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Listening to the new @BlitzenTrapper album "VII" is boosting my mood right up to the clouds. Best medicine ever.
#PeterMathiessen "The secret of the mountain is that the mountains simply exist,as I do myself: the mountains exist simply, which I do not."
Salute to the late Mickey Rooney: that was one long, crazy career! #obit #MickeyRooney
RT @jayrosen_nyu: Just posted this... Giving good advice: my keynote presentation to #ISOJ. Plus: a new project that may not work.
Via bruces: "This kind of markup of the physical world is really helpful." @jaredrawk #designFiction #room-e
RT @Rosental: My huge gratitude to @utknightcenter staff and all student volunteers. Also to the Blanton team. Thank y'all who attended #ISOJ
RT @mkramer: Covering Internet sub cultures is an interesting model: the communities then promote your content. #ISOJ
RT @eduardosuarez: 'If you don't know your readers well, it will be very difficult in the future to make money with them', says @maycotte from @Umbel in #isoj
Kudos to @rosental and @digitalamysw for another great year of #isoj Well-earned "trending" and full house!
What is the data that you wish you had that you don't have? @mkramer: Are people learning from our content? #ISOJ
RT @lalorek: "We still need circulation departments and it's being completely ignored by the media," says @desertbunny #ISOJ
That brony culture thing diminishes my optimism, at least a little. #ISOJ
RT @lalorek: We want to give people what they need and care about and what they should care about says @desertbunny with @dailydot #ISOJ
RT @nolan_kristin: .@JamesGRobinson Things that we would assume our readers would never want, turns out they really do want #ISOJ
Two kinds of questions: explicit (how did I do?) and implicit (nobody asks). #isoj @JamesGRobinson
RT @robquig: After hearing analytics, journalists often ask, "Is that good?" Hard question to answer, @JamesGRobinson says. #ISOJ
Not trying to bring numbers into the newsroom, but trying to bring the audience into the newsroom. Analytics is about discovery. #ISOJ
Internal fear that home page would be covered by cat videos if there as a focus on analytics and behavior at @nytimes. #ISOJ
Data analytics at the @nytimes via @JamesGRobinson. Director of News Analytics - bringing analytics into the newsroom. #ISOJ
RT @JustinNXT: More on Umbel: We talked to the company in 2012 about giving publishers more control over customer data #ISOJ
RT @clockwerks: Best intro of @maycotte by @jbenton at #ISOJ - the great grandson of the general who shot off Pancho Villa's leg
Media companies are not taking advantage of data, figuring out its value. #ISOJ
Big data is a big problem - piling up, only specialized analysts and developers have access to unlocking the value. #ISOJ
Who are the rights holders for audience data?Possession and control of data rights will define successful businesses of the future. #ISOJ
.maycotte starts with a slide that says "Audience is Everything." "At @TexasTribune, we really didn't know who our audience was." #ISOJ
.@ToddMIP: What does the arc of the actual measurement experience of the person who is responsible for analytics look iike? #ISOJ
RT @digitalamysw: Media impact project is building a data analytics center avail. to anyone and will be open source #isoj
Media impact is the role media play in changing knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. @ToddMIP #ISOJ
Media impac is the role media play in changing knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. @ToddMIP #ISOJ
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