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Steve Gillmor
Will be live in a few minutes! - Robert Scoble
and just as i speak - there is video..... - Chris Jackson
I'm standing by waiting for call. - Robert Scoble
Brett Slatkin is our special guest, software engineer at Google on AppEngine. - Robert Scoble
cool, welcome Brett :) - Susan Beebe
waiting for a call here too B-) - Brett Slatkin
follow for correct b43 url - Steve Gillmor
Awesome, Go Brett! GAE and PubSubHubbub FTW! - Julien
Brett - will there be any mention of django in this segment? - Chris Jackson
There can be! Whatcha want to talk about with Django specifically? - Brett Slatkin
Any minute now. I just joined in. - Robert Scoble
Do test patterns still make sense in this "modern" world? - Bob Wyman
Hey Bob - Brett Slatkin
well - im new to django and the main reason to use django was so i can get femiliar with python so later on move to GAE. - Chris Jackson
It's on! Echo from @scobleizer :) - Julien
Brett Slatkin, Robert Scoble and Kevin Marks now on GillmorGang Live at: - Cliff Gerrish
Dave Winer :) - Susan Beebe
Are you still hearing an echo? I'm not. - Robert Scoble
No echo here. - Ken Sheppardson
audio is great here in philly - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Light pinging causes "thundering herds" - Bob Wyman
No more... - Julien
has he posted the fact that he's changed his mind? ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
@bear : he did :) - Julien
You don't. - Darren
Bear, it was on his blog. - Bob Wyman
oh poo - everytime I think I can make a fun/somewhat-snarky joke I get bit - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
PSHB is a great protocol... we've got some exciting real-time stuff coming out next week that uses it. - Matt M (inactive)
Hi Brett, Julien. - Darren
bear -- "It's often mentioned as the reason people prefer PubSubHubBub over rssCloud. By providing for a fat ping, we erase that advantage. Now the two methods are at least at parity, with an edge to rssCloud because, once CloudPipe is done, it will work for clients that are behind firewalls and NAT, and PSHB does not." -- - Ken Sheppardson
I want to know if there's going to be a cheesy RSSCloud video. - Cliff Gerrish
Who isn't blocked by him? Welcome to the crowd... - Bob Wyman
:D - Julien
I'm not, *ducks* :) - Susan Beebe
Yay! A lot of companies... and much more to come! - Julien
I like where he's going with this. :) - Darren
Cliff - is there a video for PubSub?? - Chris Jackson
Chris, this one is the best: - Matt M (inactive)
Julien :) - Susan Beebe
Brett : we're just starting to see Netvibes hooks at Superfeedr for Tumblr and Posterous's hubs :) - Julien
rssCloud is still *different* in that it addresses pumping data through firewalls. However, there are many (including myself) that consider that a "bug" not a feature. PSHB is server to server protocol and leaves that server to client protocol as a distinct question. Thus, PSHB systems can integrate with long-polls, XMPP, WebSocket, etc. -- whatever is best for the specific application.... more... - Bob Wyman
yea - suprfeeder! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Julien - coool ;) - Susan Beebe
Nice. - Darren
yup... I wonder what Greader is doing now :) - Julien
I use XMPP to consume PSHB pings with AppEngine, behind my firewall. It's about 10 lines of code on GAE. - Matt M (inactive)
Yes! mistakes : undifferentiated callback url ! - Julien
agreed - having the same callback url for multiple streams is the worst - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Matt - is the xmpp support included in GAE? and do you have a url with the 10 lines of code?? - Chris Jackson
Diff'ing is atcually the hardest thing I think - Julien
We tell them :) - Julien is the basic client I've set up.. I should zip up the source and put it up there. - Matt M (inactive)
thnx - Chris Jackson
yes, please - Ward Mundy
Chris, xmpp on AppEngine is amazingly simple. I've worked with xmpp for many years and still can't get over how easy the GAE made it to use. - Bob Wyman is another example, source on github - Julien
RSS + PubSubHubbub should be _hidden_ from the end user... - Julien
@Julien absolutely! User shouldn't even know the stuff is there. - Bob Wyman
Does the NY Times use PSHB for their feeds? - Cliff Gerrish
No but I'm Julien would be happy to help them out. - Darren
I'm sure happy to help :) - Julien
Do they want to be helped out? - Cliff Gerrish
We haven't even begun to see what the real-time applications are. This is like the web was back in 1993... You ain't seen nothing yet. - Bob Wyman is putting PubSubHubbub at the core of its new redesign. I think it's an interesting usecase - Julien
Absolutely. We generally see ~90% reduction in polling infrastructure costs. - Darren
@Darren ; can I reuse that number? - Julien
Definitely. - Darren
I put that source up for the PSHB<->XMPP gateway on GAE: - Matt M (inactive)
We're working on some great prototype for PBP on sports sites. - Julien
It's just a minimal gateway example.. Julien's example or push-bot is more appropriate if you want a more pleasant experience. - Matt M (inactive)
