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Jonathan Beckett

Jonathan Beckett

web designer, software developer, blogger, freelancer, husband of one, father of three, coffee drinker, geek
UK cinemas are banning Google Glass before it's widely available. How do they imagine it will last the length of a movie on a charge ?
Spending an hour on the mountain bike this morning cycling to and from work TWICE was not in the plan... I guess it will build muscle though
You know that one where you cycle all the way to work, and then realise you might have left the oven on? Yeah... that
Excellent news about Suzie Wolff doing first practice for Williams. Lets hope they let her take the fuel out and do a flyer.
The one where an old friend gave me the keys to all of her kingdoms -
Re: NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, Old Friends, and Responsibility -
"Good luck x" - Jonathan Beckett
Watching "Silicon Valley" and wondering if this is triggering some kind of recursive universe rift...
Spending lunchtime avoiding the temptation to "just carry on" -
Superman admitted he couldn't remember how the code worked on the 2 year old project either...
Community Will Get a Sixth Season—Thanks to Yahoo | Underwire | WIRED
Oh, you know... about to turn my desk upside down when the code I have been fighting against suddenly starts working.
Good morning Neverland!
I will neither confirm or deny that I registered with Tumblr again. It's a great place to waste time online, despite it's various flaws :)
How is it that Microsoft can pay to spam me with Internet Explorer ads in Twitter, but I can't spam them back with "Don't use it" ads ?
Just want to say - enjoying "Halt and Catch Fire" more than any TV show in years (not watched any regular TV in years though lol)
@shelleywriter @thepaperie Oh my word! I never knew The Paperie existed - probably a good thing though (Moleskine addict) lol
It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend... (you can kill me later)
Only problem with my other half having a new mobile - mine now seems very sluggish :)
Time for a brain dump after the Tooth Fairy failed to appear -
I wish there was an option to silently correct the spelling and punctuation of comments to your posts on Facebook...
Hope everybody is having an awesome day! Let's do some jumpin' jacks!
So how long until Suarez signs up to advertise chewits ? :)
Told our kids last night that the teams at the world cup are as good as each other - but some have one or two brilliant players - we do not.
In other news, I also uninstalled KIK - I was only using it to keep in touch with one person on anything like a regular basis.
Just realised - now my other half has ditched her Blackberry, I can get rid of BBM off my phone :)
Just saw a post by an old friend on Tumblr - went to comment, and remembered - oh yes - you can't comment properly on Tumblr, so why bother
Pronouncement for the day - "Tumblr is a pile of soapboxes in the middle of a walled garden" - if it rhymed, the tumblrati would believe it.
Sick child = day off = unsuccessfully avoiding the interwebs - - LEGO anyone ?
In the grand tradition of being as contradictory as possible, I registered an account at Tumblr the other day -
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