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The content is good, but the tech is very poor. @edmunds @osunick
Their long term tests on older cars are really good @Quan @osunick @edmunds
Dear @edmunds I hope you fix your mobile web presentation. It is unusable in places (I can't even read parts of it)
About to teach one of my portfolio founders how to drive manual.
does this kind of pitch work? seems like negging or something. re @AIHammer
how do i defrag my ipad?
ooh ooh idea: bulletproof lobster = lobster + butter?
Forget bulletproof coffee. New idea: Coffee + Cream Cheese + mineral oil
why is shipping $24 to california?
"What's ponzu sauce?" "It's an Asian pyramid scheme"
I didn't know Bertram Gilfoyle used to be a musically inclined hobo.
"When we asked you for your user name on @Storium, you said: “joshua'); DROP TABLE users;--”
sorta tempted to have my inbox tweet based on how stressed out it is. "joshua is 400 emails behind"
I have a logitech wheel and a smallish tv plugged into an old PC
Actually the success of Yo makes me think I should build the "confession" thing from Seven on Seven:
i wonder if anyone had the foresight to trademark "yo"
I told my wife about the "yo" app and now she's just occasionally shouting "yo" from her office.
is Jelly dead? I get hundreds of the "Nice work" card and can't post.
Went to see @unboundedrobotx and was totally impressed.
when people post Secrets I like to imagine that they're that person's Secret.
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