I'm on Skype now, sorry for the lateness, traffic hosed me - Kevin Marks
Think of all the "mobile" apps on phones that are basically just "alerting" apps of one kind or another. Once we have a general infrastructure we'll see a tremendous number of specialized feeds being generated at vastly lower cost than what it takes to build this stuff today. - Bob Wyman
Kevin :) - Susan Beebe
Is Apple's notification platform built on Jabber? - Matt M (inactive)
OMB + Salmon + WebFinger + Activity Streams = A Beautiful Thing - Darren
nothing prevents PSHB from being another endpoint on an xmpp/amqp messaging backend - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
@Matt --yes, it uses xmpp (modern name for jabber) - Bob Wyman
video can be done in the same was as jingle is done - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
@Matt : nope... it's webhooks based - Julien
@Bob... oh, maybe I'm wrong - Julien
Julien, now if were intelligible re: installation, setup for geeky, but not ubertechie, users. - Karoli
Would love to see YouTube PUSH. - Darren
@Bob - oops.. I keep slipping back to the Jabber name. :) - Matt M (inactive)
RT @Darren : Would love to see YouTube PUSH :) - Julien
Robert - Google profile idea is awesome :) - Susan Beebe
@Robert : feed readers could already indicated that, because they know what feed is hubbub-enabled - Julien
If Google Reader implemented PubSubHubbub, they could show that! - Julien
Today, we have the "web browser" which is a general tool for polling data resources. It seems reasonable to assume that in the future, we'll end up with yet-another-app which is the general tool for handling push data. Some startup will have great fun inventing that general push-client application. Today, most push apps require custom code. In the future, we'll use common apps to handle *all* feeds. - Bob Wyman
Bob - isn't that kinda what google wants to do with Wave? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Yes, Cliqset does that as well. - Darren
Bob Wyman : isn't it what Seesmic/Tweetdeck will eventually build? - Julien
It's a shame that email is so fragmented and busted... IMAP already does all this stuff reasonably well. :) - Matt M (inactive)
Mike, Julien, etc. Yes, just like there were many hypertext readers before TBL's took over the world. (I even had one....) Many people are trying to figure out what the push thing will look like. Somebody is going to figure it out, but I don't think they've done it yet. - Bob Wyman
Bob - I remember the days before Mosaic and all of the protocol soup that was required to navigate the 'net back then - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Louis is a smart cookie :) - Susan Beebe
@Mark : TwitterFeed is a PubSubHubbub subscriber so that works too - Julien
I think real-time push is going to be blocked on WebSocket adoption. Long-polling HTTP is hard to do right. - Matt M (inactive)
YELL LOUDER :) - Susan Beebe
Matt, what on earth would the benefit be of blocking real-time push? that makes no sense - Karoli
@Brett : send them real-time pings every 10 seconds :) - Julien
Karoli, I meant blocked from a software-development point of view, waiting for browsers to support this universally. - Matt M (inactive)
Matt, not really. They'll work together. Server-to-Server PUSH, Server to UserAgent Websockets, Long polling, etc. - Darren
@Matt, Long polling has been surprisingly hard. I think it really became widely known back in '98 or '99 and there has even been the mod-pubsub module for Apache since about that time -- but, it was still too hard. WebSocket will definitely make all this vastly easier! - Bob Wyman
I've wanted to work with long-polling for a while, but it's so finicky and hard to get right. Jetty and Apache support that stuff with a bit of configuration, but it's never hit a critical mass and become as easy as bog-standard HTTP. - Matt M (inactive)
Brett : stop moving from left to right, you're making me sea sick :: - Julien
matt - switch to nginx ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Sorry my chair was being weirdo - Brett Slatkin
:D - Julien
@bear - I've been eyeing Node.js a bit lately for that one ;) But it's definitely hard to find infrastructure that supports push over HTTP well - and each one has its own way of doing things. - Matt M (inactive)
Julien & Brett LOL :D - Susan Beebe
matt - node.js? you may have the same browser issues as you would if you went to websockets now - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Check out the first version of Nexus One's logo! (correct link) - Miguel
PSHB + Salmon + WebFinger - Bob Wyman
agree completely - WebFinger + xrds and then PSHB + Salmon - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Push is hard in the browser right now, but I hope that with one canonical push-capable websocket standard we'll start to see better support across the board for proxies to pass it through, as well as some standard patterns for dealing with it on the server side. - Matt M (inactive)
Google Profile - could be master social profile ...hmmm - Susan Beebe
