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Mural on clarion street in SF calls out Airbnb, Lyft, Uber and sidecar.
i want to add - aminarafiu
First World Problems: Accidentally getting into someone's car and thinking it was your Lyft or Uber ride
RT @instigating: Taking it 2 the street, ride svcs duke it out. @HailoToronto fights bk @Adweek @HiBandwagon @Sidecar @lyft @jowyang
Very SF: sleeping homeless/hipster/entrepreneur with a hand knitted sweatered live parrot.
Apparently my tweet has attention of sports media
Police response fails to calm Ferguson. Police aimed armed guns at protesters.
My friend @bryankramer has proposed a great @sxsw talk. To make it happen, pls vote for it today! #sxsw
Map: how far does $100 go in each American State?
Tip to everyone: Get the Ice Bucket Challenge done NOW. Beg people to tag you --before cold weather.
"Redemption Opportunity" The most politically correct euphemism for someone who really just screwed the eft up big time.
Fisker at Rosewood in Palo Alto
RT @ShanaRappaport: Love @jowyang on what the #MakerMovement and #SharingEconomy mean for big companies More @ #VERGEcon 2014! #GrnBz
Target offers "Made to Matter" with social good products. This is very cool. ht @instigating
I'm all washed up, literally.
Rides as a Service have really disrupted Taxis. Desoto (large SF Taxi company) is considering changing biz models:
DATA: Why is car sharing and ride sharing booming in SF? Folks don't need cars
SF cops crack down on an Uber driver. So. Dramatic.
Hipsters: "we all identify with being nonconformists"
Headlines I expect to see: All 38m Californians participate in #IceBucketChallenge causing further drought, waste electricity, ht @loic
RT @billjohnston: @jowyang except for the "buy credits instantly" part :) pointconomies need a LOT of work and evolution
Power is out in Mountain View. I see panicked looks on techies faces! Will the Googlers survive?
Here's Listia's point based system --no cash. (updated)
Listia has partnered with BestBuy Walmart and Amazon, the Listia "Credits" can be applied for new items at stores.
Listia has partnered with BestBut and Walmart and Amazon, the Listia "Credits" can be applied for new items at stores.
Check out the screenshot of Listia, where you can safetly trade items via points --not money
Visiting Listia HQ in Mountain View, you can share your stuff with others
Brilliant. No need to bring your golf clubs, get them on demand anywhere @bryanwoodcox @ClubsAnywhere
Nyt: Edelman P.R. Firm Acts to Correct Faux Pas
Nice to have @angusnelson back from vacation! He's leading our new member on boarding calls, with gusto and zest.
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