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Louis Gray
Matthew and Sarah Communicate With Pen Pal Audrey Via iPad -
Matthew and Sarah Communicate With Pen Pal Audrey Via iPad
For Akiva, Rochelle and Ms. Audrey. - Louis Gray
WHHEEEEEEEE!!!! Look at you parenting! You're just as cute. - sofarsoShawn
Thanks, Shawn. :) - Louis Gray
Rochelle will love to see this. Right now, she's trying to put Audrey to bed. Guess who once again doesn't want to go to bed: yep, Audrey. - Akiva
I just don't want to sleep with you. - sofarsoShawn
Can't wait till Audrey get's her bro! - sofarsoShawn
no way - Josh Haley
Now set it up as a live video chat :) - Josh Haley
Like you and I! - sofarsoShawn
this is adorable. - Marissa
very adorable! - imabonehead
I totally can speak baby too. Mathew's like totally future wife material. - sofarsoShawn
Louis, Apple needs to send you a check every month: you're singlehandedly doubling the use cases for their products ;) - LANjackal
The sequel to come in a minute... :-) - Jesse Stay
Aww, so cute! :D - Rochelle
so cute - metalerik
I'm putting in another vote for live video chat! - Rachel Lea Fox
잘 보구 갑니다 . 헤. - namchul
Cute, but a tad creepy...Am I allowed to say that? - Liza + = ?
The comments make it even creepier - Louis, I hope you have a boy to keep the dirty boys away. - Liza + = ?
LIza! Yes, you can it's Louis, he cages his babies -> - sofarsoShawn
Which comments are creepier? Mine or those from others here, Liza? - Louis Gray
Liza, "dirty boys"? Huh? - Rochelle
Liza, uh. - Akiva
I don't know if she gets the oblique references, to Josh & I Skype practicing and me joking with Louis, my guess? - sofarsoShawn
They are gorgeous, sweet, babies, and I guess Shawn and Josh are tainting my POV. - Liza + = ?
Liza, I can see that from an outsider's point of view. Shawn is a joker and I understand him from having been here a long time. We get along great. Josh's comments are innocuous. We might do a chat of Matthew and Audrey some day. :) - Louis Gray
I am going into babysitter mode. - Liza + = ?
love this! - sean percival
I want to know what's creepy. - Akiva
I know everyone is just playing, so please forgive if I offended you. - Liza + = ?
Akiva, everyone's fine. #standdown. :) - Louis Gray
So cute! Ain't technology great? - April Buchheit
It's okay, I can take it, Louis. - Liza + = ?
Liza, I wasn't offended. Audrey's my daughter and Louis is my friend so I was just getting protective. No harm, no foul. - Akiva
Blame ME! Ill be the martyr :) - sofarsoShawn
Akiva, not meant to offend,. - Liza + = ?
And I am to blame for my fair share of offensive comments, too, just not about babies. - Liza + = ?
Liza, not a problem. I totally understand; I get blocked on a regular basis. - Akiva
I block Akiva every Friday at sunset and unblock him after dawn on Sunday. - Louis Gray
And in return, I give Matthew and Sarah chocolate eggs. - Akiva
Thank you, everyone. I have no more chocolate eggs to give to show my gratitude. I ate them all, oops. - Liza + = ?
I am having trouble getting this video to load - wazzup? - Laura Norvig from iPod
Laura, I couldn't get it to load either on my iPad. Rochelle had to bring it up. - Akiva
Ah, I'm on my iPod touch. Maybe YouTube needs time to create a mobile-compatible version. - Laura Norvig from iPod
I can bring up other YouTube videos, though, so who knows, - Akiva
get rid of the "&feature=youtube_gdata" usually helps. - Josh Haley
This one didn't come up on iPad, but the other did. - Louis Gray
Very cute! - David Cook
Kevin Rose
10 Steps to Becoming Fluent in a Language in 6 Months -
That's pretty cool. I work in a Japanese environment and this makes me want to finally give it a shot and learn the language. - Shaun Bevill
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