@Susan... "Google Profile" will only be *one* of many profile services. The cool thing about WebFinger is that it allows users to choose between many different "profile" providers that are all discoverable in the same way. - Bob Wyman
Yes! - Darren
Evan doesn't use FriendFeed :-) - Ken Sheppardson FTW! - Julien
Love that Scoble idea. WOW! - David Damore
Bob - cool :) - Susan Beebe
We need these to be broadcast for us right coasters :( - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Julien - what is FTW ? - Chris Jackson
Chris - For The Win (YAY!) - Susan Beebe
:) - oh - im getting old... - Chris Jackson
hehe - Susan Beebe
Mobile will be a big driver for "real-time" data. Is it raining? Is my bus late? Is there a traffic jam ahead? Do I have new email? Is there news since I left the office? Has the meeting started? Is Gilmore on live? This is all stuff you want to know when you're walking around. - Bob Wyman
Palm Pre - LOL ... what's that?! :) - Susan Beebe
Palm CEO is a dork - I've never used an iPhone - FAIL ... no wonder Palm is dying DOH! - Susan Beebe
Google Contact sync on the iPhone/Android is a huge win for me. Mail, Calendar and Contacts are the big things I need on the phone all the time - they are always up to date. - Matt M (inactive)
Use Google contacts EVERY day... would love a nexus one phone. I use the 'exchange' feature on iPhone for push with my gContacts - Susan Beebe
We already use Twitter to make phone calls through Google Voice. Works great. - Ward Mundy
@Susan, ditto. I started using the Facebook contact picture sync too. - Matt M (inactive)
Oh yea, I don't get google voice on my iPhone either Grrr - Susan Beebe
What's funny is that all my facebook friend's pictures ended up getting pushed back into google contacts. :) - Matt M (inactive)
Matt - same here FB sync is cool - Susan Beebe
Somebody's going to have to break up the Google monopoly of open source social networking developers... - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, working on that... - Kevin Marks
Hah... nice, Kevin :-) - Ken Sheppardson
LOL --> "way above my paygrade" :) nice - Susan Beebe
Is heavily used? After Twitter and Facebook integration, it seems like a good idea for a third-place 3rd-party integration bit for startups - Matt M (inactive)
/me hides his Seesmic badge - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Google should buy Seesmic / ... great idea - Susan Beebe
That is, Facebook has a head start. - Ken Sheppardson
@bear : I can't be the only advocate for PubSubHubbub at Seesmic :) - Julien
We MUST have open protocols to ensure that no one can "own" your data. Where you put your data should be based on who gives you the best service, not just who you accidently gave it to first -- and you should be able to move your data whenever you want. The key is open protocols. - Bob Wyman
Julien - oh, trust me - i've been bending some ears on that :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Errrr.... WebFinger doesn't actually require an "email address." Its just that that is what people will normally use. - Bob Wyman
Is Cliqset building their system on a Google-acquisition-target-friendly platform? - Ken Sheppardson
you should be able to use a JID for webfinger - right? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Bob webfinger wants an email-like identifier; facebook doesn't have one. FB, twitter have url-like IDs - Kevin Marks
@Kevin Right. It is "email-like" but not necessarily actually an email identifier. - Bob Wyman
How has this conversation gone on for nearly an hour without any Apple tablet speculation? Y'all call yourself tech experts? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
It's old news Ken - Brett Slatkin
one of the reasons I like this show - it's not a mirror of "mainstream" tech news - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
The code name for tablet is 'phone.' - Cliff Gerrish
BTW, is there any bubblegum left, Brett? - Ken Sheppardson
Should eBay it. - Ken Sheppardson
Feature creep - love that :) -- Not sure about homogeneous app platform either - Susan Beebe
Best part about having Robert on the show is the random holding up of stuff. - Ken Sheppardson
The future of app development for mobile is Appcelerator and Phonegap and other stuff that paves over the differences. - Matt M (inactive)
Ken: :-) - Robert Scoble
web apps is the answer? - Tim Jones
My Apple mouse has no buttons. :-) - Robert Scoble
Yeah, HTML5 - Ken Sheppardson
i agree with matt on that. appcelerator, phonegap & rhomobile should win because they're built on the open web. - Josh Fraser
Web apps is a very good answer, Tim. HTML5 et al - Kevin Marks
This is like the effect the Apple Human Interface Guidelines had on GUI / HCI for personal computing. - Cliff Gerrish
Developing different apps for iPhone, Android, Palm webOS, et al is like having to develop different apps for Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc - Ken Sheppardson
Yea, I have 200 bucks in iPhone apps...ouch, plus the 500 bucks for the 3GS and the contract - Susan Beebe
