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it's ridiculously hard to take someone's argument seriously when they use a big word and misspell it.
Thanks for spamming me with an unsolicited signup, @socialpandas - there isn't even a fucking "unsubscribe" link.
Took @tferriss to @ThunderhillPark to learn to drive race cars. And meet the world's largest Boston Terrier.
was going to pitch lunch to @kraneland but I got denied
Some of my old delicious team just launched their kickstarter for @storium - a storytelling game.
Goat simulator 2014 is $10!!??
does adium no longer connect to yahoo messenger?
"As a rule, I don't twerk" - @sirkenrobinson #TED
Hacker News | Raspberry Pi - The alpha boards are here -
"@paulrademacher, can you explain the math behind ____ to me?" "i'll explain like you're one. WHO'S A GOOD BABY!??!??"
I need car repair tools. Where do I start?
Any iOS devs with immediate availability? @DrawQuest is looking for a dev ASAP. Great app, crazy growth. Can be remote. Please RT
"they're triple-washed, so very little poo" -- @osunick
"Comedy is tragedy plus time. In this case, about fifteen minutes." -- @paulrademacher
The puppy licks my face to wake me up, so I've been engineering ever more elaborate protective blanket snorkles.
I started a new little project: - because there's more than the raspberry pi failed, but vine succeeds. anyone want to do a 3 second video service?
trying to decide if i should enroll my cofounders in cloud school or clown school
"E as in apple, F as in sauce, E as in Me" ... Lady behind counter's head explodes
employers: are you giving your employees time off for the end of the world?
Lyft, Uber, and SideCar sued. That's step three: "Then they fight you." Next up: Winning
OH: "I knew my marriage was doomed when my wife didn't like that movie"
looks like @delicious is bringing back the popular pages. do you want help with the algorithm that originally calculated that stuff?
If I see the Microsoft Dancing Surface ad again I am going to buy an iPad mini out of spite.
"right now i wipe three asses, including my own" "it gets better"
we're giving away some digital cameras for your best halloween pictures:
i wonder of 7 inch tablets will lead to the evolution of larger trouser pockets.
lots of fiction about super humans, but not much about super animals. my dog's special ability is to not get excited at the word "walk"
If you think about it, No Reservations is kind of a Quantum Leap for food. Tony leaps in to a strange place, eats the right stuff, and goes.
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