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Robert Scoble
RT: @ev: "Tomorrow just became a very big day." (for Twitter, @oprah is doing her first Tweet).
Isn't that a little jump the sharkish? - Brian Sullivan
And the obsession with celebrity continues. Will there be Oprah approved Tweets (like Oprah's book club?) - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I can see the fail whales now. - Dan Walters
Brian: it is the dream of every entrepreneur to be featured on the Oprah show. Congrats to @ev and team. - Robert Scoble
You are joking -- I think people that dream that need a life adjustment or a whack on the side of the head. - Brian Sullivan
Having celebrities promote the crap out of your company is a blessing, if I was ev I would be extremely grateful; I'm sure stockholders couldn't be happier, I know I would be. However, from a holistic social media perspective — I'm absolutely turned off by what has become of this. With 500k+ followers, I wish celebrities were leveraging their pre-established attention for social good, but it's mostly consisted of ego-centric tweets. Hopefully Opera sets an example, I suspect she will. - Colin Anawaty
Indeed - if things like this go well, maybe Oprah will have her own "Tech Club" eventually. - Christopher Galtenberg
Kutcher finall reaches a million followers LOL - Rich White
If Oprah mentions twitter, but doesn't load, does it matter? - Daniel Sims
I guess we will be seeing alot of failwhales then? - Per
Per: no failwhales here on friendfeed! You can even see this conversation happen live at - Robert Scoble
In short we can expect multiple fail whales... hmmm - | Balu |
So, we can always talk about @oprah somewhere on the Internet. :-) - Robert Scoble
Did @ev mention @oprah? Or is that your insertion, Robert? His last Tweet omits that detail... unless he deleted or edited it! - Ryan
Ryan: he didn't, but everyone knows that tomorrow is Oprah day on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Wow, I just saw that ashton kutcher (@aplusk) has almost a million followers. I bet that anyone @oprah follows will see similar numbers. - Daniel Sims
Daniel: Oprah will see similar numbers within a week. She's way more powerful than CNN or Ashton. Plus, most of Ashton's followers came from Twitter's recommended follower list. - Robert Scoble
i wonder what she'll say - Darla Brown
I love the live friend feed beta thingy! This is my first time checking it out....Suh-weet! I can't help but believe that @oprah will have a broad and sweeping changes on twitter demographics :( - Jonny Clean
Checked out just now - zero Tweets with more than 28K followers :-) - Ashu Joshi
Interesting to see if she starts to tweet regularly. Congrats @ev! - Rick Bucich
It is a big day. The complaint I most hear from people asking me about twitter is "what do I do with it?" The celebrity influence, news media coverage, etc shows that there is something to listen to on Twitter and not just what people are eating today - Kevin Kuphal
I wonder if Oprah will really Tweet links and info herself - or leave it up to a "Ghost Tweeter" - either way, it will be great for her nonprofit orgs.' online exposure. - Laurel LaFlamme
So, can Twitter really handle the onslaught of Oprahbots there will be once she mentions it? If the site becomes even more unstable than it is now over the coming weeks won't this turn people off? @Ev & @Biz may shoot themselves in the foot. - Vaughn
It would be sooo interesting if we could accurately see how much stock is owned by precisely whom and when it was purchased. Who else notices when a particular site hits the big time? Remember when it happened to Google? All of the sudden newscasters were telling us to "google this" & "google that" & characters in movies & on television were doing the same. How many times did they ever mention Yahoo! this or Microsoft Live that? First is was MySpace, MySpace, MySpace and then Facebook. Hint: who owns media? - Gail Gardner
Internet Strategist: sorry, but I was one of those people who always talked about Google. The others sucked and provably so. Same with MySpace vs. Facebook. Facebook is provably better than MySpace. Twitter is getting hype because brands can have a public entity far easier than on other social networks. Friendfeed will get a lot of hype over next year, just watch. Why? Because the influencers will figure out that search is where the money (and action) is. - Robert Scoble
Have you forgotten the last scene/last shot in Forrest Gump? - Karma Martell
sorry wrong person.. - Karma Martell
Karma: why are you trying to use a movie, a fake one at that, to make a point? - Robert Scoble
never mind- guess it was to right comment- the scroll speed needs some getting used to . :-) - Karma Martell
Robert, all other search engines from the beginning of the www were bad and only Google search is worth talking about in the major media? - Gail Gardner
Whether Facebook is better or not doesn't change the fact that for a long time the major media only talked about MySpace ALL the time and no other Social Networking sites. They only started talking about Facebook later (and stopped talking about MySpace) and now they may be moving on to Twitter. Haven't seen anything on FriendFeed yet. - Gail Gardner
My point is that that movie was a commercial for Yahoo- a big movie industry hit - to Internet Strategist's remark about entertainment media pushing the Google, etc. - Karma Martell
How old is that movie? Perhaps they pushed Yahoo before they started pushing Google? - Gail Gardner
yes 1994 acc'dg to imdb - Karma Martell
When I think of the major media I mean regular television (non-cable - the free kind with more commercials than shows) and movies. I have never seen you (Robert) on television but that doesn't mean you haven't been on it since I don't watch that much. The news has very little that is newsworthy these days and a lot that would fit better on Entertainment Tonight or some other similar show. - Gail Gardner
don't care - John Flynn
this will ultimately be "Jump the Sharkey", but it will give Twitter a big oxygen boost (as if it needs one) - Ron Mwangaguhunga
Do you think Oprah will then make it to the recommended list? - Anne Bouey
Anne: no doubt - Valley
Unless they're busy adding capacity it will also give us fail whales galore as Dan Walters predicted. - Gail Gardner
Johnny: I highly doubt that haha :) - Jay Neff
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