We'll see more of "apps" that run in the cloud which have their interfaces running on devices. Apps will be independent of interfaces. iPhone, Android, Palm, etc. "apps" will be just interfaces to common back-end apps. - Bob Wyman
17% smartphone penetration only, more users coming online not tied down yet - Tim Jones
@Josh - yeah, exactly.. it's like a web app+ (the plus being access to optional per-platform features) - Matt M (inactive)
this has been a great show...gotta run. - Karoli
Bob: Sure, but the interface should to some extent be a function of the app, not the platform. I want gmail to look like gmail... the same interface... independent of which 3" touch-screen device I'm using. - Ken Sheppardson
writing web apps for different browsers is now becoming trivial, but it's also taken us 10 years to get here. i wonder how much faster that will happen on the mobile web. - Josh Fraser
iPhone developers tell me that Android is easier to build apps for - Susan Beebe
Native iPhone and Android apps both require learning a platform first, which kind of sucks. - Matt M (inactive)
Josh - I think it will be MUCH faster - cell phone adoption has grown faster than computer adoption ever did - and it has also made drastic advances on a faster timeline. - Rob La Gesse
Would be slick if there were cross-platform standards for the device APIs, so my HTML5 app could just access GPS functionality, for example, and not care whether I'm on android or iphone or something else. - Ken Sheppardson
IMHO: in 10 years, phones will ship with pico projectors and virtual keyboards/mice. - Matt M (inactive)
Ken, your HTML5 app can do that - see geo.js - Kevin Marks
@rob, i agree. it largely depends on how long it takes for apple to open up.... which probably depends on how well the nexus does on sales. - Josh Fraser
was UI a part in selling baziilion RAZRs? - Tim Jones
@matt 10 years??? how about 2-5? - Josh Fraser
Keyboards and mice may not be a primary interaction model in 10 years. - Cliff Gerrish
GREAT SHOW :) - Susan Beebe
Ok that's amazing! got roughly 20 emails from people listening to the show! - Julien
Cliff, maybe - but there are always times where you can't interact verbally with your phone (classroom, meeting setting, bathroom ;)). - Matt M (inactive)
Come along to on tonight - Kevin Marks
Best of luck Julien ;) - Susan Beebe
I'm thinking Natal. - Cliff Gerrish
that was fun. nice job guys. - Josh Fraser
Natal for mobile? - Matt M (inactive)
Kevin: Now if they could just shove contacts, calendars, camera, etc into HTML5, we'd be set (ala - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks for watching everyone! - Brett Slatkin
Thanks for the great show, all... interesting as usual. - Matt M (inactive)
I think Palm made the best initial choice for a mobile platform overall betting on web-style apps. You can't do everything in HTML/JS, but you can do a *lot*. - Matt M (inactive)
Brett - Thank YOU - great show :) - Susan Beebe
Missed it again. One of these days I'll set this show straight on RSSCloud!! ; ) - Matt Terenzio
I remember when everyone would complain because it would take Steve 2 weeks to post a show to the RSS feed. Now I just sit back and wait 10 days till it hits the bootleg feed and am grateful for what I can get :) - Christian Burns
Ken Sheppardson
The saddest part of this whole Colorado balloon incident is next time a six year old boy really DOES get stuck in a runaway experimental helium balloon nobody's going to believe it.
or a box... - Johnny
Or that a "Wolf" really interviewed a "Falcon" - Micah
Rob La Gesse
♺ @building43: EventVue: A social networking solution for conventions -
Rob La Gesse
Glad this EventVue video is getting a lot of love - @joshfraser is a great guy!
Brad Fitzpatrick
Jesse Stay
I'm going to be talking with a BYU Professor tomorrow about Social Media. I'm going to be sure his PhD students know about PSHB and rssCloud
He works with students across departments, and we'll be brainstorming how BYU can integrate social media better in its programs for students. - Jesse Stay
He says he gets PhD students that come to him all the time wanting to build Social Media projects - I'd love to see if we can inspire some of them to come up with better real-time protocols and streaming technologies. - Jesse Stay
BTW, Utah (not BYU in this case) was one of the first 4 nodes of the internet, if you remember. :-) - Jesse Stay
btw, PubSubHubbub is abbreviated to PuSH - which makes sense when you think about it. - Rich
Rich, I think that's debated. Some are starting to use PuSH, while a large group of others are using PSHB. PSHB is easier to find via search, while PuSH is catchy. - Jesse Stay
Also, PuSH doesn't always make sense as the protocol evolves. Check out the discussion here (towards the end) on it: - Jesse Stay
Fair enough - PuSh is just cool though! - Rich
Sylvain Emery
RSSCloud Vs. PubSubHubbub: Why The Fat Pings Win -
Kevin Shaum
RSSCloud Vs. PubSubHubbub: Why The Fat Pings Win -
Jesse Stay
I've talked to several people now all saying they're doing really cool stuff with rssCloud. Expect this to be very big.
