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Bret Taylor
Very happy FriendFeed stayed up and fast through the WWDC. Good work, everyone at the FriendFeed HQ!
rock solid - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Go FriendFeed!!!! EPIC WIN! - Steve Isaacs
I never had any doubts. Nice job, guys. - Louis Gray
Love Ya Friendfeed! - Parth Awasthi from twhirl
Indeed ! that's was very nice! Have you done anything special about this Bret? (Like twitter's folks) - directeur
very nice. anyone could guess Friendfeed would make it. - SolidSmack from twhirl
We did move a few things around, but nothing temporary - the event inspired us to optimize a few things we had been meaning to optimize anyway. - Bret Taylor
yay scalability! - Neha Narula
Bret: Big! Congrats! You've done a very nice job ! :) - directeur
I guess that I will be hanging out with ya'll for the rest of the day. :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
FriendFeed FTW! - mathew ingram
unlike the oh so much stress Twitter will be having FriendFeed will be up and running - Outsanity
I'd like to second this notion: well done Friendfeed, you guys have your shit together and I respect that. - ryangraves
Rob (Radez) actually just said the same thing. Good work, guys! - Gabor Cselle
Even wordpress hosted sites are down! FF is well hosted and manged! - Lakshman Prasad from twhirl
Me think FriendFeed cousin Googawl... - directeur
It rocked... simply the best place for live updates. - Vince DeGeorge
FF rox! - anna sauce
This was great! FF had updates faster than the folks liveblogging the event. - Jennifer Dittrich
ya, man, FriendFeed Rocks! - Ralph Poole from twhirl
Kudos..It was your stress test - Varun Mahajan
nothing beats FF! - Dieter Schwarz
FriendFeed triumphs yet again - Shey
can we have some traffic stats please? - Ivan Pope from twhirl
well done! friendfeed deserves all the hype it can get! - Chris Hofmann
Does it count as hype if it's true? - Amit Patel
pity we cannot say the same for twitter :) - Photo Larry from twhirl
Amit: A wise man once said it isn't bragging if it is true. - Russellreno
brat sana dm atamıyorum! - Aynebilim Aşevi
aynebilim sen bana sor takmaz o seni :P - Gökhan. (Guru fasulye)
:D iyiki layklamışım, gece gece kahkaya boğulurum şimdi. - batuhan icoz
puhahahahhaha - mehmetkose
adam bunlar kim noluyo falan diyodur şimdi, translate'den çeviriyodur falan :D - mehmetkose
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh merdaaaa, aaaaaaahhhh mmmmmmerda! - 1Co
hazır tanış yok diye brat'e yazıyorum..hemen doluyorsunuz yahu peşimden:))) brat seviişelim mi? - Aynebilim Aşevi
ayn çok ayıp!!! - gzmozz
filiz'e sorsaydım keşke:( - Aynebilim Aşevi
haha adam ff'i kapaticak sizin yuzunuzden - Gökhan. (Guru fasulye)
hiç peşinden dolarmıyız ayıp sana. - mehmetkose
The mother of all “Online Business Card” tools. This is almost too pretty… -
The mother of all “Online Business Card” tools. This is almost too pretty…
you've gotta see the iPhone version too. Fabulous. - Zee.
Damn, that is one slick looking site. Not enough left margin, though. - Vezquex
I remember you had a card once, Zee. Another online business card site I can think of is - TrafficBug
Jake Marsh
Say hello to the absolute most amazing FREE game you'll ever play on your iPhone. Eliminate Pro. LINK:
I want to learn Karate so bad after watching Kuro-Obi. Most realistic use of Karate in a movie ever!
I want to learn Karate so bad after watching Kuro-Obi. Most realistic use of Karate in a movie ever!
