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"I don't understand jazz, so it must suck." - @ediesedgwyck
Ausin's Antone's is under new ownership, including @GaryClarkJr. #blues #Austin
MT @Nicole_Lafond: Ann Coulter: Ebola Doc Just Another Narcissistic Christian #nasty
Decline of visual processing with age impacts "intelligence." #aging #vision
To say that #TrueDetective was "plagiarized," you'd have to redefine plagiarism.
The 40 Most Interesting #makerspaces in America via @make includes our own @AustinHackSpace.
RT @NotInMyFood: Are antibiotics in livestock helping fuel 'superbugs'? Scientists and courts fight it out via @PRI
Film biography of @Prof_S_Hawking looks awesome & inspiring, here's the trailer:
Closeup of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko - a space rock.
This way and that. David Armistead and Maggie Duval. #maker @ AT&T Executive Education and Conference…
David Armistead, Maggie Duval, and Kami Wilt talk about #maker culture. @ AT&T Executive Education and…
#GazaUnderFire: "trying to reduce a 3D puzzle into a 2D frame." @zephoria. !important
James Gunn knocked #GuardiansoftheGalaxy out of the park by putting characters first.
YouTube Fame Factory makes me think about @rushkoff's "Generation Like":
RT @politico: Its obituary has been written over and over, but direct mail isn't just still alive; it's thriving.
There's a disturbing, growing culture of gratuitous #violence in film and television. It's no longer "entertaining," IMHO.
RT @xeni: Californians who mocked Burning Man, joke's on you. All these years, they were doing Extreme Drought Readiness drills
Just posted a photo @ The Oasis on Lake Travis
What do online fraudsters have in common? #FraudAnalytics
Just posted a photo
Only in Austin. @jefflofton #mancini @ Long Center
Hacking the lost lunar photos. #moon #june #croon
Sounds like that ex-IRS official wasn't talking about conservatives. She was talking about extremists.
RT @jeffk: Machines That Tell Stories, @SXSW panel submission w/@jonl submitted! Speak at all the things!
I think members of the #GOP have been saving their confederate money. #southernstrategy #newcivilwar
Google's biomedical baseline characterized as a "moonshot" project.
RT @pickover: Mazes among us. Imagine life in the hyper-dense Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong.
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