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Online Aspect : Too many DNS lookups in an SPF record -
"The other 3 come from looking up the hostnames:, &" - Josh Fraser
Update on a few of my open source projects -
Re: You Are Always #2 In Boulder -
"only 2nd place... more like 200th for me (if I'm lucky!)" - Josh Fraser
Re: Revisiting Median vs. Average With Accelerator Data -
"It's rare for a single metric to convey the whole story. Doing Torbit has given me a renewed appreciation for histograms. I wish people used them more." - Josh Fraser
Re: Page speed really does matter -
"There are a lot of issues with using GA for collecting performance data. Like you mentioned, their use of averages leads to a lot of problems. They also heavily sample & only collect timing data from browsers that support Nav Timing. Have you thought about using something like Torbit Insight ( to get more accurate performance data?" - Josh Fraser
Re: The Mobile Web -
"Speed is the #1 feature, and on mobile web we're failing. Last week, one of our engineers at Torbit crawled the Alexa 100k with a fake iPhone User Agent to see how many sites are serving up custom content for mobile. Only 6% of sites crawled offered a custom mobile experience. I believe one of the key pieces of infrastructure we need is a way to make website load faster on a mobile device. Let's face it, one of the biggest reasons the mobile web sucks right now is because it's so slow. Of those 6% of sites with a mobile specific experience, only 8% were using a CDN. A traditional CDN alone won't solve the problem because it's the round trip times that are the biggest killer on mobile. The data we have shows that we're still in the early days on mobile" - Josh Fraser
Re: ReadWrite – Google Dares Businesses To Switch To Microsoft's Office 365 -
"It's not about the money. I don't have the time to deal with random errors messages and brokenness." - Josh Fraser
Re: ReadWrite – Google Dares Businesses To Switch To Microsoft's Office 365 -
"I decided to check out Office 365 after reading your post. I clicked "Compare Plans" and then the "Free trial" link. I was greeted with the following message: Sorry! We can't process your request right now.You don’t have permission to access this page or perform this action.Support Information Correlation ID:scu#c629e1d6-b56b-44d3-b0c2-35b13e742ebe Error code:0 Right... Back to Google I go." - Josh Fraser
Re: A Blog Post Written On The Mobile Web -
"The future I see is a world where my phone is my laptop. I walk into my office and my phone connects over something like bluetooth to my monitor, keyboard and mouse. Mobile devices already have enough computing power for just about everything I need & that is only increasing. The CPU in my iPhone is better than the laptop I had 5 years ago. In a couple years it won't make sense to have both a phone and a laptop/desktop anymore. A laptop is just a bulky phone that can't make phone calls. The part about mobile that sucks most is the interface. I don't want to stare at a tiny screen. I don't want to type on a piece of glass. The UI will have to adapt based on the screen site, but we already have everything else we need. Mobile = Desktop. Sometimes I'll be connected to a screen/keyboard. Sometimes I won't be." - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : A few words about EventVue -
"sure, but it's super hard to get participation above 5% with that approach  Sent from my iPhone (803) 981-2446 | |" - Josh Fraser
Re: And The Need for Social Networking Standards -
"Great post Albert. Having been involved with the PubSubHubbub protocol from the early days, it's exciting to see that are planning to include support for some of these open web protocols. Like Dave Winer, I wish their model was less centralized, but I think this is a great step in the right direction (even PuSH uses central hubs). If continues to see good adoption, it will be far more likely for other products like Twitter or G+ to adopt the same protocols. No matter what happens with, they will likely push the other players towards being more open -- that's a win." - Josh Fraser
Re: Have A Wake For Failed Startups -
"Andrew Hyde did this for us when we shut down EventVue and it meant the world to us." - Josh Fraser
Working hard to be lucky but not working too hard -
Re: Torbit Insight para analizar la velocidad de su sitio Web -
"Thanks for much for this post!" - Josh Fraser
Re: Monitor Site Speed with Torbit Insight -
"Doug, It's great to hear you're using Torbit Insight and finding it useful. Thanks for the article!" - Josh Fraser
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