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Louis Gray
Hours away from my friend's wedding at 4, I get spotted wearing a tux. Don't tell anybody or show them these pictures.
Photo on 2009-09-07 at 14.06.jpg
Photo on 2009-09-07 at 14.06 #2.jpg
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Here in West Hollywood, my best friend of 18 years and his boyfriend are getting married. So yes, I get to be a groomsman at a gay wedding - prop 8 or not. Should be awesome. - Louis Gray
Your secret is safe on the Internet - Kevin L
and you appear to be about 30 feet tall - Allen Stern
Sharp - Johnny
Have fun! Nice tie/waistcoat - anna sauce
I invited Derrick to the bachelor's party last night, but he couldn't come, because he had a date. :) - Louis Gray
You guys are in charge. Make sure not to look at or show anyone these photos. - Louis Gray
Nice tie! I won't tell anyone :) - bev
PS... I think that's a bag of awesomesauce tied up with a HELL YEAH bow :) - Johnny
Doesn't one normally wear a bow tie with a tux? - Oniony
You are teh hawtness, sir! - Ordinarybug Heather
Oniony- you can wear a few diff. kind of ties. - anna sauce
cool Louis! - metalerik
A force to be reckoned with! - Micah
I do know the two grooms! Congrats you crazy two, and have fun Louis. Give them my best. - Derrick
Swanky! Nice, Louis, very nice! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I hear there are other pictures ;-) - Jesse Stay
Sharp - Wayne Sutton from iPhone
It was a fantastic ceremony. One of the best weddings I have ever seen. It was traditional Jewish themed, so I am wearing a yarmulke to match the vest and tie. Lots of great friends from my teenage years. - Louis Gray from iPhone
Louis, I own a yarmulke as well - my wife brought it for me when she visited Israel - Jesse Stay
Lookin' sharp, Louis! - Ayşe E.
Spiffy, Mr. Gray. - imabonehead
"Don't tell anybody," he tells everybody. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
Can't wait to see the pics. - Derrick
I won't breathe a word, Louis. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
hi Louis, wish you can have a look at this: - kang
You need a tie with a FriendFeed logo or something - Outsanity
:D good one, Sean! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Awesome. - jan geronimo
Gay wedding with a tie,fun - Steve Chou
LOL 'Swanky' Great pic, you do look 30 feet tall! - Harold Cabezas
who is that guy? He almost looks scared about the tux! - Chris Myles
With the suit on, Louis looks like he works for a federal agency. :P - imabonehead
@imabonehead, u r right, it reminds me of agent mulder of x files - TrafficBug
Sending an "atta-girl" Mrs. Gray's way - MiniMage
hi nice to meet u... - Nylissk Letnomorg Elo
Hmmm - Louis Gray
+ a million for the whole thread. Looks like you're picking up some admirers here, Louis! Nylissk, we gotta warn you, you're ging after a married man with many admirers. You want a piece of this guy, you're gonna have to get in line - like filing a lien on a house with five mortgages and a line of credit, with outstanding remodeling bills. ;-) - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Hey, who is this guy from the past. Has he come to warn us about the future? - Eric - Final Countdown
Robert Scoble
If you are playing @foursquare you know we checked into Sequoia Hospital. More baby watch news later.
good luck! Keep us updated! - Jesse Stay
go @maryamie! and you too @scobleizer! - metalerik
Good Luck Scobles! - travispuk
hello how are u today - sam osei
hi nice to meet u... - Nylissk Letnomorg Elo
Louis Gray
Brian Solis at Introducing the FriendFeed Team -
Brian Solis at Introducing the FriendFeed Team
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Brian, as always, takes great pictures, even with questionable subjects. The pictures are from tonight's open house. - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
Great pic Louis and tell them I love them all, best product on the web right now - Thomas Power
Great photo! - Bret Taylor
Left to right, as if you didn't know already: Dan Hsiao, Casey Muller, Ana Yang, Jim Norris, Tudor Bosman, Bret Taylor, Paul Buchheit (with Camilla), Sanjeev Singh, Kevin Fox. - Tudor Bosman
yes; awesome photo! - Tudor Bosman
(Not pictured: Ben Golub, Gary Burd and Ross Miller) - Louis Gray
Some of our Turkish friends are also there Thanks for the pictures - Murat Buyurgan
Great Photo :) - Nimaa
You didn't tell me there was a FriendFeed party this week or I would have come out :-) - Jesse Stay
Tudor SMASH! - dario
Jesse: I haven't been able to make a friendfeed party for a while. We need a calendar! Heheh. - Robert Scoble
اینا هم حلقه دارن. رونوشت به مازیار و مهران اینا - Aly
Rock on, Kevin! - Josh Haley
Great PPs!!加油,Friendfeed!:))) - K.D.
That's why I love today's web : you can talk with the people that build the next web, and see those who build your current web. Congrats guys! - Zackatoustra
FriendFeed Team, I love you !!!! Thanks to you all, I'm very happy everyday!!! - @Renchin@
So that was the TGIFF ("Thank Goodness It's FriendFeed") party? Perhaps slightly off-topic, but if Camiila hasn't been betrothed yet, have I got a grandson for her ;-)) - ianf ⌘
TGIFF was excellent. Great event and great people.Thanks for the invite and hospitality. - AJ Kohn
Louis, thank you and thank you to the FriendFeed team for making a killer product and hosting a great open house! - Brian Solis
I think I spotted Hutch ( in an uncaptioned photo wearing a white "San Francisco Classic" shirt: - Daniel J. Pritchett
Yes, Daniel. That is Hutch. - Louis Gray
Fun party, great food, great hospitality. - Anne Bouey
Anne - great finally meeting you yesterday. - Hutch Carpenter
great photo, good to see the whole team together! - Jeroen De Miranda
oooh i am totally wishing i was there! Robert is right, we need a calendar! :) - Susan Beebe
Hutch: Thanks. I enjoyed chatting with you, too. - Anne Bouey
what's with the guitar? lol - Stuart Evans
(bump) Ana and Casey are now married. Here's a pic of them on the left, between Ross and Jim. Congratulations to Ana and Casey! (per - Louis Gray
:))))))))) مال بعد از عیده. اواخر فروردین فک کنم - Aly
Jesse Stay
“Fish Where the Fish Are” No Longer Applies -
Wrong. Too soon. - Louis Gray
Louis how is it too soon? It's entirely possible right now. - Jesse Stay
Look at what HuffingtonPost is doing. Look at what Digg is doing. Watch the presentation JibJab did for Facebook at TC50. There are firm stats behind this, and when it's on your own site you can actually measure it. - Jesse Stay
The tools are all there, and some are already embracing them and seeing great results. - Jesse Stay
I should add I also have a few clients, big names, all implementing similar. - Jesse Stay
Jesse Stay
It is no longer "go where your customers are", but rather "bring the location of your customers back to you"
or is it more like "stalk your customers wherever they are"? ;) - Kate
Not yet. - Louis Gray
Kate, no, it's let your customers come to you, but use the environments they're familiar with to participate right on your own brand. Check out my latest blog post for a good explanation of what I'm referring to. It's a merging of the old and new marketing - I think we're entering an even newer era of marketing. - Jesse Stay
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
My latest little art project. I've started making daily sketches of what comes up as Best of Day for myself and for my FF friends. Today I had my banana ketchup and Johnny's beard (?-2009), RIP. Seems as fitting a juxtaposition as any...
