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Josie Fraser

Josie Fraser

I'm a UK based social & educational technologist. I'm interested in online identities, communities & services. I drink a lot of tea.
@josiefraser @DonnaLanclos @audreywatters @bonstewart @catherinecronin @daveowhite @dkernohan [2/2] e. g. -
@josiefraser @DonnaLanclos @audreywatters @bonstewart @catherinecronin @daveowhite @dkernohan [2/2] e. g.
@josiefraser @DonnaLanclos @audreywatters @bonstewart @catherinecronin @daveowhite @dkernohan [2/2] e. g. - John Popham (johnpopham) - Josie Fraser
EUROPA - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Speech - Digital is everywhere! -
Digital is everywhere! @NeelieKroesEU speech for #dad14eu - Josie Fraser
The Startup Manifesto | Coadec -
#dad14eu @guy_levin / @coadec UK startup manifesto - Josie Fraser
@DigitalAgendaEU/Digital Action Day 2014 on Twitter -
@josiefraser @ferminserrano try this one ;) - Digital Agenda (DigitalAgendaEU) - Josie Fraser
Digital Action Day 2014 | Digital Agenda for Europe | European Commission -
Heading to Brussels for @EU_Commission Digital Action Day on the 29th #DAD14EU - Josie Fraser
Tim Berners-Lee calls for internet bill of rights to ensure greater privacy | Technology | -
Don't agree with @timberners_lee on need for internet bill of rights - existing human rights agreements cover issues - Josie Fraser
Helping Post-Traditional Learners With Badges & Progressive Credentialing | Etale - Life & Learning in the Digital World -
RT @bdean1000: Helping Post-Traditional Learners With #OpenBadges & Progressive Credentialing - Josie Fraser
40@40 - A portrait of 40 years of educational research through 40 studies | BERA -
40@40 - A portrait of 40 years of educational research through 40 studies from @BERANews - Josie Fraser
Goodbye Ello: privacy settings & safety concerns from @creatrixtiara -
Goodbye Ello: privacy settings & safety concerns from @creatrixtiara - Josie Fraser
Digitally Confident Conference 2014 | Home -
RT @simfin: Are you coming? #ngconf - Josie Fraser
Been super busy on the build programme. Babington opens City of Leicester official opening
RT @Vecchi_Paolo: You'll be pleased to know there is a free & #opensource version of Minecraft
RT @guardiantech: Minecraft add-on LearnToMod aims to teach children coding skills
Follow Me: Networked Professional Learning for Teachers
RT @urban_teacher: Google wants to speed up the web by replacing the JPEG with WebP @jank0 explains
Off to Ellesmere for UAT this morning :)
RT @OUPAcademic: What is the origin of the word “qualm”? #qualm #etymology
RT @domnorrish: BBC News - Head teachers in England plan own league tables
"I think everybody should be a machine. I think everybody should like everybody"
Engagement through partnership: students as partners in learning & teaching in higher education from @HEAcademy
RT @tes: Increase in number of special school pupils reverses trend towards inclusion
#wikimania2014 very powerful & optimistic talk from @jorm on wikipedia's ambitious role in slaying social dragons
#wikimania2014 @jorm sharing heartbreaking story about his anger & sorrow at a friends death, & how it's motivated and inspired his work
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