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Forbes: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Marissa at Yahoo?
Now Sharing is truly Caring, see a community helps cancer community, by @benitamatofska @teamupmacmillan
Smart moves: Taskrabbit partners with Fema Airbnb partners with cities for disaster relief
Disrupting Retail: Sharing Economy And Collaborative Consumption (nice overview) by
Apparently, we disrupted ourselves. Cc @ScottMonty @geoffliving (and that's a good thing)
Greenbiz: Why American Eagle, H&M, Nike and Puma want your hand-me-downs
Wired uncovers the nasty truth about investors and gender:
Sharing isn’t caring: stop being fooled by collaborative consumption by @brokenbottleboy.
Great post on Future of Work by Polycom founder @jeffrodman referencing @LanceJRichards both Crowd Companies members
Concur partners with Uber & Airbnb to reach business travelers in Collaborative Economy --bypassing hotel and taxi
SF, you so crazy. The morning rave scene heats up. Yes, I said "morning rave". ht @AdamSinger
I'm at the Bonobos "Guide shop" they fit me in clothes, pick out styles, I pay and walk out. Clothes mailed to me
RT @BradTonoff: @jowyang I worked for a large corp. as event/travel planner, & was basically laughed at when suggesting Airbnb as an
Uber ties their billing into corporate expense accounts. more b2b examples ht @digitalarun
RT @digitalarun: #sharingeconomy goes corporate. not new, but interesting expansions from familiar companies cc @jowyang @instigating
Brands On the Rise In the Collaborative Economy
At the hatch, a tech co working startups, 40 are in here.
I asked her "what's up with the mask" she gave me one. Viral street team promoting
Typical SF. Someone wearing an emoticon face mask in park
This uses to be a humble bike shop in South Park, soma district SF. Soon to be home to VC firm. Bling bling
Sunny day in startup central (Soma district) SF.
Crowdfunding is the Highest Form of Loyalty: Shared Destiny
Uber has been funded ($1,5b) which is more than Linkedin ($200m) and Twitter ($1.2b), combined.
These two brothers are spoiling Airbnb and kickstarter for others. The dark side sets in:
The heavy funding in the collaborative economy means the startups are not going away --get your company ready now.
Empires rising: Airbnb expands to business travel. Recently they moved into restaurant space.
RT @fredmcclimans: .@lyft agrees to look/act more like @Uber in #NYC - are they really collaborative, or 21st century biz? @jowyang
RT @stevefurman: For @jowyang Airbnb Expands Into Business Travel
Here's the giants social media command center #sfgiants
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