If I'd waited a few more minutes, I probably would have gotten "Johnny, shorn" instead. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Most impressive young Padawan! - Adrian
Wow. - Rahsheen
Jason, how did you know that I sketched that the other day? I'm doing larger drawings for best of week and best of month. I hope Friendfeed sticks around long enough for me to get a good-sized body of work. Wish I'd thought of this sooner... where will I go to do this if FF goes away?? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Love it! - Katy S
FF is going away?!? - Adrian
I really hope not, Adrian, but I don't know! :( - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Duuuuuuuuuuuude - Johnny from iPhone
You haz skeelz. - Spidra Webster
I was wondering about that! Good eye! That sketch was really light and incomplete. I was just getting started. Today's sketch was my most complete and nicest-looking one so far, so it's the first one I posted. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Kamilah, that's impressive. - AJ Batac
So, what happens when the comments for this or for another of these sketches makes it to Best of Day? Will you go all meta on us? - Katy S
Nice sketches! Thanks for sharing Kamilah. - Mitchell Tsai
Massive WIN! - Mo Kargas
So very awesome :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Katy, I definitely have thought about that problem... I might have to just skip over them and do the next most popular. It just depends. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
really well done. - vijay
Amazing. - Zee.
Jesse Stay
Recently my cousin's head was run over by a car. This is what's left of her helmet. My cousin completely survived because of this helmet. Please think of this before riding a bike without a helmet next time!
bike helmet.jpg
I've ridden only once without a helmet in as long as I can remember. Felt vulnerable! - Adam Loving from StumbleRead
It's true. They work. - Andrew Feinberg
wow... that's amazing. how old is your cousin jesse? - dave mcclure
dave, my cousin's 30, just 1 year younger than me - Jesse Stay from twhirl
You can read her story, in her own words here. I'm inspired: - Jesse Stay from twhirl
This happened to a friend of mine at the beginning of the month. He didn't do so good in the accident, but the helmet obviously saved his life. Thankfully is on his way home tomorrow: - Steve Lacey
I used to ride my bike without the helmet even though it is mandatory in Chennai, India. But after reading this I am not even going to the next street in my bike without helmet. - Sudar
I never wear a helmet. When hearing things like this, I always think of this article. In the Netherlands no one wears a helmet. It seems safe to me. - Peter Stuifzand
I was hit while riding to work in summer 2006 & did not want anyone to touch my helmet at all costs. If my brain was scrambled, I did not want anyone to touch my egg:) I highly recommend a helmet especially if you think you will not need one! Mine was almost the same color too & manufacturer, but there is no conspiracy there:) - Roney Smith
Bicyclists/motorcyclists that don't wear helmets are better called future organ donors - Brian Sullivan
Thanks for sharing. I ride often at traffic time between cars. always wear my helmet...itsg good to know that It does work :) - jonathan from twhirl
that's incredible... - Jamie Allen from twhirl
Wow, glad to hear your friend is doing well after that. I agree, helmets save lives. Regardless, I've many intentional close-calls by drivers who don't want to share the road. Unfortunately, this is the common attitude where I live (southern US). - pete
we wear helmets for everything: mtb, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding & even surfing - skulls are fragile why not put a protective layer around it (i also try real hard to not ride on streets - a high percentage of drivers are oblivious to bike riders)... - mike "glemak" dunn
I always ride in my helmet and stay to bike lanes as much as possible. Nice to know the safety tools work. Now, if I can just avoid that NYPD cop with a penchant for knocking people off their bikes. Hopefully, he won't transfer to LAPD. - Jason Toney
Peter Stuifzand, my cousin would be dead if she did not wear her helmet. That article is BS. Wear your helmet! - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Point blank. You are a moron if you ride without a helmet. Sorry, but that's true and you're just going to play into Darwinian theory should you continue to ride without one. Any 'real' cyclist (e.g - you've been hit by a car - and yes, I have been) will tell you this without reservation. Helmets work without a doubt. - AJ Kohn
I survived a nasty motorcycle crash in my youth and would also be dead without that helmet - which cracked in 2 like an egg (that would have been my head, as the nurse aptly put it!). - Susan Beebe
A friend who's a cop refers to motorcycles as donorcycles whenever she sees someone riding without a helmet. I figure that applies for bicycles, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I was on the way to work Monday morning while it was raining, when the third car in front of me spun out of control and flipped twice into a ditch. When I pulled over to help her out she was just fine. She only had a scratch on her left shoulder from the broken window and was not hurt anywhere else. THE REASON: She was wearing her seat belt. It's nice to hear that these devices are actually helping us! - David Cook
Wow! I wear mine! Didn't for years - I was lucky I guess. Thanks for posting that! - matthew hunt
OMG... Jesse, do you have a link other than here on FF? I have friends whose kids refuse to wear theirs, and seeing this may help. - Cyndy
Cyndy why not just link here - - Brian Sullivan
Dutch don't wear helmets and they don't get killed by cars - Peter Stuifzand
Actually they do get killed by cars. But culturally they are not inclined to wear helmets. - Brian Sullivan
Cyndy, with this being dug out of the grave, I just noticed your question. That particular picture is from my cousin's blog here: You can read the full story here: Search for "run over by car" and you can read about her entire ordeal. - Jesse Stay
My brother would not be alive today if he did not wear his helmet while riding his motorcycle; please wear a helmet! - Sandra
man - Shey
If it's nice enough to ride, I probably won't be bothering with the human-powered bike any longer. I always wear a helmet on my gas-powered bike. - MiniMage
As long as we won't have mountains, we Dutch will not wear those things. Otherwise we won't be able to recognise the tourists on bikes. - Ton Zijp
Thanks for sharing - I had a mishap with a car, wasn't wearing a helmet at the time, was lucky. If they don't see you, it doesn't matter either way. Wear the helmet! - Rick Bucich
This isn't as extreme as this but when I fell off my bike onto a sidewalk and broke my arm, I thought I was fine for a while. Later, my dad noticed that the whole front of my helmet was all scratched up and the visor in front was torn off! I realized that if I wasn't wearing my helmet on the 2 minute trip down the road, I probably wouldn't be typing this comment right now! Not that I'd be dead but I would have suffered some head damage, limiting my ability to do most things. - Kevin Lyons
Helmets for cyclists are mandatory in Australia. Still gives me the shudders when I'm travelling and see bareheaded bicyclists on the roads. - Kate Foy
Mark Krynsky
My family is a big fan of Wipeout but I had difficulty watching the show tonight
Hahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!! - Mona Nomura
Go on everyone...let it out. I'm more than happy to have all my FF friends have a chuckle at my expense. It's the least I could hope for today. - Mark Krynsky
That would work in a pinch. - Louis Gray
The only thing that could make them worse is if they were blue. - Mark Krynsky
Just a cut above the rest. - Louis Gray
Louis, I think we wore out the rimshot on the other thread. - Mark Krynsky
/Hangs up - Louis Gray
Oh yea if it just 3 characters shy of making a difference :) - Mark Krynsky
Dan Hsiao
Food Gal » Inside the Cafe at Facebook Headquarters -
Food Gal » Inside the Cafe at Facebook Headquarters
Food Gal » Inside the Cafe at Facebook Headquarters
