Jeremiah Owyang
What Facebook’s New ‘Engagement Advertising’ Means to Brands -
I have actually been doing some investigating into this exact approach for advertising but expanding it outside a single site and approaching it from the perspective of an ad network. I truly believe that these type of more social engagement ads are ultimately the next generation of display advertising. With APIs like MySpace Data Availability and Facebook Connect allowing for pseudo data portability, it is very realistic that this type of functionality could be set up to integrate with ads on various sites the same way that text and display ads currently are. So instead of having just a fancy banner ad, it has hooks to integrate with your social graph via the user's social network of choice. Thanks so much for posting this! - Devlin Dunsmore
In Facebook's case I would actually make the point that instead of just making a new style of ad they would be well off to find a way to make an ad that is essentially a Facebook application. Applications have definitely proven that they can be many times more engaging than just traditional advertisements and this would be a great way for Facebook to finally monetize one of their most popular features while providing an advertising solution that better aligns with users' motives when in the social space. - Devlin Dunsmore
great scoop and analysis , Jeremiah. Thanks! - Ed Terpening
Thanks Ed - Jeremiah Owyang
An incredibly timely piece for me since I am pitching a Facebook ad campaign to a client next week. This post will help them *deal* with the dismal CTRs @ FB. Any advertiser on social media sites like FB need to commit to the long-term regarding advertising. Yes, that’s hard to do. But FB @ least is giving us tools *beyond* the old flyer ads. Thanx, as always! - Barbara K. Baker
I really like this post Jeremiah. I would add that engagement ads are complete bullshit unless it adds value for the user: emotional, monetary, content,..etc - it's that simple the ad has to be good -translation it has to connect and add value to the user(s) - John Furrier
Good point John - Jeremiah Owyang
Pretty much all social media has to follow the GUT rule if it is going to be effective. Genuine, useful, and thoughtful (I'm actually writing a blog post about this at the moment). Marketers can't just take the old advertising paradigm and apply it to social marketing but lately I have seen a lot more better efforts from brands than at this time last year. - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl
I think that should be GUTorF i think the funny factor can be as effective. - Allan Anderson
If you look at it from another angle funny could also be interpreted as useful. If people are surfing YouTube or Facebook looking for funny stuff and your social media catches their eye for its hilarity factor it is helping them achieve their objective. Hence it is useful. Usefulness is relative to the goals of the user and not something absolutely defined by the creator. - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl