The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @TheNotoriousBMD @ShalimarTroy
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @sabrangxsnape @Gozde786 @Book_Fair
AT LAST - #wato is covering the serious issues today. #TheArchers
RT @BBCWorldatOne: And is #TheArchers in danger of becoming a "disappearing soap"? With @DavidBlunkettMP and @thebettymahoney #wato
Ooh, look who's in tonight's #unichall playoff - come on #Leicester!
Reagan "We invaded a British territory without telling you. Sorry about that." Thatcher "How kind of you to have rung." #SpecialRelationship
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @BookBrunch
Backbencher describes Ed Miliband as ‘not popular’. That's damning him with faint praise. #itvnews
Robert: “Baby Marigold looks like Gregson, doesn’t she?” Cora: “Not really, but it’s a good plot tease for the Christmas Special.” #Downton
Robert: “Let’s get a new dog and call it Al-…” Cora: “Let me stop you there Robert. Let’s just call it ‘Al’, shall we?” #Downton #TerrorPets
Carson: “We must always travel in hope. They might not commission a 6th series.” #Downton
Mary: “You can’t take Anna away - we can’t drag this storyline out into ANOTHER Christmas Special! I’m calling my agent.” #Downton
Mrs Hughes: “It’s Nick Berry from #Heartbeat, m’lady. I’m afraid he’s come to arrest you.” Anna: “What? I didn’t see that coming!” #Downton
Rose: “I love your son very much, and I always will, until I get killed off in the Christmas Special.” #Downton
Violet: “#Downton weddings aren’t what they used to be.” Isobel: “Let’s hope she jilts him after the commercial break.”
Mrs Patmore: “You’ve not been reading Russell Brand again have you, Daisy?” Daisy: “No, my revolution is more well thought-out.” #Downton
Robert: “The Amritsar Massacre was a rum do, wasn’t it?” Shrimpie “Yes, it was. I won’t be surprised if British rule ends in 1947!” #Downton
Tom: “We’d better save this wedding in time for the Christmas Special.” #Downton
Barrow: “What did you show the new bloke last night, Denke? He really didn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t an episode of #Brookside, was it?” #Downton
Mary: “May we have a moment please, waiter? Lady Rose has just received some rather upsetting images on Snapchat.” #Downton
Edith: “Gregson once took me to this Berni Inn on a date.” #Downton
Daisy: “Life’s full of possibilities, isn’t it, when you’ve read a book and become a dangerous revolutionary?” #Downton
Denke: “Let me take you for a walk down Canal Street and show you the sights.” #Downton
Violet: “You’ve changed your tune since last night.” Isobel: “Yes, well we were in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel last night.” #Downton
Robert: “Has anyone fed Black September?” Cora: “Er, we’re just calling the cat ‘Blackie’ now, Robert…” #Downton #TerrorPets
Illya Kuryakin: “Fancy a sh*g?” Violet: “Oh, for goodness sake. I’m A HUNDRED AND THREE.” #Downton
Carson: “There’s a policeman who wants to see you - again…” Bates: “Seriously? We’re still dragging out this old storyline?” #Downton
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