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"Black mission figs with Serrano ham. Tiny beef meatballs with pine nuts and sweet yellow peaches. Tender braised rabbit with moscatel, cinnamon, and fresh cherries. And rich chocolate roulade cake shot through with rum. That was only a small portion of my incredible Spanish lunch last week at the Palo Alto headquarters of Facebook. After all, social networking — and creating the tools to do it — sure does work up a hefty appetite. No one knows that better than Josef Desimone, Facebook’s “culinary overlord.” And yes, that is his real title." - Dan Hsiao from Bookmarklet
That was an excellent lunch. I remember it well :) - Paul Buchheit
So is Facebook the new Google? :P - imabonehead
It's the same kitchen staff as far as I can tell (a subset, obviously). - Paul Buchheit
That's much better than the FriendFeed cafeteria! - Gabe
La Fiesta is awesome too Gabe. I miss mexican mondays, however I really like the added variety of a cafe where the menu changes every day. For example, the ox tail stew that they served yesterday was very good (as was the chicken). - Paul Buchheit
The shrimp I had my first day in the office was great but this menu sounds much better. - Benjamin Golub
What if you just have a serious jonesing for a cheezburger? - Ordinarybug Heather
WHOA. - Andrew C (✔)
i would get so fat if I worked there. I LOVE FOOD! - Jeannie Choi
Looks delicious. I think I'm jealous! Have you guys relocated to PA? - T-Ho
Can you bring guests? :))) - Anne Bouey
YUM :) I wanna bite! - Susan Beebe
One of the most worthwhile posts I have ever come across in friendfeed. - TrafficBug
Yummy! - NashvilleDeals
That's it! I am coming to visit you! - Rebecca Sun
Rebecca, what you really mean is you're coming to visit Facebook's cafe and will happen to see me while here. ;) - Dan Hsiao
Exactly. =^) - Rebecca Sun
[From the Simpsons, quote presented over multiple comments to preserve some of the formatting:] - Andrew C (✔)
Sherri: [to Lisa] Isn't it amazing the same day you got a pool is the same day we realized we liked you? - Andrew C (✔)
Terri: The timing worked out great, don't you think? - Andrew C (✔)
Robert Scoble
Why Twitter is underhyped and is probably worth five to 10 billion dollars -
Posted via web from scobleizer's posterous - Robert Scoble from Posterous
I was thinking about this today - I don't remember 4 or 5 entire tech conferences devoted to just Facebook in a single year. That makes me think something's different about Twitter. Maybe you're right on the reasons - I'm not sure what it is, but Twitter has the celebrity appeal that is drawing more people percentage-wise than Facebook. Interesting to see if Facebook can turn things around (I have faith they will). - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I've talked with dozens of businesses and they all say Facebook isn't working as well for them. - Robert Scoble
Facebook needs to fix the fundamental issues I laid out in that post before businesses will get excited. Hopefully the FriendFeed team can help them there. - Robert Scoble
Twitter is so much more live, fun, exciting, happening! - Marilyn Jansen Lopes
Robert yeah - that's why I was one of the few excited about the FriendFeed acquisition. I think it has the chance to fix those problems. I agree completely. In the meantime I'm going to make Facebook better for business on SocialToo. :-) - Jesse Stay
i think robert's hit it on the head. FB is simply too cumbersome and too information-poor to be of value to businesses; twitter's extreme simplicity ("just" a stream) and ability to be mined make it easy and valuable for businesses to use. i'm on a trip to nyc right now and am amazed at how much local businesses have picked up using Twitter. - empireofno
Sigh, Posterous is still not working for me. Not good. - Robert Scoble
They're out for a beer... - Gus
Posterous is back now. - Gus
Gus: it's still down here. Hmmm. - Robert Scoble
Gus, it's now working again, thanks! - Robert Scoble
Twitter is open to the world. Facebook content is only really fully open if you subscribe. Facebook has an image problem where business is concerned, basically it's perceived to be full of kids wittering on about drunken nights out. Similar opinions could be held about Twitter but successes are easy to see and the 140 character limit also limits the bullshit. Twitter is an old fashioned... more... - Gilbert Harding
It so baffling how such a mess of a site that is USELESS w/out a 3rd party app has such a HUGE adoption rate. On second thought, I blame you guys, Robert & co., for bringing the masses over. Now, no one wants to leave! ;) - Mona Nomura
it's not the site itself that is really the useful part, it's the platform it has become. Actually, I'd venture to say that, since most people still use the web interface, it explains why most people still don't see the power of Twitter. I've always disliked it, but it's success in penetrating...uh...everything cannot be denied. - Rahsheen
The power? What power? Search is ALWAYS borked. #Useless #LOL - Mona Nomura
Maybe power is a little strong, LOL. I've never noticed the search being broken, though. - Rahsheen
@rasheen @mona - it's irrelevant whether the useful part is the site or a third party app. No third party would exists without Twitter. How smart is to let others do the hard work at your place (if you'll be able to make money from this)? ;-) - Markingegno - Donato
Maybe it's the tools I use (or don't use) - pre Gnomedex I had two people monitoring on Tweet Deck, two on Co-Tweet, and Chris would monitor via web...and whatever he uses. We'd STILL have discrepancies. Baffling. - Mona Nomura
:) Meant to comment here..copying text from above. I am a total geek w/ my hands on my keyboard 71% of a 24 hr. day, yet I frequently find myself frustrated w/ FB's extremely non intuitive web interface...Now....that being said ~ today I found myself conversing fast, fluid & furious very Tweet-Like from the new FB iPhone App while lounging at the Pool...Who knows what I'm talking about?... more... - Zaneology
Facebook's design is definitely crap and makes the site a PITA to use for me. Too much going on. - Rahsheen
I think Twitter is super over-hyped. Five to 10 billion? That's way too much, comparing to traditional industries. Take for example Israeli company Iscar ( that is considered a world leading supplier of precision carbide metal working tools (cutting tools), has billions of dollars in revenues, employs thousands of workers all around the world and reports an average of 15%... more... - Nir Ben Yona
O_O 5-10 BILLION? noooo way.. maybe 550 million at MAX, but no billion dollar ranges. - Kevin Nunez
I agree w/ billion - the entire market is shifting because of social media, led by Twitter. - Mona Nomura
Scobleizer: I could not disagree with you more about "Facebook needs to fix the fundamental issues I laid out in that post before businesses will get excited". Look at companies like Zynga who are making high double digit to low triple digit millions on top of the Facebook platform. Also Playfish, Slide, Playdom, etc. You're just wrong on this one--businesses are already there, and making lots of money. - Eric Florenzano
after years of avoiding it, I broke down and registered for a FB account. the inability for me to choose whatever user name I want is close to a deal breaker for me. But I went ahead and registered anyway. After 30 minutes I got tired of all of the customization and quit. - jbrotherlove
mmm posterous down.. - Ouriel Ohayon
Go you halves Robert - Michael McGimpsey
So far, facebook and twitter have the same problem: monetization (I read your post about Sushi restaurants paying to list coupons next to their mentions in search results which could have some legs but it still needs to be proven). The other problem for twitter is the sign up process: it is still way too hard to find the right people based on your interests and as a result a lot of... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
Here's my full response: - Jesse Stay
Just as AIM was adopted by the masses in the late 90's, Twitter is being adopted now. I think, in the next decade, competing services will arise making Twitter just one service among several status/comment services feeding into a more broad (more robust) platform that has yet to be defined. Just as you can now chat between AIM and Yahoo IM, you'll be able to interact between Twitter and... more... - Gus
I not sure that you're right, Robert. But I'm not sure that you're wrong either. Twitter going for that price would kick off another tech bubble. - Roberto Bonini
