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Is that thunder I hear? Or the sound of the UK breaking up? #indyref ⚡️🇬🇧
I urge you to tune in to #DoraDale on @BBCRadio4Extra now. With @martinkelner and @jakeyapp. #PleasedToMeetYou
I see #Utopia has been replaced with Hell tonight. Specifically #RamsaysHotelHell. #Bereft
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @eoinpurcell
RT @loncon3: We hope you’re all with us live for the #HugoAwards, but if you’re at home, be sure to tune in online! #loncon3
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @lvrdg
Thank you, #TheArchers tweetalongers. I’m off for some of Jennifer’s blinis with caviar and sour cream. And a nice chianti. Fftfftfftfftfft.
Carol: “We’ve an early start tomorrow. We’re going to get a headstone.” Peggy: “Oh, for Jack?” Carol: “No. For Jennifer.” #TheArchers
Fallon: “Jazzer’s texted us both to say he can’t make it.” PC Burns: “What’s he playing at?” Fallon: “I literally can’t imagine” #TheArchers
Peggy: “Matt was was wondering if Susan’s had taken a part in #TheArchers for a bet.” Carol: “Well done Susan for taking a risk.”
Carol: “I’m seeing a dealer in the afternoon - terrible bore, but good prices, and the best meth in Borchester.” #TheArchers
Fallon: “I don’t know what’s holding Jazzer up.” PC Burns: “No, it’s almost like we’ve been set up.” Fallon: “Weird.” #TheArchers
Jim: “I must have a caramelised onion tart.” Jennifer: “I think she prefers to be called ‘Carol’, Jim.” #TheArchers
Jennifer: “I just come into the studio for 5 minutes and before I know it 75 minutes have passed.” #TheArchers
Jim: “It all looks delicious.” Jennifer: “Well, where’s the sense in having a BBC canteen if you don’t make use of it, Jim?” #TheArchers
Roy: “Oops - I seem to have told The Echo I’m in favour of domestic violence.” Mike: “Well you were in a racist gang in the 90s” #TheArchers
Vicky: “Let’s leave Ambridge and move to Birmingham.” Mike: “Birmingham? But… you do know #TheArchers is recorded IN Birmingham?”
Tony: “Shall we put this bull on the trailer?” Neil: “Yes load it up with the rest of the scripts and we’ll take them to the AD” #TheArchers
Vicky: “Oh, Susan… who did you hair? Don’t worry, we’ll get them for you.” #TheArchers
Susan: “What do you think of my new hairdo?” Neil: “You look like Marge Simpson.” #TheArchers
Carol: “I suppose you left Glebe Cottage because you felt in danger.” Jill: “No, Carol. I AM the danger!” #TheArchers #BreakingBad
Carol: “Would you like me to trim your front garden, Jill? I’ve brought two strong lads and a wheelbarrow.” #TheArchers
Carol: “I never say no to a c**k” Jill: “No, it goes over the page: it’s ‘cocktail party’” Carol: “I thought it rather bold for #TheArchers
Adam: “A bend on M40 is due to brown hairstreaks” David: “And A30 in Cornwall” Adam: “Someone’s researched this storyline then?” #TheArchers
Roy: “Oh no - it’s not possible - you’d better take a look at this…” Elizabeth: “What is it?” Roy: “Next week’s script.” #TheArchers
Jill: “We’ve had some encouraging news about our protest!” David: “They’re cancelling #TheArchers?”
Roy: “Don’t smoke, kids! This has been a public service announcement from the BBC.” #TheArchers #CharleySays
Roy: “Soak all the fags.” Freddie: “OK, I’ll start filling the hot tub at Honeysuckle Cottage.” Roy: “That’s not what I mean.” #TheArchers
Roy: “Are you two smoking crystal meth again?” Freddie: “Sorry, Roy. It’s the only way we can get through #TheArchers.”
Vicky: “You should retire from #TheArchers.” Mike: “You’re pushing at an open door there, love.”
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