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Where do I buy some decent (optical) glasses? Been pointed to independents and Glasses Direct so far. Recommend any others?
Internet: please don't let the story behind the photo accompanying the story overshadow the ACTUAL STORY
“@martinvars: Funny and we'll written attack on San Francisco” < this is good
Native advertising is . . .
Pretty emotional Antiques Roadshow
RT @jackseale: In case you thought the fire stations shut by Boris Johnson were being put to some new, heartwarming civic purpose:
RT @SimonNRicketts: This sleeping woman on the train has the perfect book.
Cortana talks to Siri video. Done yet?
Cortana launch video. It's like a warning from the AI robots to us humans. Oh and painfully Siri-like
The Royal Mail thing really is awful. We need to hurry up with that revolution.
“@Charnley: @jopkins Happy Birthday from the pod of dreams >>>” < aww, thanks guys. 35 earth years old today
“@wonky_donky: *barfs* RT @lauratosney: The most pretentious article I've read in quite some time:” < blimey
Much love to you all for retweeting that. It's a great gig at a great place
Any digital freelancers out there fancy joining us at Nando's? Solid CRM/PM/producer skills required. And you have to 'get it' :-) DM/@ me
I hate to see wasted energy from brands that have probably got better things to do with it - ie fix something/make something better
I think we should mutate April Fool's Day into a day when you nominate a fool
What would happen if Apple built in always-on QR code scanning into the camera app, automatically grabbing links for later?
Facebook *could* of course enable users to choose to see everything from a particular friend/brand . . .
Taking self-imposed time out from fixing the rollers on the shower door. Genuine rage zone: entered
Thing is, we see so much genuine human emotion now, fake emotion in ads just doesn't even register any more (if it ever did)
Looking for a digital freelancer with good CRM/producer skills. Is that you or do you know anyone? Oh and you get free Nando's everyday . .
Complimentary toothpaste in hotel bathrooms. There's a revolution right there that needs to happen
Internet connected weather station anyone?
Sun night work-related Q: Anyone using a decent collaboration platform to get over the shortcomings of email? Small team, big digital things
BITCOIN ATM KLAXON > > > “@zambonini: Spotted a bitcoin ATM in shoreditch.”
Using one word or incomplete sentences to drive email 'engagement'? No
I really enjoy seeing older people using Macs. Am I on my own here?
RT @Asi_Sharabi: I'm looking for a smart + super enthusiastic marketing/newbiz grad (paid gig) to come and help me grow RT = hugs
“@AlsBoy: I may never stop loving the typo in this shopping catalogue”
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