Eric T. Mings
Fuji Heavy Industries autonomous farming robot -
Fuji Heavy Industries autonomous farming robot
Posted via web from mingsish's posterous - Eric T. Mings from Posterous
Robert Scoble
Why I don't use Google Reader anymore -
Posted via web from scobleizer's posterous - Robert Scoble from Posterous
İnteresting..! I think Google Reader is very usefull app - ★ Soner Gönül
Can't wait to get the Lists feature enabled! Very good post! - Gerardo Capetillo
Adopting Twitter for news reading is a huge commitment to read instantly all news (bc they don't archive, right?). It's insane ... But yes gReader is too heavy. - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync from iPod
I just don't understand how you process all those tweets per day. I'm sure lists make it easier. Personally, I like the static nature of Google Reader because I can quickly scan folders by date-time or feed and then mark things with a star if I want to read them later, quick notes on shared items, etc. And of course all the shared stories post here on FriendFeed then Twitter. Normally I keep FF up all day but just began with threadsy and I confess it's got me looking at my Twitter stream MUCH more. - Ankush Narula
What about using feedly, Robert?? - Roberto Bonini
funny... cause i still read your blogs in reader... its got its place... tracking rss feeds from youtube, photography sites etc etc etc... if people want to follow what you write, you should not have to write your blog AND post the link to twitter... redundant! and will make twitter even noiser! why not let people pull at their leisure... the two things are for different times of the... more... - simran
Robert, my favourite news reader, NetNewsWire started using Google Reader for synchronization and it's a failure. I now get most of my news via FriendFeed and Twitter. - Khürt Williams
Re Point 8. Check out "RSS Flash G" iPhone GoogleReader App. It lets you share, from iPhone, like a good thing, supports FaceBook, Twitter, Delicious, Instapaper and of course all googlereader sharing facilities are there too. These are two entirely different methods of discovery they both have their uses. But sharing from GoogleReader on the iPhone is EASY so I hope that takes care of point number 8. - JSLeFanu
ffcode: actually on Twitter I miss very little. Why? Retweets and repetition. And, we always have TechMeme as the big net! - Robert Scoble
I just got Lists so i haven't had a chance to really get to grips with it, but I think the problem Robert is that you're trying to apply your usage cases to everyone else. I use Reader in a different way to the way I use Twitter. Just like I use FriendFeed differently to Twitter or Reader. - Eoghann Irving
I guess if you are recycling tweets don't need GReader, if you are munging petabytes via Yahoo Pipes, than GReader will pull stuff fresh off the press - Robert Higgins
Eoghann: over and over in my career I've been told that I'm not like everyone else, but then everyone else behaves like me only about a year later. So, see ya next year! - Robert Scoble
Robert: ahh, yeah, I guess Yahoo Pipes is one thing that might keep me on Google Reader -- if I used it. I'm going to delete everyone on my Google Reader account and start over. It's so freaking slow that it's totally useless, even for the few things I could see some utility for. - Robert Scoble
Robert, it doesn't *always* happen like that. Sometimes it's two years. :-) - Bruce Lewis
Robert, that's a silly argument. If you make enough predictions (and you make them daily). You will of course sometimes be right. But you are not always right. FriendFeed? - Eoghann Irving
Eoghann: I was right about FriendFeed. It's just that Twitter and Facebook are now going to turn into FriendFeed. Just watch. Twitter's new RT feature looks a LOT like FriendFeed's likes. - Robert Scoble
Eoghann: but I get where you're going. By the way, 50,000+ followed me here. So, something about FriendFeed was interesting enough to sign into it. - Robert Scoble
well, you certainly helped make it interesting. But at first, I didn't really understand it's value proposition vis-a-vis Facebook. And now, with things like, is it's value really that much? Not sure - I mainly use it for the tray functionality so I can keep up with you, Mrinal, and Danny. Otherwise, I'd completely get behind your posts. - Arthur Coleman
Arthur: FriendFeed's value is static, while the others are rolling out new features. So, for me, it's better to bet on Facebook or Twitter. But FriendFeed will be better for things like live conversations or real time search for quite some time. - Robert Scoble
I love FriendFeed. But I don't recommend it to everyone else. For a lot of my offline friends Facebook is a better fit. Again I come back to the fact it's not one size fits all. - Eoghann Irving
I prefer accessing Google Reader via feedly. - Nils Sandin
Well I tend to miss many important things on twitter.. not my fault. .. time zones differ and so do the times articles are published and linked on twitter ... On my google reader they always stay .. i can check them when i want .. so twitter better than GR? .. yes for breaking news .. not for general articles .. - Amit
Amit: on Twitter they always stay too. It's just that Twitter has a lot more flow. But now with lists you can cut down the flow. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I agree they stay. but it is not difficult to lose them in all the tweet flow. i know lists allows you to cut down the flow, but not if lists has many twitters added to it. I want to read what you write more than what you share and I do not want to miss those articles. Google Reader will always remain my first preference for that.. - Amit
Twitter with Lists has become my defacto RSS reader. - Rubin
Just opened my co twitter account & was invited to "create list", I like the way you have broken it down!! I might just organize mine this way, to also include, clean energy, smartgrid, energy management etc. Thanks for a great post!! - John Tastad
