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Re: Recruiting Software Developers By Showing Up With Pizza -
"I love this post.  The whole concept of recruiting by paying it forward and building long term relationships has definitely been true for me." - Josh Fraser
Re: Front End Performance Case Study: GitHub - JP's blog -
"Thanks for including the shout-out for Torbit Insight.  JP, you should come stop by the Torbit office sometime.  We'd love to meet you." - Josh Fraser
What I’ve been working on lately: Torbit Insight -
Re: Open-Sourcing Mobitest -
"Very cool.  Great to see you guys doing this." - Josh Fraser
Re: Open-Sourcing Mobitest -
"Very cool.  Great to see you guys doing this." - Josh Fraser
Re: Open-Sourcing Mobitest -
"Very cool.  Great to see you guys doing this." - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : The war on freedom (and why I like Ron Paul) -
"For what it's worth, I agree with him about de-criminalizing prostitution and heroine. I wish we had more intellectual consistency in our laws. If tobacco and alcohol are legal, why isn't marijuana? Is the role of the government to stop us from doing stupid things to ourselves? It's one thing when our actions affect other people (driving high for example) but I'm not sure it's the government's job to stop me from risking my own life base-jumping if I want to. I'd like for us to be able to do more protecting of innocent people abroad, but most of our aid currently goes to propping up dictators and when we're trillions in debt, I think we need to fix our issues here first. You're totally right about the meetup data not being representative of course. I just found it interesting. :)" - Josh Fraser
The war on freedom (and why I like Ron Paul) -
Torbit blog : Help us stop SOPA - protest on your site! -
"You can either strip out the if-statement and control the timing yourself, or change the timestamps according to the timezone you want to use. Here's a handy tool for calculating them: You'll need to add 3 zeros to the end of a standard Unix timestamp since JavaScript counts milliseconds instead of seconds." - Josh Fraser
Re: Torbit Releases a “Stop SOPA” Widget -
"Thanks for your support Andrew.  It's been amazing to watch the tech community come together in this fight." - Josh Fraser
Re: The Day The Comic Book Died -
"I appreciate you taking a stand.  It's easy for us to do, but I know it couldn't have been an easy decision for you considering your industry.  You have my respect." - Josh Fraser
Join top sites in protesting censorship on the web -
Re: Scripting News: Why black out on Wednesday? -
"By doing it on Wednesday, we can amplify the message and collectively get more attention than just protesting on our own.  If you decide to join in, be sure to check out the stop-sopa.js widget.  It's easy to install and you can grab the code off github if you want to customize anything:" - Josh Fraser
Re: I Want AVC To Go Dark On The 18th -
"Fred & anyone who's interested, We just released stop-sopa.js -- a free JavaScript widget for blacking out your site on the 18th.  You can either use our hosted version or grab the code off github and modify it however you'd like.  You can check it out at Josh" - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : Backwards compatible window.postMessage() -
"you're welcome" - Josh Fraser
Re: Ehrenberg: Letting Go -
"FYI - you're missing a colon in the link to Letting Go.  Here's a working link:" - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : How to use curl_multi() without blocking -
"I agree that would be a good feature to add.  Glad you got it working." - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : How to use curl_multi() without blocking -
"Sure, an easy way to do this is to add a GET variable to the end of the URL you are fetching (ie. ?mysql_id=42) and then parse out that ID when the request completes from the CURL info array." - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : Backwards compatible window.postMessage() -
"I've had multiple reports of issues w/ those 2 browsers (see the comments above). Hopefully I'll find the time to dig into this more soon." - Josh Fraser
Re: Google Is Trying to Beat JPEG & PNG Images with WebP -
"The reason this hasn't gone mainstream yet is that only Chrome & Opera support it.  This causes a problem for webmasters who would like to add support, but can't justify caching copies of all their images to conditionally serve to 2 browsers.  We tackled this problem at Torbit and automated the process so any website can use WebP without any work at all.  We were impressed with the results as the performance gains are quite meaningful for image-heavy sites.  We shared our data in a blog post for anyone who is interested:" - Josh Fraser
Re: Hour-Long Interview with Steve Jobs to be Released | -
"er, i think you mean insight, not incite  :)" - Josh Fraser
What are you doing with your talent and energy? -
Government Requests For Google User Data Keep Rising -
Unofficial Google Advanced Search -
helpful reference - Josh Fraser
Dear Successful People: Occupy Wall Street -
really important for website owners to be aware of this. single points of failure is just one of the many things we fix automatically when you use Torbit. - Josh Fraser
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