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The Publishing Talk Daily is out!
RT @LeicesterLove: Our exhibition opens next week. Come down to the Private View on Thursday 24th @ 5pm and bag your Ltd. Ed print and of course, free drinks!
OK people, as @perfect_siobhan might say, let's nail this bank holiday to the... No, maybe not. #HolyShet
RT @perfect_siobhan: Let's own this mother cover:
Ooh, I've tuned into "Today! The Musical." Bravo, @kathyclugston! #bbcr4today #LadySingsTheNews
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @magazinetweet
RT @jabberworks: Thinking about writing or illustrating a picture book? Here's my top tip: #illustration #design @scholasticuk
Nice to see #Leicester legend Engelbert Humperdinck on #laterjools. A credit to my homeland. And, indeed, to World of Leather.
The fabulous @FaberBooks stand at Bologna Children's Book Fair. Read @lucycoats's round-up at:
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @BookBrunch
Fab night out in The Guildford with @Mrsbou, marred only by breaking my reading glasses. A new career as Jack Duckworth looky-likey awaits.
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @DigiBookWorld @Sh07509514
Perfect clear night for seeing the #ISS. And Jupiter and Mars. #stargazing
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @jasonrdean @shinchaku
Thrilled to see @ninastibbe's Lady piece has finally had an airing: #LoveNina
Thank you, #TheArchers tweetalongers. I’m off to throw some whisky around and shout about Marjorie’s hostile takeover. See you next week!
Dan: “I can’t help thinking about the #ArchersArchives. Dad was a solicitor and he died in a car accident on a country road.” #TheArchers
Dan: “I want the camaraderie. There’s nowhere like the armed forces for that.” Shula: “Not even #TheArchers?”
Dan: “You know I’ve already been accepted by the tank regiment” Shula: “Yes, but the listeners didn’t, so thanks for the update” #TheArchers
Dan: “There were some guys there who were super fit. Plenty to aim for.” Shula: “We are still talking about the Army, right?” #TheArchers
Jill: “You really mean it? You want me to stay in #TheArchers? There’s nothing I’d like more. Apart from a part in #EastEnders, obviously.”
Kirsty: “A hunky young farrier with his chest out might be good for #TheArchers audience numbers” Helen: “I keep telling you-this is radio?”
Actual video footage of that Borchester Land board meeting in full: #TheArchers #FryAndLaurie
Actual video footage of that Borchester Land board meeting in full: #TheArchers #FryAndLaurie
Brian: “There are going to be very interesting times ahead for Ambridge.” Jennifer: “Really? That’ll be a first.” #TheArchers
Brian: “I’ve just had one of the worst mornings of my life.” Jennifer: “Yes, #TheArchers omnibus makes us all feel like that.”
Brian: “I knew it! Annabel wanted control of Derwent Enterprises all along. I mean Borchester Land.” #TheArchers #FryAndLaurie #Marjorie
Will: “Look at my squirrel traps in the woods. You’ll like how they work: as a tortured metaphor for the BL board meeting.” #TheArchers
Jennifer: “Today’s script may not be as bad as you think, Brian. You’ve been in #TheArchers a long time - they might want to keep you?”
Ruth: “There’s no point in writing the script until we know what Jill feels about the storyline. She might hate it!” #TheArchers
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