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Javier O'Neil-Ortiz. Film & Media graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh.
The FBI again thwarts its own Terror plot -
Isaac Asimov on Security Theater -
An excellent beginning by David Atkins -
Behind the scenes of #OccupyWallStreet - Opinion - Al Jazeera English -
The Normative Family on Your Daily Drive -
Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Gay Rights -
Bucking and arching in a world he could never see -
Alain Badiou: Riots And Racism – ‘Daily Humiliation’ -
Naomi Klein: Looting With The Lights On -
The competing common senses of the riots -
No, They Will Never Learn by David Atkins -
A New Google Group Uses Facial Recognition Technology To Out Looters -
What the hell is “non-consensual sex?” -
New Security Body Scanners Still Threaten Transgender Privacy -
After Signing Law Disenfranchising ID-less Voters, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Closes 10 DMV Offices -
The Wall Street Journal And Jerusalem Post Publish Editorials Saying Norwegian Terrorist Had A Point -
The omnipotence of Al Qaeda and meaninglessness of "Terrorism" -
Chase No Face - Behind the Scenes -
Chase No Face - Behind the Scenes
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