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The oddest bit: 0.44% of federal tax dollars spent on “Railroad retirement and additional income security”. WTF?!
See how your tax dollars are used. Your 2013 Federal Tax Receipt:
Pumped to see @mountain_goats tonight. Incredible songwriter & an all-time fave. Here’s a classic from their 1st LP:
Just posted a 25.36 mi bike - First proper ride of the season! #RunKeeper
RT @kyledrake: It took 3 hours for @indutny to pull SSL private key out of @cloudflare's OpenSSL test server. It's official. Change your passwords -now-.
Nice! Helped make @Ghostery back in the day. Now it’s featured on Bloomberg TV as recommended by Snowden /ht @dcancel
Even in the face of conflict RT @tenderlove: Programmers who use VCS seem pretty committed.
Proud of @MassGovernor 4 working to end non-competes + create a global EIR program. Help make it so: contact yr reps!
RT @1Password: Heartbleed is breaking my pixelated heart into bits. We’re offering a 50% discount across all platforms, to make recovery a little easier.
Some cool stuff coming out of Dropbox today — @carouselapp and @mailbox for Mac (in beta).
A little old school punk to start the day. Minor Threat - Minor Threat
RT @waxpancake: A startup calling itself innovative or disruptive is like a comedian calling themself funny. Let other people say that about you.
If you ever work with CSV files on the command line and haven’t come across csvkit, correct that now. Super useful.
+1 RT @robgo BBJ article criticizing @ScottKirsner is a complete miss. The man is a good journalist, tries to be productive in the community
Quantified Summit! #qsummit (@ District Hall w/ @hackerchick)
“the creepiest chat history you’ll ever read” - interesting as much for the format as for the story
Bluetooth LE will power a good chunk of the “Internet of Things”. Already has an installed base of over a billion devices, shipping ~100K/mo
Went to a great talk on Bluetooth LE last night. The speaker Joe Decuir also co-designed the Atari 2600, Amiga & USB!
Seems every time I try to use LinkedIn, they’ve thrown up more walls and roadblocks in front of the data its users have contributed. Lame.
Check out @2LunchCrew, a new visual guide to Boston street food by my pal @hybernaut -
Tried @Instacart for grocery delivery for the 1st time last night. Good experience. Sign up w/ this link for $10 off:
Cool story if you like baseball: “Masahiro Tanaka, Matt Harvey have a Cooperstown connection” -
Wow! RT @rcolinkennedy: Mind blowing. GoPro: Backflip Over 72ft Canyon - Kelly McGarry
RT @bloerwald: SUCCESS: 26/26 (100%) Tests passed
RT @BinaryBad: I feel sorry for dogs. They learnt to fetch newspapers, but newspapers are dying. Killed by an internet driven by cats.
RT @erik_price: Java 8 actually looks pretty nice <— indeed, much improved. and to think this happened under Oracle?!
Cool to hear @Barismo coffee is moving to Union Sq, right next to recently opened @AeronautBrewing. So much awesome!
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