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The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @BookBrunch @BubbleCow
RT @davidschneider: This review in the Times totally nails the technical problems of #JamaicaInn
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @R_Nash
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @BookBrunch
RT @SteveDoherty1: I would not want to be the BBC person who's in charge of reporting the twitter reaction to #JamaicaInn tomorrow morning.
Maybe I'll read the book instead. Though it seems to make Thomas Hardy look like chirpy chick lit romcom. #JamaicaInn #MumbleInn
Ha! Subtitles just came up with caption 'INDISTINCT CHATTING'. Should have left that up for the WHOLE HOUR. #JamaicaInn #IndistinctChatting
I've given in and switched on the subtitles. #JamaicaInn #MumbleInn
Ah - I think I know how all this mumbling came about. I saw ep 1 of #TheTripToItaly. #JamaicaInn
Incomprehensible mumbling worthy of Rowley Birkin QC. #JamaicaInn #veyveydrunk
The Publishing Talk Daily is out!
#EdReardon on @BBCRadio4Extra now. You're welcome.
RT @frankieboyle: All the Christian festivals revolve around chocolate and presents. Almost as if they're trying to lure kids in for some reason.
Nice to see Dora Bryan in The Great #StTrinians Train Robbery. In the days before she let herself go and hosted #MockTheWeek. #ITV3
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @v_nug @BSPoole @Hitchfan39
RT @anghelides: Mail on Sunday "Spot the Difference" competition.
Thank you, #TheArchers tweetalongers. I’m off to read The Field Diary of Adam Macy Aged 46 ¾. See you next week!
Peggy: “Tom’s a jolly lucky young man. Let’s hope he doesn’t jilt you or anything. Byeee!” #TheArchers #dumdidumdidumdidum
Kirsty: “I can’t believe this time next week I’ll be Mrs Archer!” Peggy: “Yes, dear. God knows we need more of those. FIG ROLL?” #TheArchers
Peggy: “Are young people really so interested in religion these days?” Helen: “No, only in #TheArchers.”
Dan: “I’m starting my commissioning course at Sandhurst on May 4th.” Shula: “Well, May the 4th be with you. Obviously.” #TheArchers
Shula: “Well, that was fun.” Chris: “Yes. Next week we’re going to drag the writers up Lakey Hill and put them in a Wicker Man.” #TheArchers
Shula: “Gosh, it’s quite a performance.” Peggy: “Yes, who knew we had such convincing actors in #TheArchers?”
Peggy: “Goodness! That script looks heavy.” Shula: “Yes. He drops it three times before nailing a credible plot to it.” #TheArchers
Charlie: “Hello Adam. I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page.” Adam: “Yes, look - we’re at the top of page 61?” #TheArchers
PC Burns: “Taking scripts out of skips without the writer’s permission is stealing.” Fallon: “It’s what we normally do?” #TheArchers
Kirsty: “Shh, listen - it’s the skylark recording from #TweetOfTheDay!” #TheArchers
Alice: “Wait till next Thursday’s ep. When he sees you walking up the aisle he’ll be blown away. Right before he jilts you.” #TheArchers
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