Aside from "Too Many Cooks," I think Adult Swim's Off the Air might be the new equivalent of MTV Amp.
it's a little scary to think how good @ftrain is gonna be someday
My uber driver's spirit animal is saggitarius.
so i have an old @belkincares wemo via my ifttt investment. tempted to solder in a serial line and poke around. i suspect shellscripts
so just to be clear @BelkinCares - you cannot do something every other wifi device i own can do?
and why does @twitter block me from further bitching about @belkin?
dear @belkin - you don't allow some characters in wifi passwords? what the fuck? how is that even possible? someone needs to audit this.
RT @WarrenAhner: “@tferriss: Want a 1-on-1 (or 1-on-2) dinner with me in SF? Buy it here ( ”@joshu if you want to get me a Xmas gift
dear @techcrunch: please don't claim the burrito thing as an original idea:
I guess I mean: If a random startup said "We use PHP only" (and no other info) - is it likely to be interesting/fun/exciting?
does a PHP platform imply a lack of interesting and fun engineering challenges?
supermoon has got to be a viral ad for something
it may actually take less time to order a new laptop than to let this old windows xp machine update
We would be happy to help - we know this space pretty well... @edmunds
The content is good, but the tech is very poor. @edmunds @osunick
Their long term tests on older cars are really good @Quan @osunick @edmunds
Dear @edmunds I hope you fix your mobile web presentation. It is unusable in places (I can't even read parts of it)
About to teach one of my portfolio founders how to drive manual.
does this kind of pitch work? seems like negging or something. re @AIHammer
how do i defrag my ipad?
ooh ooh idea: bulletproof lobster = lobster + butter?
Forget bulletproof coffee. New idea: Coffee + Cream Cheese + mineral oil
why is shipping $24 to california?
"What's ponzu sauce?" "It's an Asian pyramid scheme"
I didn't know Bertram Gilfoyle used to be a musically inclined hobo.
"When we asked you for your user name on @Storium, you said: “joshua'); DROP TABLE users;--”
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