
Surveying hurricane damage on the Upper East Side: on Twitpic: via @AddThis
RT @ABC: Hurricane Irene: Pop-Tarts Top List of Hurricane Purchases Live cam of NYC hurricane. Should get interesting. #irene
In the past month we've had financial crisis, earthquake, hurricane. I am keeping an eye out for swarms of locusts!
Fun fact: Steve Jobs patented the design of the iconic glass staircase in Apple stores. Awesome. [thx TechCrunch]
Why Software Is Eating the World via @WSJ
Check out Charlie Rose: An Hour With Warren Buffett on @hulu:
RT @mattzkidd: iPhone announcement Sept 7? It's about time...
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