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Where is Jessica Hyde? Oh, there she is. #Utopia
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @ravensrod @europeanpolicy
Today's ill-targeted spam includes the offer of a Psychology degree. How thoughtful. But I have two of those already, thank you very much.
Been meaning to start a book blog? It's not as hard as you think. Here are 10 ways to get started with WordPress:
The Publishing Talk Daily is out! Stories via @magazinetweet @xEricG
Thank you, #TheArchers tweetalongers. I’m off to set up the craft tent ready for Allsopp’s arrival. See you next week! #fêteworsethandeath
Carol: “Tell me, what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you look so defeated.” Peggy: “It’s these scripts, Carol. They’re just so… bad.” #TheArchers
Susan: “Roy, can you get me some popcorn? I haven’t had this much fun since Alexis Colby slapped Krystle Carrington in #Dynasty#TheArchers
Jennifer: “Well at least my last acting job wasn’t for BT.” Carol: “The number you have dialled has not been recognised, b*tch.” #TheArchers
Carol: “How’s Brian? Still got that roving eye of his? What’s the name of his b*stard child again, the one you’re bringing up?” #TheArchers
Carol: “Jennifer! Where have you been hiding? I hear you did the flowers. And my husband.” #TheArchers
Roy: “I’ve some extremely distressing news. We just ran out of wine. What are we going do about it?” #TheArchers #Withnail
Carol: “Hello Roy! I’ve not seen you since you were a racist thug.” #TheArchers
Carol: “Lovely to see you” Elizabeth: “I’m just sorry it had to be for this” Carol “Yes #TheArchers is rather slumming it for me these days”
Jill: “Are you coming to the burial?” Jennifer: “Yes we want to make sure this storyline is buried in #TheArchers Archives once and for all”
Susan: “Not very appropriate - ‘YMCA’ at a funeral?” Jill “I’m sure John would have approved. But he was a bit of a ‘showman’.” #TheArchers
Jim “We’ve gone on holiday by mistake.Are you the farmer?” Lynda “Stop saying that,of course he’s the f***ing farmer!” #TheArchers #Withnail
Mr Pinnock: “You’re not recording me, are you?” Ruth: “We’re recording #TheArchers. We’re trying to show people why it’s such a bad idea.”
Lilian “Don’t take the moral high ground-you’re just as culpable as I am” Peggy “I didn’t kill the drug dealers” Lilian: “What?” #TheArchers
Ruth: “Look! It’s a deer!” Jim: “How on earth did it get into the studio?” #TheArchers
Jim: “Oh I wish I’d looked after me teeth,and spotted the dangers beneath. All the toffees I chewed and the sweet sticky food..” #TheArchers
Lilian: “I’ll be sitting all day in the craft tent knitting away like Nigel Farage.” Peggy: “You mean ‘Madame Defarge’, surely?” #TheArchers
Lilian: “I must stop by the chemist’s too.” Peggy: “You’re not really going through with the methadone programme are you?” #TheArchers
PC Burns: “Sounds like the battery’s flat.” Fallon: “Oh no - how am I going to get this RV out to the Boonies now?” #TheArchers #BreakingBad
Ruth: “Right, everyone - positions, please - let’s get this episode going.” #TheArchers
PC Burns: “Why don’t you all line up and I’ll shoot you? Though only with a camera, unfortunately.” #TheArchers
Ruth: “What? Kirsty Allsopp is cameoing in Sunday’s episode? F*** off!” #TheArchers
Lynda: “You’ve hidden your knitting under your bushel for too long” Lilian: “What can I say? I have a particularly large bushel” #TheArchers
Adam: “We’re both trying to hang on to what we’ve got. ♫ Don’t let go, Ed, we’ve got a lot. Got a lot of lines between us… ♪ ” #TheArchers
Ed: “I don’t much like Charlie.” Adam: “To be fair, though, he is HOT.” #TheArchers
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