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Jonathan Beckett

Jonathan Beckett

web designer, software developer, blogger, freelancer, husband of one, father of three, coffee drinker, geek
@EwenRankin The trailer of the first episode is on YouTube -
@EwenRankin how do I get a shout out about on one of the BTN shows then ? :)
@EwenRankin I'm thinking that already (1 episode in) - I still think the most funny/original TV show out of the US in years is Community
@hexenhr1 if it works I will buy a new laptop at least - and a server, and hosting. If not, at least it might attract some new members
Just started watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm". I never watched Seinfeld. Not sure what to make of it so far.
@hexenhr1 I think it was the IBM guys in "The Mythical Man Month" that said you should always throw away the first version :)
Interesting - somebody just added me to a Twitter List as a "Tech Journalist". I'm struggling to figure that one out...
p.s. sitting at home trying not to do anything because you have a chest infection and moving causes you to cough like a lunatic is hard.
I finally pulled the trigger on the PluggedOut Kickstarter - if you want to get behind it, visit
Just tried out - and decimated the number of people I'm following on Twitter. I like :)
(p.s. I just realised I haven't posted anything on Twitter for WHOLE DAYS)
Oh crap... Kerbal Space Program has the update with contracts, and money, and stuff... goodbye life.
Fear of Girls 3: The Directors Cut -
Fear of Girls 3: The Directors Cut
Dating Losers: Frustrated Video Dater - Blooper -
Dating Losers: Frustrated Video Dater - Blooper
Weymouth Sealife Park -
Weymouth Sealife Park
The kids bought me a lanyard at #rockleypark - I'm officially too cool now :)
Huge improv performance of "Let It Go" by @FunStarsGoLive at Rockley Park - and huge encore of ACDC (no - really!?!)
Walking to the shops when the kids are off school - streets are deserted - who knew!? Lol
One more day in the office, then the best part of 10 days off. Headed to the coast to swim with the kids, build sandcastles, and kick back.
Arrow - Full Circle Extended Trailer -
Arrow - Full Circle Extended Trailer
The Flash - Extended Trailer -
The Flash - Extended Trailer
We choose to go to the moon. Not because it is easy, but because it is lunchtime.
Ok... so I just discovered RPGMaker. My life is officially over. Stunned, amazed - cannot wait to show our eldest -
I had to travel with work today - alarm set for 5am, woke up at 4:45am. How do I always manage to do that ?
I wonder how long it will be until somebody makes something that looks and works like SharePoint, but is actually Drupal... (and is faster)
@hexenhr1 No posts lost - but I did get a bit frustrated with the slew of missing features. Maybe we will all look at it again in a year.
Re: Weird Morning Thinking About Star Trek: the Next Generation - http://blog.ridingtohellinahan...
"I'm just trying to remember where I read it - it may well have been Shatner's, or Nimoy's book..." - Jonathan Beckett
@spRob Nothing wrong with Ghost that another year's worth of development won't fix :) Because it uses Markdown, it outputs the best HTML
I need to uninstall Kerbal Space Programme. All I think about all day while doing other things is how to build the next rocket...
Guess who spent Sunday morning migrating his personal blog back from Ghost to Wordpress? Go on... guess...
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