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Re: Google Is Trying to Beat JPEG & PNG Images with WebP -
"The reason this hasn't gone mainstream yet is that only Chrome & Opera support it.  This causes a problem for webmasters who would like to add support, but can't justify caching copies of all their images to conditionally serve to 2 browsers.  We tackled this problem at Torbit and automated the process so any website can use WebP without any work at all.  We were impressed with the results as the performance gains are quite meaningful for image-heavy sites.  We shared our data in a blog post for anyone who is interested:" - Josh Fraser
Re: Hour-Long Interview with Steve Jobs to be Released | -
"er, i think you mean insight, not incite  :)" - Josh Fraser
What are you doing with your talent and energy? -
Government Requests For Google User Data Keep Rising -
Unofficial Google Advanced Search -
helpful reference - Josh Fraser
Dear Successful People: Occupy Wall Street -
really important for website owners to be aware of this. single points of failure is just one of the many things we fix automatically when you use Torbit. - Josh Fraser
"Check out Amazon mom. You get all the same perks as Amazon Prime, but it's free." - Josh Fraser
‘It Means to Say Your Goodbyes’ -
‘It Means to Say Your Goodbyes’
Lijit Acquisition -
exciting exit for a lot of my friends - Josh Fraser
Five Guys Is First Fast Food Chain To Get Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines -
saw one of these at Pizza My Heart this week - Josh Fraser
The Birth of a Shoe Company « Now I Know Archives -
love stories like this - Josh Fraser
Pandora Relaunches Site in HTML5, Removes Music Listening Cap -
How 2 People Can be the Same Mii on Mario Kart -
not many 7 year olds get the chance to reach an audience this big - Josh Fraser
Texas Ups Speed Limit To 85 MPH -
this is all about money. they get you going 85 and have a cop sitting there as they drop it to 25 as you pass through some small town. - Josh Fraser
On the advancement of science and the useful arts -
Share life and never miss a moment with family. - Path -
love the new facetime, er, path commercial - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : Why you should never use a CAPTCHA -
"Great point. I've written and talked about that issue as well:" - Josh Fraser
Online Aspect : A few words about EventVue -
"Things that worked well -- attendees loved our product. We did a good job at keeping the product simple and we used lots of tricks to auto-import their picture and bio from facebook, twitter, linkedin, gravitar, etc. That part worked well. Including faces in emails worked well for driving engagement. We tracked who got clicked on the most frequently and used their faces (ie. hot girls & VCs') in our emails. Every event organizer has an ongoing nightmare that no one will show up their event. If you promise them a way to sell more tickets (especially early) you'll grab their attention. The domains are for sale -- we have & Contact me offline if you're interested." - Josh Fraser
Google VP Accuses Competitors of "Attacking" Android with Patents -
Re: #HostingCon 2011: Yottaa’s Presentation & Community Resources -
"You can always add the rel="nofollow" attribute if you don't want to share Google juice with potential competitors." - Josh Fraser
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