Jeremiah Owyang
Dudes, I've been on FriendFeed for a while, not a late adopter.
I feel your pain. I've been here too, just not active until recently. The last 2-3 weeks. - Andrew Dobrow
how can anyone here be a late adopter? didn't it launch just last year? - Rob Diana
Jeremiah - you're still a Twitter King. Nothing wrong with that - very good engagement over there. But if you start to engage the FriendFeed community more, I'd expect to see your comments and 'likes' grow as well. - Hutch Carpenter
We know that. You were included in my wrap-up back in March: (Just giving you pain in the prior note) - Louis Gray
Love how Jeremiah is "Im not a late adopter"!!! Guess early adopter is a status thing now lol - Dave Peck
I don't think anyone is going to be a "late adopter" until FriendFeed is doing Myspace/Facebook traffic. That is, if FriendFeed does Myspace/Facebook traffic. - Shawn Farner
Anyone joining FriendFeed now is still an early adopter IMO - Shey
+1 Like for Shey's comment. - Hutch Carpenter
speaking of traffic, is exact number of ff users known? - Mladen Srdić from Alert Thingy
It's not possible to be a late adopter at this point. - Sam Lawrence from twhirl
OK, I just checked and the news about friendfeed opening to the public was from Feb 26. It is not even 3 months in the wild. - Rob Diana
My 1st post on FF was Christmas Eve. Ouch. - Russellreno