I don't think I could ever engage with Twitter in its current form. The reason why businesses and celebrities like it is that it's so simple. The can post updates from their mobile phones and look at their follower count and feel good about themselves being popular. But I doubt that most people see more than 1% of the tweets from the people they follow. I also don't think that they can be worth anything like $5B because they have no assets. - James Myatt
From posterous: Wow.. I completely disagree!! Yes it is good for the duration of a tweet and maybe even the duration of it's search (two weeks), but the entire world doesn't think/work within such a limited window. Yes the twitter environment is successful, but where would twitter be without all the layers and add-ons that actually make it easy to use? You can't (fully) figure that into... more... - Chris Myles
Did anyone else experience this? When I read the title I had this image of Scoble with a Dr. Evil (Austin Powers) voice over.. "Twitter is worth ... 5 BILLION dollars"!! - Chris Myles
we need to wait for the Facebook/FF/Linkedin $1bn revenue IPO before we place that value on Twitter. An FB/FF/LI combination could justify a $10bn IPO in 2010. Twitter can't (yet). - Thomas Power
Robert, this looks way off dude. 'Underhyped', what else is more hyped than Twitter these days? And how did you figure the $5-10 B valuation? It may end up being worth something, but wonder if any businesses actually quantified their ROI of using Twitter. Most seem to be on the bandwagon but fumbling in the dark trying to figure out if it means anything or not. - Nalin Perera
Facebook got a jewel with the FriendFeed acquisition. The ability to create publicly available informaiton and track the social web is there for the taking, if they pursue it. - Hutch Carpenter
@edwk / Edwin, totally agree with you that Twitter has huge issues in the user discovery department without the use of third party tools. It is pretty much inexcusable that they, instead of pushing the foolish "Suggested Users" thing, haven't simply INDEXED THE BIOS to allow (new) users to search over those with a simple searchbox: "What are you interested in? [type a keyword]"... more... - Alex Schleber
Great post Robert, Arrington and Gillmor were already preaching something similar and we definitely need strong Twitter competition now. - Alberto Saavedra
Alex. I did not know about thanks for the heads up. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Whether Twitter is worth $5+ billion today is an unfortunate focus here. I pay attention to how attractive Twitter is becoming to small and LOCAL businesses, small organizations, and small events--particularly in these tough economic times. It reminds me a lot of how small scale customers saw Google AdWords when it first became available. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the... more... - Loren Heiny
I think Twitter was stupid to turn down the $500 million offer from facebook. I doubt if Twitter will ever earn that kind of revenue in my lifetime. - Garin Kilpatrick
Jesse Stay
I think I am going to try to rid myself of "Tweet" from my vocabulary - it is hereby "post" #twittersnottheonlysocialnetwork
Please, yes, no more Tweet as verb OR noun. Go generic. - Patrick LaForge
I've felt the same way since day one, but have been going along with the fad. I'm with you. - motownmutt
Can somebody humor me and explain why the negative reaction to "tweet" to a describe a post on Twitter? - Andre P. Siregar
It's just too damn cutesy-pie. Plus Twitter wants to trademark it, I've heard, which means we'd also have to capitalize it. Why create a word when English has perfectly adequate ones already? - Patrick LaForge
Andre, my reasoning: It ties you to one network. Most of my posts are sent to multiple networks. I own my content, not Twitter. "Tweet" is a culture specific to Twitter. - Jesse Stay
Not really so much a negative, but it's site-specific. Every where else I can think of on the internet, an update is a post, or a comment. Not that big a deal, really. Just a realistic eye to the future when twitter isn't the belle of the ball any more. - motownmutt
Nothing wrong with using 'tweet' if you're just posting to Twitter. Otherwise, yes, it makes sense to say 'post.' - Herb Hernandez
Thanks :-) - Andre P. Siregar
I'm interested in Patrick's take, given his New York Times position. I've got no problem with "tweet". Language changes all the time. And "tweet" carries with it the connotations of the Twitter experience, something "post" does not. - Hutch Carpenter
Archiviare sotto: guru della domenica, i social, mondivirtualihiphiphurrà. - Nicola D'Agostino
Hai proprio ragione, Nicola. Tra l'altro non condivido previsioni tipo la prima: come dissi a Dicembre a Nicola Mattina, più che nuovi player mi aspetto un'aggregazione tra quelli esistenti e l'acquisizione FF-FB lo conferma - Roberto from fftogo
Aydin Senkut
Just became a US citizen today along with 1251 people from 112 countries
Just became a US citizen today along with 1251 people from 112 countries
Congrats! When I naturalized they asked if I had been a Nazi/Communist Party member. Do they still do that? - Richard Chen
They absolutely do :) - Aydin Senkut from email
Congratulations! I imagine you got to watch a recorded "welcome" video message from President Obama. I became a US citizen in 2007, so I was welcomed by GWB :) - Tudor Bosman
Woohoo! Well done1 - Ross
Congratulations! My day was April 21, 1999. A big event for me. - Dimitrios Diamantaras
Aww congrats!!! I've spoken to people who after NINE years are still working on becoming citizens - Becca
Becca: it took me 9 1/4 years from the time I first set foot on US soil (as a student on a F-1 visa) until I got my US citizenship. It was a long process but not very difficult in my case: work visa (H-1B) after I graduated and got a job offer from Oracle, then they applied for my green card (thankfully before 9/11). Once I got my permanent residency (green card), all I had to do was wait for 5 years (the law requires you to be a permanent resident for 5 years before being eligible for citizenship). - Tudor Bosman from email
Thanks ! I waited 10 years from my eligibility, 19 years from my first entry to the US :) It really was special A - Aydin Senkut from email
And what would happen if you were a member of the communist party? - Paul Grav
If your a communist... you disappear - Steve Sill
Congrats, Aydin! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations! - Spidra Webster
congrads, dont let it ruin your heart, :) - chaz2b
Congrats! - Matt Cutts
Welcome to the madhouse. - Steve C, Team Marina
Congratulations! Now please choose a side and start screaming. <Kidding... Mostly.> - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Congratulations! That is great. My father's best friend was naturalized 10 years ago. He is originally from Wales. - Nile Flores
Congratulations! - Ruchira S. Datta
congtats! did that myself few years ago. - Vadim Zaliva
Mazel Tov! Becoming a citizen is a great thing to be. :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
congrats, great job - Tweet Feeds
Congratulations! I wonder if you could write long blog post how did you do it :) - Ihar Mahaniok
Congratulations, that is just awesome! - (dot)lizard kelly
congrats your profile pic seem to sync with the moment - testbeta
Congratulations, enjoy the freedom! - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
Congratulation, welcome to a wonderful if slightly nutty and disorganized country - Kim Landwehr
Congrats Aydin! We're bad-ass. - Arawak
Congratulations! Don't forget to give blood! I say that because a) it's good to do it, and b) it will further undermine the crazy nationalists. ;-) - Absentee
Chris Saad
Testing out a new feature on Echo - can you guess what it is? -
It is integrated. - Louis Gray
Been waiting for this one :). Here's a hint: - Benjamin Golub
I'm not going to announce it - see who picks it up first heh - Chris Saad
Nice hint, Ben, in terms of those showing up as native FF posts. (vs. bookmark) - Louis Gray
Oooo, ok, now this is interesting. gonna force me to switch yet. - SolidSmack
@SolidSmack if there was a beginning and an end, this would be way before the beginning of what we have planned for you :) - Love your site btw - awesome designs - Chris Saad
Robert Scoble
Because @jowyang didn't tell me where he's going and I learned it anyway I am very tempted to tell the world to mess up his launch. :-)
so a startup then.. - Zee.
