Jeremiah Owyang
Blog Post: Why I stopped using Twitter
Scoble: In the comments I reference 'paying yourself first' - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah: yeah, saw that. Thing is I get mostly paid for my video and I almost always do one a day of those. - Robert Scoble
I'm not dissing you Robert, read my comment. If community and influence transcends beyond URLs then you're doing the right thing - Jeremiah Owyang
You might be interested to know that I am NOT "recalibrating my media plan." I don't have one. I'm here and on Twitter to talk, not to be "media." - Dominic Jones
Weaknesses well analyzed - Don Schuetze
+1 @Dominic...nothing wrong with just being part of the hoi polloi - .LAG liked that
I thought Twitter was basically just a place to redirect FF posts to no? - Thomas Hawk
@ Steve Rubel, that certainly makes sense. Most of our readers are not here, but for some good discourse with people who will challenge your thinking, I find FF very stimulating. - Dominic Jones
Oops, I think I just insulted my blog's readers. I meant to say coming here is refreshing and interesting because it's more diverse. My blog is about one thing, and it gets a little tedious. - Dominic Jones
A must read if you have been 'on twitter' too much lately. Funny thing is the coincidence that I also started to use FriendFeed (& check SocialMedian) a couple of days ago for the same reasons. My conclusion is to push messages to t. but to microblog in a personal way on and to follow and comment on FF. Twitter just doesn't taste good anymore. - Markus Merz
I'm still using Twitter a lot but have decided to take more time for FriendFeed as well in '09. I've had an account for several months and wasn't really doing much besides checking in every once in a while. But, now I'm using it a lot more and loving the experience. - Justin Levy