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RT @TeeMcSee: Ferguson: statements from @clairecmc & @MayorSlay use identical language: "We need to de-militarize this situation"
RT @jamiekilstein: Where is the @nra telling black people in #Ferguson they have the right to open carry and defend themselves? FOUNDING FATHERS!
RT @ccfinlay: If the NRA stands by its belief in the 2nd Amendment, let them show up and defend American citizens against the abuse of freedom in MO.
RT @mrbeaks: Absence of NRA/conservative/libertarian outrage is incontrovertible proof they only represent white America. #ferguson
I'm increasingly angry and impatient with #racism in the U.S., from Ferguson to the US Congress. Time to grow up.
RT @judico: Cool, I'm voting it up RT @jeffk: Really excited for my @SXSW talk with @jonl: 'Machines that Tell Stories'
RT @judico: @psychemedia @jonl and @bruces are also high on my list for good meta-tales
Golden Dawn Arkestra and the Temple of Doom @goldendawnARK
RT @jeffk: Really excited for my @SXSW talk with @jonl: 'Machines that Tell Stories' If you'd like to see it, vote!
Harvey Fierstein on #depression: "It's merciless. All it wants is to get you in a room alone and kill you." #RIPRobinWilliams
Will the @NRA suggest that young blacks should carry guns to protect themselves? #FergusonShooting #LAShooting
Imagine how tough it must be to be depressed when you're "supposed to be" funny. #robinwilliams depression
"The Beatles have no future in show business." - Decca.
Vote for @jasminatwitter's session on her patriotic war song reboots! #SXSW #SXSW2015
Fox News has a rude awakening. #Iraq
We had an enlightening gathering, aka Austin Future Salon, last night; @dunagan23 discussed @iftf methodology & governance futures. #Future
Love this headline: "Origami robots fold themselves and walk away." #robots
"I don't understand jazz, so it must suck." - @ediesedgwyck
Ausin's Antone's is under new ownership, including @GaryClarkJr. #blues #Austin
MT @Nicole_Lafond: Ann Coulter: Ebola Doc Just Another Narcissistic Christian #nasty
Decline of visual processing with age impacts "intelligence." #aging #vision
To say that #TrueDetective was "plagiarized," you'd have to redefine plagiarism.
The 40 Most Interesting #makerspaces in America via @make includes our own @AustinHackSpace.
RT @NotInMyFood: Are antibiotics in livestock helping fuel 'superbugs'? Scientists and courts fight it out via @PRI
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