But I won't, because he's my friend and so are the other people involved. :-) - Robert Scoble
Hmmmm... - Simon Young
I hear he'll announce it "within days" and it's a pretty interesting gig. - Robert Scoble
When will we find out Robert? - Dave "Freedom 35"
Are there cameras involved? - Simon Young
Funny. He didn't tell me because he thought I would tell everyone. :-) - Robert Scoble
so go ahead and tell us! : ) - Teri Gidwitz
Teri: believe me, I'm tempted, just to teach him a lesson! :-) - Robert Scoble
What I want to know: Who will replace him at Forrester? - Dave "Freedom 35"
BTW, I dig the new avatar, glad the green is gone ;) - Keith - @tsudo
Will he be interviewed on Building43? - Simon Young
Dave: not possible to replace him, sorry. - Robert Scoble
Well, payback is always worse. They're recruiting for a replacement at Forrester. Go look at his "former" blog; HR guy posted. - Teri Gidwitz
Same here. Green was getting a bit putrid. - Dave "Freedom 35"
Simon: nah, it's not a building43 kind of thing. - Robert Scoble
Big shoes indeed. - Dave "Freedom 35"
Oh. Interesting! - Simon Young
Nice going Robert, we all are looking forward to knowing when the time comes. - courtney benson
Damn... I got excited for a second that I may be among the first to know what he's up to. I guess I'll wait to find out along with everyone else! - Jodi Echakowitz
Daniel: it could be "JeremiahGate!" :-) - Robert Scoble
FF is pretty cool for these kinds of flash news teasers. :) - Dave "Freedom 35"
James: real time TV: Heheh. - Robert Scoble
James: FriendFeed's real time search engine has a lot of cool features that never were explored. I really hope that's what they are going to do for Facebook. - Robert Scoble
thx Robert ....thats super cool - Johni Fisher
Amazon? - Jesse Stay
Jesse: no and not Facebook either. :-) - Robert Scoble
Either your going to be a big tease or a tattle tale either of which will get you beaten up on the playground, so stop it (: - Kim Landwehr from BuddyFeed
DBAD - Josh Haley
Kim: heheh. - Robert Scoble
Robert. You're a friend, but you've a habit of breaking news --sometimes when folks aren't ready. It's not personal, but I just know your traits. I'm going to brief you in detail on Wed. We can do a video if you'd like --I'll come to you. Hugs? - Jeremiah Owyang
awww... ;-) - Chris Heath
Robert - hug Jeremiah, do the video - but insist he brings that little dog with him. IT is cute :) - Rob La Gesse
Will Robert put away his (fake) wounded pride and interview Jeremiah on Wednesday? Oh yes, he will - and now we have a deadline. Good work Robert! - Kami Huyse
bring @goodboyrumba along for the video! :) - Rachel Luxemburg
Jeremiah: :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
OK, can we flashmob to celebrate Jeremiah's new gig right after the interview? - Elliott Ng
Jeremiah: here is the deal. I am not under embargo but already know the news. So I think I will call Arrington because you didn't embargo me. Oh, and I +do+ keep embargoes. I am even keeping a secret about two things you will learn in the morning. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I still struggle with my 7 year old son to not steal his siblings' thunder in matters important to them. It's not easy for him. - Josh Haley
I know those two things, Robert. - Louis Gray
I know a lot of things, not even just two, but maybe not the two you are thinking of - Jesse Stay
Kami, I saw Robert yesterday, and I asked him if I'd hurt his feelings, he said "yes". Robert and I go back, there was a time (ustream launch) where we well, didn't coordinate on news. He's truly a friend, and someone I respect as a media trailblazer --but I need to get everything coordinated. To be clear, he was on the list of folks I'd brief in detail --others just got cursory info. - Jeremiah Owyang
Here's a long discussion on where Jeremiah Owyang will be going next. Interesting discussion developing on embargoes and 'bloggers' - Drew B
Lets figure out where he is going. Who is in most need of Jeremiahs incredible intelligence on social media? - Nisse
Drew, is it interesting that Robert is threatening me that I didn't tell him? Should bloggers assert themselves to get news? (it's a bit fun watching him get antsy) - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah, I find the continual embargo deiscussions fascinating. I hope your trust is respected here. - Drew B from email
Is he going to disneyland? - Cliff Gerrish
Jeremiah: my feelings were hurt because you told pretty much everyone else in the industry other than me. Here's a hint: they can't keep their mouths shut either. But I will. You will know tomorrow that I actually do know the news. But the other deal is that you're wrong. I've kept hundreds of embargoes over the past year and haven't leaked them to anyone. If you weren't a friend and... more... - Robert Scoble
So they want the publicity you can bring but want to control the timing and message. I would be inclined to not agree as well. Sounds like you are being used. - Brian Sullivan
I hear news all the time about people who aren't necessarily friends but would generally want the news quiet - does this mean I should start leaking those details? I'm not sure the right answer to that. The problem though is often the way I hear about that information is through other friends who were trusted to keep the info private. Is it worth betraying the trust of those friends as well? - Jesse Stay
The problem comes maybe when you are "friends" with everybody but also are trying to be a legitimate reporter at the same time. We criticize television and newspaper reporters for this all the time but tech reportage seems to get a pass. - Brian Sullivan
Jesse, yeah your situations seem tough because if you leak, you're a jackass because someone else can't keep their mouth shut. - Chris Heath
Brian: everyone uses me, I'm used to it, it's part of the role I play in life. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, I was planning on telling you before the announcement --and the offer still stands. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, that wasn't my intent. - Jeremiah Owyang
What's the point here?? - Andru Edwards
nothing really andru, I say we just move along and let Robert and I handle this offline. Clearly, we need to work this out. - Jeremiah Owyang
Talking to Scoble now, I apologized. I take back what I said above, he's not broken any embargos in a while and I take that charge back. I also briefed him, as a friend, and more. Sorry Robert, I crossed the line. - Jeremiah Owyang
Ari - that's my guess too. - Hutch Carpenter
Now watch Scoble jump to Streamy right now to tell what Jeremiah is doing next. Ha! - Bryan R. Adams
This is funny! "JeremiahGate" got love it :) - Susan Beebe
Scoble is very good at keeping secrets and creating Buzz! :) - Susan Beebe
Thanks Jeremiah! Excited for you. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I want a "Gate" named after me :-) - Jesse Stay
Robert, excellent start at creating the "buzz" for @jowyang 's launch LOL - j damon brown
Link Baiting 101: Start a fight with Scoble. - Jason Calacanis
Once again, calacanis ftw - Chris Heath from iPhone
Dude, why would you do that? I knew where you were going both times, and I kept it to myself. I coulda broken it, but why violate trust. - Jeremy Pepper
Jeremy: who you talking to? No one has violated any trust. We're all cool now anyway. - Robert Scoble
Jeremy: and when I left Microsoft someone DID violate my trust and leaked it within hours. So what? It all works out. Coordination is overrated. - Robert Scoble
LOL Jason. But Robert is right, co-ordination can be overrated. - Ian Betteridge
Group hug. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah - your recognition and classifications/categorizations of trends and strategies is truly unique. Thank you for all you've done at Forrester. Whatever your new role is, I hope you'll continue to share your thoughts. - A Mitchell
Robert Scoble
Steve Rubel's life is on this:
It is a LaCie IAmAKey -- it is an 8 gig USB key that is encrypted with TrueCrypt. - Robert Scoble from email
Steve Rubel is a genius! - Eric
Who is smarter Steve Rubel or Robert Scoble? - Eric
I love that USB/key. What is the make of it? - MikeonTV
Rubeleizer - Eric
You can't open a door with that. Useless :)) - Burçak Çubukçu
Nice carpet. - AlpB.
looks like this is it! - MikeonTV
I have that exact key, bought it after Steve posted about it on his Posterous. - Jim Graham
Don't lose your keys - does he have a fix for that too? - Jesse Stay
I am such a groupie I am over at Scobles and I bought one - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
'You have to turn your key, sir!' - Akiva
@Francine "Scobles" hahaha - Brandon
Blogged on it here: (Steve Rubel introduced me) - Louis Gray
Everything about this pic makes me think it was taken in the 70s except for the gadget and clear resolution. - beersage
Remove the shit had :D - Cengiz Akyazı
I'm sure he has a backup of his life though. - ilternet
Paul Buchheit
Does the organization accommodate the individual, or does the individual accommodate the organization?
