Jonathan Hardesty
The act of outlining itself isn't difficult for me, nor is fleshing out the outline to a full on treatment / screenplay. What makes it difficult is that I have to have the structure of the film decided on before I can write.
With Lament it was easy, because all that was was a revenge film with sci-fi steampunk dressing. With Year of the Con, it's an indie convention-goer comedy and that leaves a lot of possibilities for structure, hence the difficulty. - Jonathan Hardesty
Not only that, I haven't been entirely sure which character this film belongs to. I decided early on that I wanted it to be about Gary and his inability to let go and live a little, but as I work with the outline, it seems as if James and Gary's relationship is the central focus of this movie. Their friendship has all but failed and James is trying everything he can (albeit poorly) to get his friend back. - Jonathan Hardesty
Also, I want this idea of convention-hopping to be pervasive in the movie. These people just go from one to the next and that's how they live out their year. - Jonathan Hardesty