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how do i defrag my ipad?
ooh ooh idea: bulletproof lobster = lobster + butter?
Forget bulletproof coffee. New idea: Coffee + Cream Cheese + mineral oil
why is shipping $24 to california?
"What's ponzu sauce?" "It's an Asian pyramid scheme"
I didn't know Bertram Gilfoyle used to be a musically inclined hobo.
"When we asked you for your user name on @Storium, you said: “joshua'); DROP TABLE users;--”
sorta tempted to have my inbox tweet based on how stressed out it is. "joshua is 400 emails behind"
I have a logitech wheel and a smallish tv plugged into an old PC
Actually the success of Yo makes me think I should build the "confession" thing from Seven on Seven:
i wonder if anyone had the foresight to trademark "yo"
I told my wife about the "yo" app and now she's just occasionally shouting "yo" from her office.
is Jelly dead? I get hundreds of the "Nice work" card and can't post.
Went to see @unboundedrobotx and was totally impressed.
when people post Secrets I like to imagine that they're that person's Secret.
According to IMDB, Thunderpants was a movie about a boy who had unstoppable farting power. It also contained @stephenfry
Along with "what bug is this" and "what font is this" I need a "what connector is this" site.
Anyone know anyone in bizdev at Fisher Price?
every time i see a ad i am reminded of
RT @einarvollset: Want a quality iOS app done on a fixed budget (time/cost)? I have some free AppTailor slots coming up: (please RT)
any junior python develpers looking for some remote work?
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