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Watching Silicon Valley. Pretty sure they were parodying Michael @Arrington place in Atherton, same ranch home.
RT @BeckyMcCray: Micro-factory on a university campus open to public, built by @generalelectric attn @jowyang
Not all tech companies are "evil" Lyft community gives back. nice job @emilycastor and team
Here's pics of a transforming bike I'm using:
Picking up my @ternbicycles loaner from the company, a folding bike!
This restaurant, @the_melt is amazing. Fresh bread, natural ingredients, made to order. #grilledcheesehappiness
RT @socialmedia2day: What verticals are most impacted by the sharing #economy? Hear what @jowyang thinks in an #SMTLive webinar on 3/27:
"Go where you're celebrated, not tolerated." /by @marcusnelson
RT @instigating: Recent quiet raise...@LendingClub $65M via private equity #ColllaborativeEconomy @jowyang @solarmosaic @Zopa @OpenROV
White House to host a Maker Faire
In the 1st phase of sharing (social media) this was the seminal FEAR piece against Social Media "attach of the blogs"
Rewatched the Story of Stuff
Rewatched the Story of Stuff
Marathon runners are already fighters by default. photos of defiant, strong resilient Boston Marathon survivors
Uber hiring more folks in DC to contend with regulators. Will you apply?
This article scares taxi companies who spent years getting a medallion. The Uber commando teams
As AirBnB worth $10,000,000,000.00? Discussion here:
Related: The @Crowdcompanies council has seen 30% growth of membership since Dec launch, 31 major brands now.
Why are VCs running to the Collaborative Economy? Adoption is going to double, see real research of 90k surveyed
Six year old Airbnb is now worth more than some 50 year old hotel chains --without owning a single bed, room, or building.
We knew this was coming: Airbnb raises more money, now $500M for a valuation of $10b
RT @socialmedia2day: How will the collaborative economy affect the future of business? Hear from keynote @jowyang at #socialshakeup:
Verizon is a founding member of @CrowdCompanies, thank you @MasonNelder
Visiting the Verizon Design Center in Palo Alto with @edruthless
Interview with the fabulous @instigating on Collaborative Economy
Love DWR. Mid century forever
Interesting Discussion on "Life as a Service" see this ongoing thread (capitalism vs socialism, profit vs not)
Am I lazy? Or Efficient? How I’m experimenting with Life-as-a-Service
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