Depends on the value of each -- who needs the other more? - Eric Borisch
Both, if the organization is nice. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Depends on the organization. The company I work for is very accommodating to the individual; other jobs in the past were not. When the organization is not accommodating most individuals either bent to their will or left the organization. - FFing Enigma
If it's a good fit, a little of both, and the resulting organization is more effective. If one or the other is inflexible, it's a bad match and both need to recognize it ASAP. - Ken Sheppardson
Paul - Random thought or FB needs to re-think your workspace ?? - Charlie Anzman
I guess a lot of folks here are concerned about how one organization accommodates another organization. ;) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Both must adapt - if the organization is not enriched, and if the individual is not benefited, the relationship withers - Aaman (Clone of FF)
both ! - Nayan
depends on the role of individual - imran
This is more of a thinking question than an answering question... - Paul Buchheit
Hahaha!! Maybe FF should let posters turn comments "off" :) - Carter ♥ JS
Comments are good Carter -- I just wanted to point out that this is not a question that has a general answer. - Paul Buchheit
I think FB is ok with taking pets to work.... Initially, the individual accommodates the organization; If the individual is influential and supported, the individual can change behaviors of folks, leading to changed attitudes, leading to changed culture, leading to an organization that is accommodating to needs to all individuals. - Dickey Singh
Funny coincidence, talking about organizations. I actually wrote a thesis paper for my MBA program about "Facebook as a Complex Adaptive System". I'll have to post that on the blog at some point. Anyway, it's a really interesting way to think about companies like Google and Facebook. - Carter ♥ JS
Organizations are made of people aren't they? - Todd Hoff
Ideally both, as in any successful relatioship. However, in practice it is usually the individual who is more accomodating, by choice or perhaps based on fear of job loss. - Janice from fftogo
second option - Elmira Gazizova
It depends on whether m1v1 is greater than m2v2. (i.e. the size of the company and its relatively complacency versus the will and energy of the individual). - DGentry
Personally dun think there is a simple answer to this. Depends on the stage of life of the individuals and his/her needs. Single or family, etc. - Lim, Kok Kim
if you own the organisation it is a trivial question. - abdellah
its the organization accomodate the individual. nothing is absolutely 100% of course but it's more this way than other way around. this way you maintain change and adaptability as well.. it's like a key IE philosphy, you design the work for the worker, not the worker for the work. - ugurarcan
Often, it depends on the percentage equity you hold. - Louis Gray
@louis you make me smile :) - abdellah
Customers don't know what they really want. - Amit Morson
Both. There has to be some flexibility for both to make reasonable adjustments. - thegeniusfiles
abdellah: +1 - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Depends on the personality. ;) - Clare Dibble
abdellah, I would argue that it is most, not least, critical to you if you "own" the organization. Although I guess it depends on what you mean by critical. - Clare Dibble
This topic is deeply fascinating to me personally. In my thesis I introduced ENTs (Emergent Node Tree structures) to model groups in noncooperative game theory, as I thought the cooperative game theory model didn't capture the full range of possibilities. I recently started reading _Genetic and Cultural Evolution of Cooperation_ which I'm finding very interesting. - Ruchira S. Datta
Big global organizations and states enable social networks and individual freedom... And, structures of state and big organizations have originated from client relationships.. - Vlad Hrouda
The Organization depend on the Individual to a certain extent. Some individuals can easily be replaced ;) The Individual depends heavily on the Organization if they want to be able to make a contribution toward success. Am i wrong? I guess my point is that Individuals are more vulnerable than the Organization as a whole. I guess for some true innovation to take place you need to connect the two. Isn't that the role of the Manager ;) - Jan Friman
Why are you asking? :) Things work best when an individual and organization are compatible with each other. An organization is going to attract certain types of individuals, and an individual is going to be attracted to certain types of organizations. I've been involved in two situations (so far) in which my company was bought by another company. While I've had to learn new things because of the way the acquiring organization operated, in the end it all worked out for the best. - John E. Bredehoft
The organization changes the individual and vice versa. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
All depends. I unfortunately witnessed a situation where each accommodated the other, and then the organization reneged. When it's both accommodating willingly, anything is possible. - Rob Schieber
In terms of "toeing the line", I think the individual accommodates the business; "you will submit your timesheets by date X", "you will use Microsoft Office", etc. - Andrew Terry
Benjamin Golub
First day working at Facebook: updated my network and job info to make it official.
Good luck, man! - Andrew
I'm standing by waiting for 300 Turkish posts... - Stephen Mack
I'm not nearly as popular as Bret :) - Benjamin Golub
I like how it's now not official until you update your Facebook info. - Akiva
congrads, :) - chaz2b
You may not be as "popular" but you've been a guest on FFundercats, which puts you in very elite company. - Laura Norvig
You survived the first day? I'd have thought that the FriendFeed team would have been eaten by a grue, after moving to Facebook. ;) - Tyson Key
Congrats on the new job! Hope you enjoy it as much as FF! - Anne Bouey
Congrats Benjamin! So did you have to move to Cali or are you allowed to work remotely and occasionally make visits to the office for meetings still? - LonelyBob
OK answer the really important questions- how's the cubicle situation? Good coffee? Access to bathrooms? What's the noise level like? Commute? - anna sauce
Anna: I don't work at Fb, but the new offices are really nice. I really like them. And the random chess boards, ping pong tables, and random war rooms. - Ben Parr
Ben is The Man. No amount of non-English comments will change that. :) - Josh Haley
You've come a long way, Benjamin. Want me to go find the first time we ever talked about RSSmeme or your other projects? It'll be like the first dollar bill on the wall. :) - Louis Gray
I enjoyed following that trek as well. Best of luck Benjamin! - Charlie Anzman
wow, that was fast! Do you get facebook schwag now? :) - Susan Beebe
Ben has not reported back :( - anna sauce
anna: I can't answer a lot of those questions as I work from Rochester, NY - Benjamin Golub
laura "@pistachio" fitton
Almost universally, people planning commercial events/insisting "no budget/we don't pay speakers" are themselves getting paid. Just saying.
I have a huge annoyance with this as well. - Jesse Stay
Let me just play devil's advocate here as a speaker and as an organizer. How do you code this in your budget. I consider it marketing my business as a consultant. You have to get out and be seen as an expert. I don't expect organizers to pay me to market my own business. - Jim Turner
Jim, I agree with you there, but after you get so many of these, it stops becoming marketing and begins to hurt your overall benefit from the engagement. I'm sure Laura's in that boat. There have been times during the year I have too - some times time can be better spent elsewhere in marketing your business than just speaking for free. I see both points, but I think that's Laura's... more... - Jesse Stay
Jim, there's also the bias side of things. If you're not getting paid to speak, you're more likely to spend your time speaking in promoting your business so you do make the money you need. A paid speaker generally should have no bias. - Jesse Stay
its the jeff pulver model - sean percival
Sean, care to explain? (or have a link?) - Jesse Stay
At the point it begins to hurt, just say "No". It's tough i know. I am still paying a credit card off that I use to pay for tickets and hotels. I sell myself not from the stage but in the hall at at the networking events. Many times it is a loss for me to do this, but overall it is a branding experience as well. You never know when something like this is going to pay off. I had someone... more... - Jim Turner
"Yeah its not actually free, but there are 100 people standing in line to be in your spot." - great point, Jim. - Jesse Stay
This is a great conversation - would love to see Laura in here, too. - Jesse Stay
If there are 100 people who can give an audience what I give them, in the way I give it to them, I shouldn't get paid. - Jeff "RESPRES" Turner
Bret Taylor
First day at Facebook!
