Jeremiah Owyang
ill write a post about frìendfeed tommorow
looking forward to what Jeremiah has to say - Thomas Ho from fftogo
Well put Brian. - Hutch Carpenter
Whos Jeremiah? - Live Crunch Blog from twhirl
That's a good point Brian. It should be interesting to see how he perceives FriendFeed from that standpoint. - Shey
I noticed this about myself: If someone writes a favorable FriendFeed article, I don't care how much they've used it, whereas if it's a negative article, I'm a little more critical to their usage. I'm dead wrong with this. I look forward to Jeremiah's article and I'm going to try to be as fair with my assessment as possible. - Bwana ☠
Look forward to reading it. - Morton Fox
I just talked with Jeremiah. He says FriendFeed will turn on a new functionality that Jeremiah is calling "MiniMeme." He wouldn't give me more details, but I am intrigued. - Robert Scoble
$tag_friendfeed, $tag_jeremiah-owyang - Erhan Erdoğan
Good tip Robert. Will check it out tomorrow. - Hutch Carpenter
Great. I wanted to be productive this weekend. - Bwana ☠
Erhan - interesting. Tagging this for later? - Hutch Carpenter
New functionality on FriendFeed IS ALWAYS something to looking forward to when you use it as much as some of us do! :-) - Thomas Ho from fftogo
@Hutch I want to change smthng here ; ) Scoble knows what it is :-) Love him - thanks to him ; ) - Erhan Erdoğan
I do not think the number of "likes" is an indicative measure of knowledge of FF. Many (like myself) are not fans of "rating" systems and do not use that feature as much. My bar to "like" is rather high. Comments, that I can buy. Total time on service, absolutely. - Lou Paglia
Jeremiah, you've got me curious with your statement about FF post. BTW, I love your twitter "team work" analysis ha, ha!! - Susan Beebe
Here's the post on Friendfeed - Jeremiah Owyang