Jeremiah Owyang
What Friendfeed’s “MicroMeme” Means For You, Brands, and The Web -
Jeremiah, the post is really detailed and thorough, as usual. I would say that I'm not a fan of the term MicroMeme and I don't think we even need the term in the already overpopulated tag cloud of terms that are social media buzzwords. Doesn't "friendstream" mean exactly the same thing? - Jennifer Van Grove
@Jennifer You have a great point. I think FF's name is great & *perhaps* will explain to average net user what a *feed* (RSS0 is all about. Exciting, really! - Barbara K. Baker
I think it's like bloglines with comment ability. Is that reductionist? - anna sauce
Jennifer. I thought about this too. Good point. In reality. Friendfeed is doing more than just 'aggregating feeds from your friends'. >>> they are sorting what's important like a meme tracker. There is no good word to describe what the are doing. For what it's worth Bret, the founder, liked the term. - Jeremiah Owyang
Anna, it's MORE than a feedreader. It's sorting what's important and floats it to the top. It's not reductionist, it's something different and unique. - Jeremiah Owyang
Great post, I had a bubble-icious post on these guys this morning as well: - Kevin
Jeremian- meaning *I* was being reductionist. I haven't seen this sort ability- guess I'm not getting that many feeds - anna sauce
Good job Jeremiah: I really appreciate how open these guys are. - Russellreno
What's really interesting about FF is the extent to which these aggregation tools can be used to simultaneously integrate and export these conversations and memes (and I do like the distinction between micro and macro memes) to whatever and every platform desired. As in, there's no reason not to create tools that bring the conversation on FF back to the blog where something originated and vice versa. Basically, two way RSS feeds. Not that I understand the complexity of or technology behind such tools. - Marc Vermut
As Nokia N95 says,i can say the same for FF, ' Its' not one thing, its' many' - Varun Mahajan
+1 for Marc - Varun Mahajan