Tüüü - sunipeyk
say hi to Mark for know Mark Zuckerberg, from Shawn - sofarsoShawn
how are u getting on Bret?have a blast - Pam Gwenzi
Scandal.! - Kaan Ukturk
+1 cem :Dgözlerimden yaş geldi... - Betül
bret Türkçe öğren de gel :) - Halit Altunterim
Bak görüyor musun Bret? ne varsa bizde var yine! Hani nerede Amerikalı kullanıcılar, hepsi senden yüz çevirdiler, ahh ahhh :) - mcd
@emre bu videodaki bret'ten davet falan alırsa sebebi sen olursun biliyorsun dimi :) - Halit Altunterim
Türkçe yakın zamanda dünya dili olacak diyorlardı, o zaman geldi demek :) - İhsan Çandır
Hope you have a great first week! You know you're starting your new job just as the kids are going back to school. Just think of your first day at work like your first day at a new school. - Pete D from iPhone
Pete, araya girme lan :) - İhsan Çandır
Bret hepimizin hesabını silecekmiş. - mcd
Silse siler, ama Zuckerberg abimiz var neyseki, o izin vermez :) - İhsan Çandır
Look bret. We counted how many people! :) - Halit Altunterim
Merak ettim şimdi, adam merak edip birisine ricayla ya da parayla bunları çevirttiriyor mudur ki? - İhsan Çandır
bence google translate den çözmeye çalışıyor yazdıklarımızı! - Betül
Ama bize de ayıp, adam heyecanlı, paylaşıyor, facebookda ilk günü yahu. :D Way to go mann! I am sure you ll be doing a great job there. Good luck :) - mcd
bu anlamlarında yeterince yakıcı olduğunu düşünüyorum - aydın
Belki çok canlarını sıkarsak adamlar hırs yapar, Türkçe kursuna gider, varsa tabi :) - İhsan Çandır
ahahahahh:D - Cansu Elter
oktay sinanoğlunun bir kitabı vardı bye bye türkçe bir newyork rüyası diye...orda herkes türkçe konuşuodu vs. filan o rüyayı dolaylı da olsa burda gerçekleştirdik.emeği geçen tüm arkadaşlara yürekten sevgiler ve saygılar! - Betül
LMAO Sen adamlar eğlendirici - sofarsoShawn
@sofarsoshawn lol u just google translated - AlpB.
Ulen devlet yasaklamadı, kendimizi yasaklattıracağız, rahat duramıyoruz :) - İhsan Çandır
close Babylon, Google's is shite for turkic - sofarsoShawn
Bret! Abızıttın mı? - Halit Altunterim
Wow, so many foreign comments! and i understand 0 of them :) - Simon Wicks
hangi(english idiom), e'hillarious - sofarsoShawn
Does anyone who speaks Turkish mind explaining what everyone is saying? Short of a real explanation, I will just assume they all say "Bret, you are amazing, and what a wonderful profile picture you have." ;) - Bret Taylor
adam bloklayacak Turkiye'yi sakin olun. :P @Bret, don't care these guys. :))) - Oguz Serdar
@Bret NOPE! - AlpB.
they're saying congratulations!!!!!! :D - sofarsoShawn
Uçan Sabri Türk halkını bile şoka sakabilmiş bir kişilik, Bret'e bunu yapmayacaktınız, yazık adama. - İhsan Çandır
@so NOPE! - AlpB.
haha:))) - Damat Ferit
@Bret relax dude! :) - Halit Altunterim
@bret: has ahmet alp's said its all about fb acqusition. - batuhan
You made the big mistake by selling to FB! - AlpB.
burdaki herkes breti facebooktan eklesin yazıktır ilk günü daha 10 tane arkadaşı var syemizde 5000mi bulur daha da kimseyi ekleyemez sonra da facebooktan çıkar gider! - Betül
@Ahmet I biliyor - sofarsoShawn
Friendfedd türkler olmasa bir hiç zaten:) - Damat Ferit
@ahmet ay biliyormuş bak :) - Halit Altunterim
@Bret Do you know MAHİR ÇAĞRI ? He'll raze your FB and make his own social network LOL. - AlpB.
congrads, :) - chaz2b
google translate'den den çeviri yaparsa tam bomba:)) - Damat Ferit
Translete'deki çeviri sayfası da iyiymiş :) - İhsan Çandır
"you don't understand.. because is soap" diyesim var - Halit Altunterim
@ahmet AYOk, i şimdi anlar :D - sofarsoShawn
@directeur Bret needs some help here :) - mcd
haha we love mahir:))) - Damat Ferit
şimdi merhaba türkiye ve türk insanı diye bir yorum yazmaz mı :) veya şunu söyletelim => - Mehmet ALP
Bret say something be:) - Cansu Elter
facebook ofisi güzelmiymiş acaba :) bi yerde dağdan şehre iner gibi oldular - Mehmet ALP
emre bende malatya - Mehmet ALP
O HAI! - Kevin Fox
muhabbet güzelmiş burda gençler:P - Kaan Ukturk
ay em from Konya, and you, Bret? - İhsan Çandır
@Ahmet ha haha ha :)) - Yücel KARACA
seyretme Google translate çalışmaz. - sofarsoShawn
hayırlı olsun bretcim :)) - alperyz
Ali olmasa ayvayı yedik, adam toparlıyor :) - İhsan Çandır
@sofa zorlama ulan bozucan.. (bozucan diye arayıp dursun ) - Halit Altunterim
facebook a ruhunu sattın be ayıp lan - Damat Ferit
Elhamdülillah..:) - Halit Altunterim
@ahmet belki sünnetlidir - Halit Altunterim
yabancı siteler türklere neden serverlerini kapatırın cevabıdır galiba bu post - Ali Demirci
Bret bana para ver çevireyim, biraz pahalıya patlar ama epey uzadı sayfa :) - İhsan Çandır
How's it feel to be a Corporate Drone? ;-) - michael silverton
FF bizimdir Facebook a yar olmaz. Turkish power:P - Kaan Ukturk
bret fena kızdı ya da çok şişmiş insan bir cevap verir. insan ol - Mehmet ALP
Bret, you know IDIL BRET? - Halit Altunterim
Hello to everyone in Turkey! This is my favorite thing on FriendFeed today, the random Bret post getting completely MOBBED. :) - Stephen Mack
Here is your translation, Bret: - Louis Gray
@Louis hoşgeldin! It is nic3 to see you around. - AlpB.
ayıptır,günahtır hoşgeldin bret - Emir Karşıyakalı
Louis ne yaptın lan boku yedik biz :D hemen edit hemen edit :D - Çağatay " SKYLAB " Şama
Google Traslate is not working healthfully hah.:P - Kaan Ukturk
Şok şok!! Friendfeed'in eski sahibi kendi sitesinde alay konusu oldu - Mehmet ALP
Lan adam Türkiye'ye erişimi kapatacak, hepimiz sıçacaz.. - Kaan Şengül
Facebook go ?P - Kaan Ukturk
@Louis, Google won't help Bret. @Ahmet, sana api kullandirmazsa gorursun bak. :P - Oguz Serdar
ooo süper olmuş burası :D @Bret, most of the people here doesn't support the fb. decision. Well, I do. So I'm waiting for the first day pics. - Onur Baykal
O eğlenceliydi ama ayrılmak için var dayan! <;o) - sofarsoShawn
Welcome Bret. - Ozgur Demir
Bret :) Naber ? :) - Çağatay " SKYLAB " Şama
+1 cem :Dgözlerimden yaş geldi... - Betül +1 Cem: Dgözlerimden years came ... - Betül diye çevirmiş ya! :D - Betül
Yavaş olun okuyamıyorum, iyice hızlandı :P - İhsan Çandır
@emre :))) - Halit Altunterim
duyan geliyor .. - Halit Altunterim
bret adının anlamını öğrendi. Bişeyi Rezil Etmeseydin Teşke :p - alperyz
you know ingiliz nuri? You can very well understand her English with the. "The passion of ingiliz nuri" - Mehmet ALP
bunu yazan tosun, kendi diline çevirene kosun - Can PAÇACI
saçmalık.. - Erhan Yazıcı / MimaX
halaya devam - Halit Altunterim
bret sen eşşek misin - Çağatay " SKYLAB " Şama
bu adam bunları kendi diline çevirttirince Türkiye IP'lerine engelliyiz haberiniz olsun - Emir Karşıyakalı
:)))))))))))))))))) - Halit Altunterim
99% türk yorumu - Kaan Şengül
Türkçe gidişatı bozmayalım lütfen, ayıp, arada Rusları filan da engellemesin hem. - İhsan Çandır
adam satmış ruhunu az bile bu yorum protest from Turkey ! - Kaan Ukturk
Arabs, Iranians, Russians, Europeans, Asians Where are you? - Mehmet ALP
diyelim ki bret buradakileri attırdı, kullanımda kaçıncı oluruz? - Kaan Şengül
Türkleri atarsa FF kaybeder. - Kaan Ukturk
pardon arkadaşlar, yorumu sileyim isterseniz, abarttım sanırım. - batuhan
Look here! turkey here! :) türkleri vs atamaz ya. geçti o devir. - Mehmet ALP
LOL! You still wonder why I'm learning their language? N'haber herkese, hadi hadi arkadaşlarım! :D - directeur
fosill :))) - Mehmet ALP
adam hayatının şokunu yaşıyor, milyon dolarları aldığında bu kadar şaşırmamıştır. - Can PAÇACI
haha:P facebok taki kızlar için satmış diyorlar:P - Kaan Ukturk
@fosil canlı bi tercüman varsa üyeliğin riskte :D - Erhan Yazıcı / MimaX
@fosil yarıldım ya :D - AlpB.