Are they working with PubSubHubbub as well? - Ken Sheppardson
It has tons of potential. Step toward the real time blogosphere. - Jesse P. Luna
Are there any readers supporting it other than his iRiver ? I enabled it for, but don't see anything "magic" other than the cloud tag in the RSS. - Randall Hand
rssCloud doesn't work with PubSubHubbub. While they are similar conceptually there are some key differences in the implementation. The main difference is that rssCloud has the blog / feed producer send out the notifications to each subscriber instead of delegating that responsibility to a hub. While this removes the reliance of any hub it also adds scaling issues for larger blogs. Not... more... - Josh Fraser
Josh, rssCloud *does* work with PubSubHubbub - just not at the same time. You can install both rssCloud and PubSubHubbub on a blog at the same time with no problem. My beef is that Google holds the main control of PSHB - not sure I like that in an open standard. Also, rssCloud is much harder to DOS - feeds expire after 24 hours so cloud servers don't have to keep pinging the aggregator if the feed dies. - Jesse Stay
it's not accurate that PSHB is controlled by Google. It is an independant group. - Steve Gillmor
My question wasn't so much whether the technologies are complementary or compatible, but whether the people who are "doing really cool stuff with rssCloud" are also working on doing similar cool stuff in PSHB, or whether we're going to get yet another bifurcation of the space. - Ken Sheppardson
Sorry I didn't mean to suggest you can't install both, obviously you can. They just don't use the same protocol or work the same way. - Josh Fraser
rssCloud would let you control your content a little bit tighter than PSHB because of that, though. - Aaron Crews
Jesse, how would this cause a DOS? I think you're missing the point. The cloud servers don't ping the feed -- the feed pings the cloud servers. The 24 hour window is a bit small in my opinion. While it's nice to have automatic expiration built in for garbage collection (PSH has a 30 day window by default) the incremental cost of having an extra row in a database is minimal. - Josh Fraser
Steve, who are the members of the group? - Jesse Stay
Jesse: Here are the committers on the implementation. I'm not sure what procedure they're following for the spec. Here are the companies using PSHB - - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: I'm doing cool stuff with Pubsubhubbub and will soon be doing stuff with rssCloud - so yes, I'm doing cool stuff with both :-) PSHB is easier from an aggregator point of view so I started with that. - Jalada
Once the Open Web Foundation ( is ready for it, we'll be licensing the PubSubHubbub spec under its license. So the foundation will ultimately be in control of the spec's future. - Brett Slatkin
Ken (and Steve Gillmor), Brett, Andy, and Brad, the owners of it, all work for Google. Brett, that's great news - I'd like to see Google pass this on to a broader organization. I like the spec - my concern is that Google has control over it right now. (not to mention I'm a big Brett and Brad fan!) :-) - Jesse Stay
What does "owner" mean in this context, Jesse? Does Dave Winer "own" RSS? - Ken Sheppardson
Personally I want to see both specs move forward. - Jesse Stay
Ken, they're all marked "owner" in the committers list. They control the spec. - Jesse Stay
Ken, Dave doesn't work for Google. - Jesse Stay
And there is a very broad committee for the RSS spec, which Dave's <cloud/> implementation is part of. - Jesse Stay
I just don't get the FUD behind an open standard just because it's developed by people who work for a company that actually has resources to push and motivate adoption. I'm sure I'm just being naive. - Ken Sheppardson
It's not like they control the only hub - anyone can make a hub (Superfeedr have) and if Google change the spec in a bad way (not sure how) there's no reason why people have to follow. - Jalada
I agree with all of you - I admit I'm confused who to support, if I should even be supporting anyone or everyone. They all seem very similar to me, and from a development standpoint it's not that hard to implement either. It's very confusing to have so many. - Jesse Stay
When I say Google I'm simply trying to come up with reasons why Dave thinks his is better and why he thinks we should use it. Honestly, I don't know why you should use one or the other. They both seem the same to me. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: Who are the members of this RSS spec committee? - scott anderson
That committee was disbanded. - scott anderson
"3/30/2009 - In a 7-0 vote, the RSS Advisory Board has approved six edits to the RSS specification, the documentation for the RSS 2.0 format." -- - Ken Sheppardson
I'm confused - is it disbanded or not? - Jesse Stay
It looks like they continue to function as recently as March, although it seems Dave doesn't believe they have any particular authority - - Ken Sheppardson
Jesse: No one really knows. That is the problem. It looks like there are two RSS 2.0 specs now, one controlled by Dave which is frozen and one controlled by the RSS Advisory Board (2.011). If Dave does not recognize the board as having any authority, then in Dave's mind he owns the RSS 2.0 spec. I expect that we will see the same approach taken by Dave with rssCloud. In my opinion these are not open formats and protocols. They are proprietary. - scott anderson
Well, to be fair... pretty much everybody agrees the RSS spec is frozen at this point, right? I mean the changes have just been cosmetic and administrative, e.g. updating links, etc. and not material changes to the protocol. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: Yes. Dave even objected to those cosmetic and administrative changes made by the board which clarified the spec. That's why Atom exists. - scott anderson
