Jeremiah Owyang
Where does your last name (surname) come from or mean, do you know the history? Share your heritage, I'll go first...tag it #surname
#surname Reed (my married name) has both irish and english antecedents. It also has a connection to the Swiss version 'Rhorer' which interestingly enough is family name of my mother's people. My side is from the McCleods (scots) O, and it means red-haired or ruddish or the old english meaning a clearing in the woods. (Sorry. @Jeremiah I didn't "read" your directions clearly. ;) ) - Melanie Reed
#surname Diana is Italian and is extremely rare in the US. It originates in mid to southern italy (think naples and south) - Rob Diana
#surname: Rai. (pronounced 'rye') From India, a very common surname. It has some caste connotations which I once knew, but have since forgotten/ignored. Having grown up in Singapore, and now being in Aust, I use it as a 'first name'. (My real 3-syllable 1st name being too much for most). So 'Rai' is pretty special to me, what with playing two parts n all. Why did I include this seemingly inconsequential tidbit? Cos I'm adding to its history ;) - Rai
Longman. long man. nickname for a tall person. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Christensen = Danish for (obviously) "Son of Christen" (variant of Christian). #surname - adam christensen
Carpenter = anglicized version of Zimmerman (family was Swiss German way back in the day). House builder, I'd guess. #surname - Hutch Carpenter
Ingram was originally Ingraham, from Ing (a Germanic king) and the word for "raven"; why Ing needed a raven I don't know; #surname - mathew ingram
Gentry == the upper middle class, which turns out to be wishful thinking on the part of my ancestors. - DGentry
#surname Sibenik from Croatia = executioner or so I've been told. - Matthew Sibenik from twhirl
#surname Korn was pronounced Korrin (rolling rr) when family came from Poland before WWII. Believe it meant crown. - Justin Korn
#surname dibenedetto is an italian name (duh) from Sicily. It roughly means "The Blessed" or of the blessed. - mike
#surname Kless, my kids actually did a little research on this recently and couldn't wait to tell me that it meant "conquering people" and the name hailed from Russian and German ancestry as a deritive of Klaus. They were all full of themselves once they found out. - Larry Kless
'Tregaskes' is Cornish (from Cornwall in England) but I believe came from Spain.France as 'Gaskes' original. The Cornish added their usual 'Tre' to the start of the surname - Kol Tregaskes from twhirl
#surname Radd. Used to be Von Dork but my family changed in when they came over from the old country.... Actually, it's short for a longer Polish name, but my father Americanized it when he did security work for the Atomic Energy Commission in the 50s. - Sue Radd
#surname Billstrom- read that in the mid 1800s there were too many Larssons and Nilssons in Sweden, so they gave the middle class a list of suffixes & prefixes, and you go to the post office and pick a new surname. Voila, Bill Strom, which is (town of Billstra) + Stream , like Nordstrom - north + stream. Americanized on Ellis Island by taking the umlaut off the o. That's pretty neat- seeing your ancestor's signatures on Ellis' website. - anna sauce
#surname Ferdinand - it's Austrian and was actually my grandfather's middle name. - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
#surname Mark - no joke, my Swedish relatives weren't getting their mail because their last name was Peterson (same as everyone in farming midwest). So they randomly changed it to Mark. I *hate* explaining that I'm not related to almost ANY other Mark in the world. - Amanda from twhirl
Kamath - Karma + Mathi (Sanskrit) or Kamma +Mathi (Pali) - meaning work+soil.We probably were from a farming community . - The Fat Oracle
#surname Dawson - anglican verison of "Daw -Sa" Burmese. Heres an old post of mine - Peter Dawson
My last name, "Hrudicka," is Czech. I know quite a bit about my family's history on both sides, about 9 nationalities. #surname - Cathryn Hrudicka
did I miss something? Where's an Owyang history/ - anna sauce
I said it in twitter actually. Essentially, it's two last names Ow-Yang that were put together. - Jeremiah Owyang
My mom's side of the family has a family web site w/many historical docs & photos. There is a "Hrudicka" site, must check. #surname - Cathryn Hrudicka
Ow seems old-school pinyin - anna sauce
My #surname, Baltuth, is a corruption of Baltutis, Lithuanian for white. - Vezquex
#figueroa -- comes from a noble land-owning family in galicia that had land covering both spain and portugal. - Cee Bee
#surname mine is Brown which is a corruption of Brun which was a super-common Old English name and often an assumed name of those wishing to change their identity. according to wikipedia brown is the fifth most common surname in America. - Morgan
sir percival, knight of the roundtable :) - sean percival
#surname Steven is Greek for "royal". Perez is Hebrew for "rupture". Put them together and you get "royal pain", which is disturbingly accurate. - El Conejo Viejo
I think my last name means to blog...either that or it's just a name from somewhere in the british isles that I have no idea what the origin is. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The origins of my name is Scottish. - Phillip Jeffrey
#Surname Rabago. Habitational name from Rábago in Cantabria province of Spain. Meaning King of Kings is what I'm told - Ricardo Rabago
two versions. the first, Hebrew meaning gazelle. the second; originating in the north of Spain in the Basque region with ties to nobility and a region there called Tierra de Ayala (land of Ayala) #ayala #surname. - Carlos Ayala
[OT] How are you collecting your hastags fr FF ? - Peter Dawson