reading the @pinchmedia presentation ‘iPhone AppStore Secrets’ lots of great info for anyone building an iPhone app
@tj it's worse than that. The mice know that mouse poison in sufficient quantities kills humans. believe me they're hoarding. Be afraid
wow between ebay and paypal charges you lose a hefty 10% of the total value of a sale on ebay. Craig's list looks a winner to me
@istelleinad Quite a few AFP winners in this years bag too. If you had an iPhone you'd enjoy the new app we're working on
@dangillmor As a Brit I'd add the bbc to your list and where would be without NPR
@ariherzog i get your point but it's not really telling me the latest, its endless repetition/RT of the same thing. No detail or real info
@andymees but for once you spoke French fluently. Be thankful
@Pistachio control + eject will do it
@Pistachio you don't need to go direct for the power key thats way too brutal. here's a PDF of short cuts for future use ttp://
great conf call with the people at, looking forward to launching some stuff with them soon.
@mediaphyter the new background looks good but you need athe browser open to 1280px or the tweet column runs into the left hand column
Would powerful yet potentially disturbing images out of the Australia fires or the Madagascar riots be disallowed in an iphone app?
Working on an iphone news app and wondering where Apple draws the line on strong visual content.
@Digidave don't get me wrong I'm all for the donations just wondered how it was used. I'm nosey like that
@digidave What does the support donation do. General running of ops or fed back into pitches? I don't see an explanation on
@digidave Have you thought about "post to twitter integration" when we donate? Might help get some extra traction going
@andymees apologies for that link Andy it popped up in a friends feed and boom the rest is history.
Le Truc du Jour: A Voir Absolument
Great day having @PhilJ @ElianeFiolet @ravit_ustrategy and the guys from #geektrip#3 in the office
@Digidave "the only way we could "fail" in the true sense of the word is if we learn nothing on the journey ." Nicely put
@om try tweetie. Its been working for me so far. @tweetie can answer any questions you might have before you commit
@ptaillandier AFP bought you an iPhone?
Can't have been pleasant for the pigeons but the undeclared aubergine is unforgivable
@jemimakiss interesting survey, 1st question, Do you llive in the UK. Answer = No. End of survey
Just bought "What Would Google Do?" by @jeffjarvis It was displayed as "New & Noteworthy". I know its new, fingers crossed on the noteworthy
A typically protectionist slant from @EditorsWeblog "Obama presidency: the dangers of bypassing traditional media"
@lucas3d congratulations Lucas on the Annies. So whats up with the SF move?
Great news SFGate finally went live with our Entertainment quiz and our Sports quiz
@fitfuel Are we talking BBC British or more from the North, South or Midlands. There's quite a difference
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