Jeremiah Owyang
I told DMNews that Twitter Search replacing Google Search is "overblown"
I concur with your wholeheartedly. It is way overblown as it alot of twitter hype. I really try to push this on people that are just now coming on board. - Patrick Allmond
Twitter Search complements GoogleSearch, doesn't replace it. Furthermore, there is "Social Media Search", of which Twitter Search is a sub-set of, and that includes the Commentsphere for e.g., and that's a bigger piece of the real-time web and people-centric search. - William Mougayar
I will add that Google is indexing Twitter, and what is doing is very interesting. So watch for this 1 gorilla and 1 start-up for the story on "real-time search" to fully unravel. - William Mougayar
"Overblown" yes, but Twitter Search is a rare unique player that will become more and more important each year. No one else does "real time" search quite like Twitter. - Mike Reynolds