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Would photographers prefer to rent cameras and devices rather than buy? See discussion
Top VC @mwalsh on the Sharing Economy in WSJ --he's been at it a while
Radical: On a briefing with Agora, a new beverage company managed by the crowd
Wsj by @invoker "Social media jump started the sharing economy" (my comments added)
Today, @makersrow is presenting to @crowdcompanies brand council on how they share idle factories for makers. Brilliant model
We at @CrowdCompanies uses, the new version is beautiful, a few bugs, but a very dynamic experience.
Spent an hour with the very smart folks at @msl_group on Collaborative Economy @jjgbaldwin @NahalTav hosted by @stephagresta
My comments: New business models for renting electronics --rather than owning them
Google maps as propaganda. The Russian version of Google Maps shows Crimea as part of Russia
RT @Easybring: The #SharingEconomy market value estimated to $110 billion. How much funding was rised? via @OuiShare @jowyang
Forgot owning. This startup is for renting gadgets. ht @leighdurst
Why buy sports equipment when you can share? See ht @jaybaer
Watching game of thrones season 4. Please don't spoil it. Oh wait. Dang you social media. Grrrrr.
True. website was designed by the crowd, using @crowdspring and we talk about crowd biz models. #VeryMeta
Greenbiz: How Yerdle and Patagonia are boosting the sharing economy (I commented and provided data)
Imagine an Uber for ambulances. Would you be a member? Tied to wearable medical devices?
RT @seanmulvihill: @jowyang Boils down to mission (or perhaps somewhere near the Mission?) "To protect and serve" Vs. "To propel and swerve"
RT @Radu43: #GMIC2014 friends. Check out @jowyang presentation on slideshare. In case you did not keep notes :)
RT @danielkjacobs: Hang on.... I'm wearing my @Pebble, took @Uber here and I'm using a @Quirky iPhone cover. Uh oh. I'm the @jowyang poster child. #GMIC2014
RT @PYMLive: RT @danielkjacobs: I'm wearing my @Pebble, took @Uber here and I'm using a @Quirky iPhone cover. Uh oh. @jowyang poster child. #GMIC2014
RT @GMICCONFERENCE: Jeremiah Owyang @Jowyang Summarizes the Collaborative Economy at #GMIC2014
Follow @Radu43 to get insights on #GMIC2014 Sustainability and events (impacts to hotels, corporate events, transportation)
I'm speaking now at on sustainable meeting practices, will mention @CargomaticHQ @GoBarnacle @NearMeCo #GMIC2014
I left something in an @Uber_SF I wonder how I can retrieve it?
Did you know Roxy logo is akin to quicksilver logo? Guess how:
Please come to I'll be there! With @peers @SOCAPmarkets
Since media is pixelating the US Airways tweet, I've pixelated so it's totally safe for work, here:
Amazing new art exhibit at Impact Hub, pedal powered
RT @bryankramer: A Taxonomy Of The Collaborative Economy –And What Brands Are Doing About It. via @jowyang
How meta: Crowdfunding websites crowdfund themselves so they can do more crowdfunding
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