Jeremiah Owyang
To be honest, Friendfeed doesn't have the same appeal it used to post-FB acquisition. I'll just cut my losses and use Facebook instead.
Twitter? - Igor Poltavskiy
Too soon for me... my facebook contacts are not ready ... ;-) - stanjourdan
What are the basic differencies on Fb in the pre and the post fb acquisition era? - Stelios Landrakis Jr
It's tough to use FB for business/work, I still keep FB more for family/friends. I guess I need 2 profiles now... ugh. 8-) - Charlie N. Browning
Jérôme : i think this will change. Personally my facebook timeline is just a lolcats webtv right now. Folks will be bored of that, won't they? - stanjourdan
although my privacy settings are carefully set (at least i hope so), i consider my profile as public (with some exceptions for some data) because as long as "friends" requests arrive i cannot refuse them anymore : i just accepted this guy, why not the next one ? And so on... My facebook is no more a kindergarten for me and my close friends, it's a means of communication... - stanjourdan
Of course, i could choose to clean up my contact list and go again in a privacy land, but the problem will happen again as soon as i accept a "borderline" friend ... ;-) - stanjourdan
Who is this guy ? - Thierry Lhôte
lol ;-) I just meant someone that is not really my friend but it would be weird/dissapointing if I don't accept him... - stanjourdan
The big Facebook Dilemna ever ;-) - stanjourdan
My brains trust, my imaginary board of directors, my R&D dept by proxy are all on Friendfeed, I can't see myself inviting those guys and girls on Facebook or talking about the stuff we talk about here with my family and non SM friends there either. Hoping that the fringe FF peeps will retreat to FB and FF can stay as it was say 6 months ago. - Deano @ Byron New Media
The irony is that this prompted my first read of your feed since pre-FB! Sad to see you go Jeremiah. - anna sauce