This is all so confusing. - Jesse Stay
So who's going to fix that? :-) - Jesse Stay
Matt did you mean SOAP opera? NYuck Nyuck Nyuck - Matt Terenzio
Steve Gillmor
Special Gillmor Gang realtime rerun 1PM Pacific today
I missed this Gillmor Gang the first time, I was working... - Cliff Gerrish
lot of buffering right now, unwatchable, or is it just me? - HansVanRock
Working for me. Seems pretty smooth. - Cliff Gerrish
thought mine had buffering probs till I realized I had it opened in two windows - Michael Metz
geez, i've been looking all over for this. JUST NOW found it. - Karoli
anyone know if it's available on itunes? - Michael Metz
I understand it'll eventually be available on YouTube. - Cliff Gerrish
this is cracking me up. LOL... - Karoli
Where was Feldman? Love the setting he's in. - Karoli
dude, scoble's feed looks like mine. and he has a zillion more follows. - Karoli
can't get the video on my iphone. what's up with that? - Karoli
got it -- ustream viewer on iPhone. not as smooth as it is on the mac - Karoli
that's "punked", not "pwned", but it's all good :) - Kurtiss Hare
thx kurtis - Steve Gillmor
holy shit. Loren trusts CNN? that's his first mistake. - Karoli
thx for watching RObert - Steve Gillmor
So, was this the first episode since the new setup? - Kurtiss Hare
more in that I sort of know how the feed went but can get a different view while watching. both are similar experiences - Steve Gillmor
totally impressed w/video quality and stream on my mac...iphone is a little more herky-jerky via UStream app. - Karoli
Robert, me too. I used to listen to Newsgang LIve afterwards too, because being in it and seeing it later are so different. - Karoli
Kurtis yes, we had several false starts - Steve Gillmor
I'll buy one. - Kurtiss Hare
I'm enjoying this - thanks for replaying it, Steve - Hilary Talbot
ROFL...we are definitely in a theater. - Karoli
lol, the meltdowns continue - Mark
Does David Sanborn appreciate cell phone use during his live sets? - Kurtiss Hare
this is great. love it. such high theatre. - Karoli
"cell phone off" doesn't mean the same thing as "ringer off" does it? Too much talking... not enough listening... - Ken Sheppardson
I'm waiting for him to stream one of those live sets. (and don't tell Loren I tweet from church...LOL) - Karoli
david sanborn loves when people tweet about his show during concerts - Steve Gillmor
this is AWESOME - Mark
feldman is ALL OVER Scoble - Mark
Loren should do his own talk show - Jesse Stay
+1 Jesse (same thought just 2 seconds to late) - HansVanRock
lolllllllllllllllllllll - Mark
I tuned in late and got hit in the face with this... hm. Missed what brought down Loren's wrath on Robert. - Ken Sheppardson
Loren's all over the place, by his own logic, why should CNN be authoritative when they're not the ones making the news? - Kurtiss Hare
this is the point where i want to thank Steve that Gillmor Gang is back - HansVanRock
steve, where did you just post your reply re: Sanborn loving tweets during sets? I can't find it on this thread...(confusion) - Karoli
what the fuck just happened - Mark
rock on, Steve. great show, so glad it's back. - Karoli
thats it? - HansVanRock
with all the respect to you GANG you can do this better in close doors sorry - Johni Fisher
Keith Jarrett would probably just end the concert. Suppose it depends on the artistic temperament. - Kurtiss Hare
Loren and Scoble at each other's throats. Theatre. Drama. Fake blood. Professional wrestling at its most amateur. - Michael Markman
Sigh. Somebody lemme know where there's an RSS feed for the bootleg audio, will ya? - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, have you looked over on UStream? There may be video there... - Karoli
there will be a YouTube version soon - Steve Gillmor
Steve : why always to fight ? - Johni Fisher
where can I subscribe to this show? - No Agenda Forums
Johni life can be a struggle - Steve Gillmor
there will be an RSS feed on - Steve Gillmor
Steve DO you really think that Feldman is a Gang member ? speaking as he spoke to Robert ? - Johni Fisher
The Gillmor Gang is who I say it is - Steve Gillmor
and ? - Johni Fisher
just subscribed to having it sent to FF notifier popup. - Karoli
Johni, Feldman might be a LIfetime Gang member. Just sayin'. :) - Karoli
and what? - Steve Gillmor
Thanks Steve. Looking forward to listening. - No Agenda Forums
GG is amorphous, but I sure do miss a voice like Udell's, back in the day. - Kurtiss Hare
thanks for listening No Agenda - Steve Gillmor
I talk with Udell all the time, just not on the air recently - Steve Gillmor
okay, later. Lots of fun, Steve, thanks for rerunning for lamers like me who missed the first round. - Karoli
good to see you Karoli - Steve Gillmor
If anyone missed this rerun there's an MP3 here: - Jack
thx jack - Christopher Harris
Yes thanks very much for the bootlegs Jack, much appreciated all around. - Michael Breslin
btw thank you for recording the prev show! - Michael Pinto
Listened to the bootleg feed, great show. I doubt I'll ever watch live as I'm more a radio guy. Loren's comment as being a trusted source for reporting the Michael Jackson funeral has a disturbing similarity to Blackwater being a trusted source for the US Military. I'm all for keeping Feldman and Keen on the show and it was great hearing Calacanis again, Scoble on the other hand.... It's your show Steve - Jason Adams
Just returned from holiday to discover that Steve has put the gang back together. Great first show. Love the fact that Steve no longer sounds like a call-in guest on his own show. Thanks to whoever set up the bootleg mp3 feed - vital for this long-term listener. Keep up the good work, chaps and chapesses! - Richard Carter, FCD from iPhone
Brad Feld
hello august. august? wtf? where did july go?
