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Jonathan Beckett

Jonathan Beckett

web designer, software developer, blogger, freelancer, husband of one, father of three, coffee drinker, geek
The radio died in the kitchen - so we now have a netbook, and laptop speakers streaming internet radio. Even I realise we crossed a line...
My ambivalence towards anything and everything seems to have conquered the 2048 gaming mania too - played it 5 times, and walked away
Train disruption caused me to walk the final mile to work today - saw this and had to stop #london #art #raf #war
@cloudypianos wonderful photo!
Cannot believe Nokia are advertising that you can use Microsoft Excel while you're in bed if you have a Lumia phone... Accountant porn?
I wonder why Earls Court underground station has never been modernised ? Its like something from Trumpton or Camberwick Green...
@hexenhr1 I pushed the blog back to blogger - but its probably best to follow the Tumblr -
One more day, and then this chapter of the great London commuting adventure comes to an end. #tired
@ianhamilton_ Thankyou ! The accessible tube map is great!
I love how so many of the underground train routes in London are colour coded so I can't tell them apart #colourblind
I resurrected my technical blog this afternoon - mainly old posts, but a few new ones too -
While sitting on the train this evening I renamed my Tumblog - - enjoy :)
From Paddington to Victoria - another day begins... #london #underground #commuting
Yet again the train ticket I was sold this morning is skewed - it will not work on any turnstiles in the stations...
Fantastic news earlier this week that evidence found proving universe inflation theory is right. Wonder what the creationists will say now ?
Even better sign spotted this morning - "Beware of luggage being pulled by others" lol
@AnUrbanNomad I understand what you're saying, but using real phone numbers to find contacts helps eradicate spammers. WhatsApp is very good
You know the one where you tweeted something earlier in the day, and then you notice the spelling or grammar mistake hours later? yeah, that
Note to self - don't mention products in tweets - my stream is full of sponsored tweets now.
Every time I look something up online I feel guilty about not paying my knowledge forward. I used to, many moons ago.
Rapidly realising I have learned more about the darker corners of Nintex Workflow than most...
Contemplating resurrecting my old tech notes blog, and covering SharePoint and Nintex Workflow and Forms...
Whatsapp would be wonderful if I knew anybodies phone numbers...
The only problem with stopping eating junk all day is that you're then hungry all day. Hrrmmfff...
Can't wait for Twitter to implement the "Favourites" functionality - allowing a quick way of shortlisting your friends, away from the dross
Les Misérables Cast Performance Oscars 2013 HD -
Les Misérables Cast Performance Oscars 2013 HD
New Apple Ad: The iPad Mini Has Company - CONAN on TBS -
New Apple Ad: The iPad Mini Has Company - CONAN on TBS
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