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“@benjackthomas: Our #EverydayMoments website is live. Use it to discover more opportunities on Twitter.” < fancy!
Old school social media from brands is looking very very old school these days. Almost black and white.
“@Cmdr_Hadfield: I'm ridiculously pleased with my doormat.” < One small step etc
Where do wise owls go shopping?
"Stuck on Roof - Sorry! ha ha cc @lukelewis
Q1 Who uses Spotify as their office stereo? Q2 Who has a special broadcast licence to do so?
I have made a conscious decision not to 'fire' or 'ping' emails and am trying not to ask people to 'give me a shout'
“@dan_bowsher: @jopkins It will if @Documentally has entered the competition #shedoftheyear” < hope he has?!
RT @shedworking: @jopkins Certainly wouldn't have been my choices but that's democracy in action, voted for by #greatbritishpublic #teapot #shedoftheyear
#shedoftheyear sorry but the two category winners I've seen so far have been ver poor. Does it get better?
RT @EricHolthaus: Earth's oceans hit a new all-time temp record in June. But, you know, Kanye has a new album...
Every time I watch videos from industry events, I'm frustrated and disappointed that we're still all saying the same things
RT @tacanderson: Seattle geek humor. (The message only shows up when the pavement is wet, usually from rain.)
RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke: Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?!
Twitter / JustinMezzell: Here's to more honest UX. ... -
Here's to more honest UX. - Justin Mezzell (JustinMezzell) - Jonathan Hopkins
Twitter / jopkins: @armano Let's all agree that ... -
@armano Let's all agree that "one day" is today? - Jonathan Hopkins
Twitter / thisisfishburn: We're at this morning's @gorkana ... -
We're at this morning's @gorkana briefing with @fionamatthias and @sarahmarshall #GorkanaWSJ - Fishburn (thisisfishburn) - Jonathan Hopkins
Victorian townhouse comes from the future - Inside CI -
This pad is mind-blowing (especially the wine cellar!) > Victorian townhouse comes from the future #AVTweeps - Steve May (SteveMay_UK) - Jonathan Hopkins
Giant box from DHL man. One of us is excited about the contents & one about playing in t... - Steve L'Awesome (solobasssteve) - Jonathan Hopkins
We're hoping the Queen sees our ad at #RdgUK Station and applies to @DataSift #queenrdg - Christopher Hoult (choult) - Jonathan Hopkins
Surprise Loved Ones With Greeting Cards Disguised As Offensive Messages - PSFK -
“@londonartist77: A glitch in the matrix on London Underground” < 2nd one I've seen this week
What's the best free tool to list out all publicly available URLs for a certain domain in a simple way? List of all pages, basically
Always start by assuming that none gives a shit about what you are 'marketing' (who said this?)
Twitter / go_mango: Beautiful morning in Menorca ... -
Beautiful morning in Menorca with Barcelo Hamilton. Going to miss this place! @barcelohoteles #travel #summer - Mango PR (go_mango) - Jonathan Hopkins
32 of the Best Chromecast Apps -
32 awesome Chromecast apps to feast your eyes on - The Next Web (TheNextWeb) - Jonathan Hopkins
love that this ITV Nandos news story almost entirely consists of angry Twitter quotes from my @BBCNewsbeat colleagues -
love that this ITV Nandos news story almost entirely consists of angry Twitter quotes from my @BBCNewsbeat colleagues - Derek Knight (delrico) - Jonathan Hopkins
Twitter / HistoryInPics: Teens with first car in the ... -
Teens with first car in the 50s - History In Pictures (HistoryInPics) - Jonathan Hopkins
“@willpsaunders: This is a HUGE opportunity to help push the BBC forward. Take it!”< great opp
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