Louis Gray
PubSubHubbub: Real-Time Feeds and Real-Time Feedback Too? -
Nice post! - Jenna Bilotta
Bret Taylor
Today, Google engineers announced a technology called PubSubHubbub that makes RSS/Atom more real-time, and they deployed the technology on FeedBurner. FriendFeed also added support for the technology, so if you have a FeedBurner feed, your updates should show up in FriendFeed within seconds rather than minutes after the feed updates.
To enable it for your FeedBurner feed: go to Feedburner, click on the "Publicize" tab, and then click on "PingShot" and enable the PingShot service. That will enable PubSubHubbub and send your feed to a number of ping services. - Bret Taylor
what, right now? i mean immediately? From today? - Zee.
Zee: yes, right now! - Benjamin Golub
Zee: yes, from today, though the technology is very much "in beta," so I am sure there will be hiccups. - Bret Taylor
Excellent, thank you Bret and FF, will switch this on now. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
WOW. - Zee.
Nice - thanks Bret! - Jim Connolly
RSS is back in the game... then - Yann Ropars
This is very cool - Edwin Khodabakchian
Once step closer to being able to build an open distributed twitter like system! - Edwin Khodabakchian
this has been done already by - google's behind the game on this one, but def takes it mainstream. - Scott Magdalein
Peter: most blogging platforms ping Feedburner when you post a new entry, Feedburner pulls down the feed, Feedburner then pings the hub, then the hub notifies FriendFeed :) - Benjamin Golub
We're still working out kinks so if you have any issues please send me a message! - Brett Slatkin
You lost me at "Today" I shall now just smile and nod politely - Steve C, Team Marina
Where's the spec? - Dave Winer
Dave: Edit: Brett beat me by nanoseconds! - Benjamin Golub
If I understand correctly this essentially turns any site with a feedburner feed into a real time publisher? But to read it in real time you need what? - BryanSchuetz
Since this is a Google thingie, does it work on Google Reader already? - Tarmo Aidantausta
FriendFeed can receive the pings *RIGHT NOW* - Brett Slatkin
guys, how long are we really talking before it should appear here? Seconds or minutes? - Zee.
The Reader integration is a prototype; more to come soon! - Brett Slatkin
no way, so Google Reader could technically go real time?? - Zee.
That would be cool, wouldn't it? =) - Brett Slatkin
I stopped reading here: "RSS isn't supported for simplicity." Laughing. Out. Loud. - Dave Winer
I better make sure i get post titles right the first time round..... - Zee.
Brett - any chance i could ask you a couple of questions via email or dm? - Zee.
Hey Dave that's my mistake. We support RSS! I need to update the spec. - Brett Slatkin
is that SUP's role take up by those rss accelerator? or SUP is losing a chance to propagate in this field? - huixing
Huixing: we plan to support all widely adopted real-time standards to make FriendFeed better. We are not tied to SUP only. - Bret Taylor from iPhone
Brett, why didn't you use the ping protocol? Your comment there about RSS, right up front, really captures the whole philosophy -- right? Let's just reinvent stuff that already works, so... Why? To break everything that already works? It won't happen that way. It'll only make your adoption curve steeper. - Dave Winer
Is this working for anyone else? Anyone getting near real time publishing to Friendfeed with feedburner? - Zee. from iPhone
Would you ping me (dave dot winer at gmail dot com) when I can use RSS with this system. I'll be happy to evaluate it and provide feedback if necessary, and endorse it if it works. Thanks in advance. - Dave Winer
Alright we've fixed in the spec Dave. Sorry for the mistake. Followed up. - Brett Slatkin
Dave you can use rss feeds - Darren Stuart
I agree why didn't ff just implement a ping server and just let people add it to their blogs? - Darren Stuart
Darren: you can use our public SUP in that way: - Benjamin Golub
Zee- there are some debugging tools at the bottom of, which I think is the hub you're using. For example, I don't see anything here: - Casey Muller
Ping this, ping there. What's so great about it? - Burcu Dogan
Benjamin: thanks that just saved me a little work. Should be linked on the api page I think. ;) - Darren Stuart
Just enabled this myself, glad to be on the bleeding edge for once ! - Justin Long
Awesome. Just enabled it. Thanks for the details Brett. - Mark Krynsky
Mark, can you let me know if it works for ya? - Zee.
