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RT @katie_jacobs: 78% of women feel discussing maternity benefits in interview wd jeopardise their chances, @GlassdoorUK research says
Off to #artofhr - T2 scrubbed up very nicely (@ Terminal 2 - The Queen's Terminal - @heathrowairport in Hounslow)
People at bottom stop aspiring to levels of wealth of Sir Benjamin and top return extra cash, say above £10m, into economy #HowRichAreYou
Interesting programme on @Channel4 - #HowRichAreYou on sickening wealth inequality - can't see things improving until
RT @Frannyo @WF_Institute @donttrythis if only more #hr folks thought about work in terms of art and science! #artofhr
RT @Nick_Holley: What is the biggest challenge facing your HR business partners? #sehrbp
RT @LPJersey: Telefonica uk #cipd14 traditional performance management not working any more, new thinking needed
RT @TimScottHR: Blogged: The future of the UK jobs market Best session for me! #CIPD14
RT @HR_Gem: @NPickavance leaders in many organisations have become disconnected from what is happening in the world. Profound need to reconnect #CIPD14
RT @IBMSWEurope: "#HR should be the most important department within any organisation, but we're not there yet" @HRCurator #CIPD14 #smarterworkforce #ibm
RT @lellielesley: Pickavance says we have got to point where 2 types of people. Those we care about “talent” & those we don’t agency, zero hrs etc. #CIPD14
RT @DevoyPaul: Download the slides from my #CIPD14 session on leading change: #HR
at least I don't come across the old 'HR is simple' belief so much any more - HR ppl now understand how much has got to change #cipd14
RT @WildFigSolns: #CIPD14 we experience stories emotionally w/ the storyteller. Links to Matthew Lieberman's social brain stuff
Big issue RT @HR_Gem We need to bring latest thinking into our orgs. But how many HR folk are keeping t'selves up to date to do so? #CIPD14
RT @NHSRebecca: Intangible assets (relationships,culture,IP, brand,trust,reputation)are considered more valuable than tangible assets.#CIPD14
RT @eugeniopirri: Do we have the right skills for the future #hr #skillsgap #CIPD14 ... Mega trends!
RT @katie_jacobs: Are you likely to be replaced by a machine? #CIPD14
Why wouldn't it be? HC is becoming more important so need HCM to create it RT @karonb #HCM is here to stay #CIPD14
RT @MrAndyJohnson: Advancing learning and development Thought provoking stuff via @AndrewJacobsLD #CIPD14
RT @ArvindHickman: Human capital measures/metrics must be material and pplynto the context of an organisation. it's simple advice, but so true. #CIPD14
Many HR people do innovate. More starting to do so. And we need to! Can't be strategic without it. See: #cipd14
RT @JacksonT0ny: ICYMI "Obsessing about metrics a good way to inhibit innovation" #ACJ2M In other news what's a current #HR headline? More metrics #CIPD14
which all leads to that 50% fall in employees thinking work is central to their lives > @jonnygiff engagement @dds180 @davidtmacleod #cipd14
To me it's too one-way, top-down and in the same category as 120x pay differential > @jonnygiff engagement @dds180 @davidtmacleod #cipd14
I didn't suggest it, but since you ask, not so much... RT @jonnygiff engagement kinda works doesn't it @dds180 @davidtmacleod #cipd14
RT @HR_Gem: @grahamsalisbury reflecting on Action Aid's HR journey. HR were hidden away. By appointment only. How visible is your HR team? #CIPD14
RT @jonnygiff: @clairechurchard here's our research out today on how HR can benefit from behavioural science #CIPD14
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