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RT @robincarey: .@jowyang Keynote at The Social Shake-Up: The Collaborative Economy
Hahahah! Pajamas that look like a business suit your colleagues will never guess oh @Betabrand
That's big news. Larry Ellison steps down
RT @ryderpearce: It's official: @Sidecar drivers now get direct access to @SherpaShare analytics: @deblanda @aprilrinne @jowyang
Collaborative Economy startup for personal safety, get your own crowd based mustakeers! cc @instigating @gorenflo
Slideshare: The cold, hard facts (and money) about the #IceBucketChallenge (Updated today)
Can you crowdfund a restaurant? Yup:
Video: @DanSchawbel on CNBC on Gen Y and Gen Z study, gives key findings
"Uber is a next generation logistics company --not a ride sharing company" @ChrisSaad on the @CrowdCompanies council call.
"Every modern business should have an API” -Chris Saad @ChrisSaad on today's @CrowdCompanies council call
My post on what the Uber API means to business:
Pic: @CrowdCompanies session discussing the Uber API for business, with @ChrisSaad @rahimthedream @angusnelson added to the Collaborative Economy funding table. Total of $2.6 BILLION funded in 9 months
Mural on clarion street in SF calls out Airbnb, Lyft, Uber and sidecar.
i want to add - aminarafiu
First World Problems: Accidentally getting into someone's car and thinking it was your Lyft or Uber ride
RT @instigating: Taking it 2 the street, ride svcs duke it out. @HailoToronto fights bk @Adweek @HiBandwagon @Sidecar @lyft @jowyang
Very SF: sleeping homeless/hipster/entrepreneur with a hand knitted sweatered live parrot.
Apparently my tweet has attention of sports media
Police response fails to calm Ferguson. Police aimed armed guns at protesters.
My friend @bryankramer has proposed a great @sxsw talk. To make it happen, pls vote for it today! #sxsw
Map: how far does $100 go in each American State?
Tip to everyone: Get the Ice Bucket Challenge done NOW. Beg people to tag you --before cold weather.
"Redemption Opportunity" The most politically correct euphemism for someone who really just screwed the eft up big time.
Fisker at Rosewood in Palo Alto
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