@Casey i can't seem to get it working - Zee.
Darren: it's linked from but yeah we should do a better job of exposing it. - Benjamin Golub
can someone please let me know if they've managed to get this working? - Zee.
There's also a WP plugin I wrote that does the same thing. This might be a good option for anyone who's not using feedburner. - Josh Fraser
Zee, I set this up for my Empoprise-BI blog, wrote a blog post (using Blogger), and six minutes after posting I haven't seen anything in Google Reader or FriendFeed yet. So if you're not getting advertised response, you're not the only one. I'll test again at a later time. - John E. Bredehoft
cool...just want to be sure it isn't me alone - Zee.
Update - seven minutes after posting, the post showed up on FriendFeed (both in my feed, and in a group that receives the blog feed). Nothing in Google Reader yet. - John E. Bredehoft
Josh Fraser - nice! - Micah
John: The Reader integration we demo'ed was a prototype; more to come in the future! - Brett Slatkin
yeah, it seems 7 minutes is about how long its taking me for too (to arrive in friendfeed) - Zee.
Could you DM me the feed URL? I'll look into the details and figure out the issue. Like I said before, we're still working out a few kinks (the FeedBurner integration is initial support right now). So thanks in advance for your help in making it super fast! - Brett Slatkin
Brett, the one i'm testing it on is and the feedburner url is - Zee.
Looking into it now, thanks! - Brett Slatkin
Cheers Brett - i'm itching here... :) - Zee.
If you're looking for another implementation of PubSubHubbub, I'd suggest you give a look to our ;) Thanks for your time and feedback! - Julien
Heh, what's the idea behind the crazy name? ;) - Tyson Key
does self hosted wordpress natively ping feedburner? - Tyler Gillies
Try it for yourself! My test took only 8 seconds. Amazing (via - Jérôme
Nice to see XMPP more and more used on the web! It's a nice environment, also for cloud computing! - Egon Willighagen
Nice tech, strange name though. Wonder if Google has a projectname generator, feeds it some foundation words, and then watches it spew out 1,835391 suggestions in 20-sized chunks? Too bad they didn't pick up PubSubBuzz instead, rhymes better. Also, what was EVER WRONG with PubSubHubris? (fresh and full of promise). - ianf ⌘
This tech has been around for ages. It's getting much needed promotion right now, but it's not new. The name comes from XMPP's pubsub mechanism, with hubbub on the end. The option for PingShot has also been in Feedburner for months. - Marlin Forbes
I think that unless you have installed the pubsubhubbub plugin for wordpress, that feedburner still polls your content. It pushes your content out to other interested parties using the new mechanism, but it will still poll your feed. Correct? - Marlin Forbes
you can have wordpress ping feedburner under settings->writing add - Tyler Gillies
great to see you talk today bret, thanks - sean percival
appreciate that - Hans Kainz
My feedburner feed updated in real-time but the blog post is still not published here on friendfeed? - Svartling
didn't work for me on last post....and i have the ping shot on - Bob DeMarco
Great! - Brett Slatkin
Louis Gray
What's all the hubbub about PubSubHubbub? -
I hope this really works! I still have some latency with my good friends Reader and FeedBurner. :) - Louis Gray
Do you think that's a reference to the original PubSub?You know the product Google ripped off for Google Alerts and put it out of business? - Tac Anderson
Brad Feld
FriendFeed Adds IntenseDebate and BrightKite -
Someone quick ... fill me in ... What's Intense Debate ? Where's Louis? - Charlie Anzman
charlie - never fear - intense debate is a comment replacement system like Disqus. They are both great. - Micah Baldwin
What Micah said. - Louis Gray
I haven't seen Intense Debate on any site or seen it mentioned here, suppose I will see it trickling through once word gets about! - Joe Dawson
That's really weird (again). I've got a post launching later today with 'a different twist' on Disqus. Not shameless self-promotion, just true ?! Thanks gang. - Charlie Anzman
This site: uses IntenseDebate. That's where I learnt the existence of IntenseDebate a few days ago. It's somewhat similar to Disqus. I hope someone will do a comparison between Disqus and IntenseDebate. - Winston Teo
"Where's Louis?" CRYING laughing, Charlie. - Cyndy
I use Intense Debate on my site...the reason you didn't see it mentioned much on FF is because Disqus was the star was the only blog commenting system that worked here. Do a google search for Intense Debate + Disqus and you'll see there's been quite a bit of talk about their pros and cons. - Bwana ☠
Nice work Winston thanks for the linkage! - Joe Dawson
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