Amit: again, if you use lists you DO NOT HAVE TWEET FLOW!!! How can I make you guys understand this? Make a list with five people on it. Your flow will go to nothing. - Robert Scoble
still waiting on lists... am not in love with GR... folder heirachy and speed drive me nuts... - andy
Got list!! It's gonna make organizing specific followers by categories so much better and following specific tweets easier!! Customized information at your finger tips.. - Angels In Action
Is your issue against google reader or rss feed readers in general? I find my rss reader is an invaluable resource to get great information - Pavan
I think it depends where on the wave of info you want to be. I want to create it, others will ride it. I find the stories with tools in addition to reader, then distribute them via Twitter, Facebook, etc. Hopefully, first then others on those social services will find them interesting and talk about them, distribute them and retweet them. If your content with the crowd being a filter for you, I think your right on. - Andrew Acomb from iPhone
Robert I just the funny thing you do not like anything Google does this days, I am actually starting to wonder if you are Anti them. First you hate Google Wav even though their are not enough people on in yet to make it worthwhile and now Reader. I really wonder sometimes. - Rob Cairns
this is totally off the subject, but i have been noticing more and more heavy hitters on Posterous: is there something i'm missing....i just don't know if i can keep up with yet another social networking site, but am i missing out? - Steve Borgman
Someone please wake me up when people stop grafting their hopes and dreams on Posterous, a me-too blogging tool with some novel shortcuts to author. - Carter ♥ JS
Google Maps Navigation: A Free, Ass-Kicking, Turn-by-Turn Mobile App [Apps] -
Google's free turn-by-turn navigation for Maps is the news this morning and even in Beta, they got a lot right. It has Google Maps tech, like street and satellite view and search-driven voice controls. Here's what you need to know. • It's android OS 2.0 only for now. And will be available when devices like that ship. (Google demo'd the app to us on a Droid, FWIW.) Other platform support will be announced "by carriers and phone makers" when they're ready, but Google implied they are working closely with Apple now on it. • Addresses are input by both text and voice (using the same tech as in the iPhone's Google mobile app). But the app can take things like business names and restaurant types as well as soft queries like "that museum that has the king tut exhibit" and return a list of suggested locations • The traffic data, as on Google Maps, is driven by multiple sources. Typically, this means data from local road authority services like the Bay Area's Caltrans department's highway...
Rich White
Because clicking is so 90s [Flash] - http://www.creativeapplication...
Chris Saad
Colbert's comparison to Glenn Beck is pitch perfect - I hope he continues to rip him apart
why FB as the OS of the web scares me : imagine you couldn't register a .com URL until you were rich or famous. unthinkable, but true on FB
Andrew Dobrow
Top 6 Coolest iPhone Tricks And Tips
Three Important Concepts for Marketers in the New FTC Guidelines -
At 81 pages long, the recent FTC Guidelines on Endorsements and Testimonials (and blogger outreach programs) has gained a lot of great attention with a few thoughtful distillations of those 81 pages. - David
Xea Baudoin
39 Astonishing Examples of 3D Typography /Tutorial9
Andrew Dobrow
Anyone want a free promo code for the iPhone app GrooveMaker Techno or GrooveMaker Club? No strings attached peeps. Just say the word and it's yours.
hey andrew. would love a promo code man. you're following me in twitter @solidsmack. I think you have my email too. rockin' - SolidSmack
10 Qualitative Tools to Improve Your Website -
HOW TO: Start Selling Downloads from your Wordpress Blog in 5 Minutes -
Is PR Dead?: In my presentation at the Inbound Marketing Summit yesterday I had a slide asking the question Is ..
This is the one. It's more than one service now. I was blown away at Derek and the fama PR support at DSCC. If that's the direction it goes, with some of these others mentioned, it's still alive. ha, PR is not 2D anymore, there are 3D and 4D aspects to it. :) - SolidSmack
Bernard Charlès Augmented Presentation from DSCC -
Thomas Hawk
Louis Gray
Adobe publishes video sneak peek at future Photoshop -
Richard MacManus
Where the Wild Things Are Comes to the iPhone
Add Facebook Connect Features to Your Site in Three Steps -
Ustream Broadcasters Can Now Make Money With Google Ads: Shared by BostonDave This is usually a last ditch effo..
Xea Baudoin
TimeLapse Typhoon "Nangka" over Hong Kong -
TimeLapse Typhoon "Nangka" over Hong Kong
Shéa Bennett
The money you could be saving.
The money you could be saving.
Mark Burhop
I for one welcome our new CNC Router overlords! RT @ocell coolest thing I've seen all month:
I for one welcome our new CNC Router overlords! RT @ocell coolest thing I've seen all month:
Loic Le Meur
Twitter and Facebook Investment Terms and Game Plans
Google Wave invites start going out Sep. 30th. Mashable's complete coverage:
Use new app on your iPhone to reserve a Zipcar: Zipcar Inc., the Cambridge-based car-sharing service, today ann..
Wow. The speech that Nixon would have read if the Apollo 11 astronauts had become stranded on the moon:
Very Interesting. but I'm glad it didn't happen! What you guys think about the one way trip mission to mars, that head Nasa official said - Fee501st
I'd like to see the speech Nixon would have delivered if we stranded HIM on the Moon. - George Brickner
George: In a spacesuit? I know the speech if he wasn't in one! - Fee501st
It's surprisingly (refreshingly?) secular. - Paul Reynolds
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