LaN ßrét shéNiN qhadhar aphtaL ßirishi qorMédhiM uLaN éyh oqhüz hérif NédhéN shattıN fachéß00qha shitéyhi , şiMdhiqh ßütü şahiN qh tiphLiLér dh0Luşachaqh shitéyhé qérizéqhaLı MahLuqh şéréfshiz it qayh Léz h0M0 ßashtardh ßitchh - Çağatay " SKYLAB " Şama
ay yeter mustafa spam yapma - AlpB.
flood yok kardeş - batuhan
bret sen çok iyi birisisin. kız olsam ilk sana verirdim emin ol bret ! - Çağatay " SKYLAB " Şama
Bret, bana 2 bira bi de winston soft.. - Alim Vedat Süner
goodness gracious Bret?? - Pam Gwenzi
Wait...whaat...I can't understand most of the comments - Reyna Carlos
we protest facebook man:P - Kaan Ukturk
@bret @lilith senle hawaii de tatil istiyo. - AlpB.
Reyna sen birşey anlamazsın zaten! - Mehmet ALP
peki haklısın :D - Çağatay " SKYLAB " Şama
Tabi adam zengin, ben kız olsam ben de asılırdım, belki :) - İhsan Çandır
para var huzur var adamda - Kaan Ukturk
bukadar çok türk varmıydı arkadaş ff de :| - Dr.Ceykıl
vay anam vay ne oluyor burada böyle - Ben gittim
BRET Buraya cevap yazmaz isen , hemde türkçe çarşıda ff'te karışır abi. - Mehmet ALP
Please don't get offended.. I was just saying - Reyna Carlos
Zenginin parası züürdün çenesi hesabı olmuş aslında burası - Ben gittim - - Çağatay " SKYLAB " Şama
Bu bir BÜYÜK! :) —Lillith, nasılın? :) - directeur
oy oy oy:P - Kaan Ukturk
Bence Bret şuan FF'e yeni bir özellik üzerinde çalışıyor.. Bundan sonra post'lar için "Disable Comments From Turkey" seçeneği gelecek :) - Eren Can
Then, I apologize - Reyna Carlos
This is epic. :) - Louis Gray
Reyna bilmediğin işlere karışma - Mehmet ALP
arkadaşlar ben yatıyorum. - AlpB.
Hadi hep beraber önce takibe alalım sonra bloklayalım - Ben gittim
sağol. - AlpB.
eyvallah abiler. - AlpB.
Ben bir Türk uzman duyuyorum. Türkçe en sevdiğim dilidir. - Louis Gray
tamam yetti gayri ben de yattım gitti - Betül
@Louis thanks :) - AlpB.
hahaa translate:P - Kaan Ukturk
Louis sen hala burdamısın kaybol :) - Mehmet ALP
google translate sucks. - Kaan Ukturk
zenci miymiş:P - Kaan Ukturk
@Louis I love you :) - AlpB.
--gayca algılanmasın - AlpB.
hadi canım:) - Kaan Ukturk
see you..byes bret. - Mehmet ALP
Ben sizden duyuyorum. Ben Türkçe duyuyorum. - Louis Gray
alın sizin olsun:P - Kaan Ukturk
türk olmak hiç bu kadar utandırmamıştı!!!!!! - Şenay Şen
puhahahh.. of, yarıldım ya.. süperiz yaa.. gurur duydum ff türkiye ahalisi ile :)) - Mustafa Öztürk
"tüüü" can mean, let's make more comments like an endless loop :p - alperyz
Google Translate anlamaz ü,ş,ç etc değersiz - sofarsoShawn
Ben dedim Uçan Sabri'yi kaldıramaz diye:) - İhsan Çandır
yetmedimi arkadaşlar ? - Erhan Yazıcı / MimaX
toptan "türklere kapalıdır" yazsa kapıya haklı vallahi.. - Erhan Yazıcı / MimaX
Biraz ipin ucunu kaçırdınız, küfür, hakaret, bizim ip'lere de gelecek sıra. - İhsan Çandır
Whooops Ayrıca ben yukarıda birşey' kaçırdım. MSN & Ian????? - sofarsoShawn
(((((((( : reziliz - katibemin setresi
adam şimdi şüphe etcek burası face'ten popülermiş diycek fazla açıldık sakinleşelim biraz - alperyz
mustafa sen nerden öğrendin bu siteyi bi söylesene ? - Erhan Yazıcı / MimaX
1 hour 434 comments == 8 secs 1 comment - alperyz
Daha geç onu oku. öğrenme Türkçe klavyesini biliyor. FUN. Yeah FB sıçmak,! & LOL Bret - sofarsoShawn
Flood yapanları en iyisi sorgulamadan bloklamak, 1 kişi de olsa. :) - onurc
Enjoy :) - Joe Dawson
Ben FriendFeed sadece Türkçe olması gerektiğini düşünüyorum. İngilizce sitesi kapalı olmalıdır. - Louis Gray
Louis Gray senin hakkında konuşuyor. LOL - sofarsoShawn
Tank Man vs Facebook the revolution is on FriendFeed LOL - sofarsoShawn
I hope you guys influence FB's service model. I think many people using FB would love the FF services you've created. - Jason Nunnelley
@louisgray MicrosoftTranslator "Auto-Detect" FAIL Keep the Dream Alive! (for interlinear, on the fly, multi-lingual translation) ;-) - michael silverton
Bret sana makamit mo ang hanap mo, hangad ko ang iyong tagumpay. Mabuhay!!!! - Raymundo Roxas
Çok abartılmış :-) - Mustafa Y. Halici
Hope the first day is going well! Eager to hear all about it from Jim! - Anne Bouey
Bret is looking for a handyman to fix Facebook! ;) - Cem ARGUN
good luck at facebook bret. how was your first day ? - goutham
tempus porta velit nec rutrum. Ut dapibus, arcu nec lobortis porttitor, lectus sapien tincidunt lorem, convallis ultrices elit orci nec diam. Duis tempus, felis eu vestibulum ultrices, dolor nibh congue justo - sofarsoShawn
Whoa. Who knew you were so big in Turkey? :-) - Adam Lasnik
Senin hiç fikirin var ne kadar popüler. - sofarsoShawn
some folks are big in Japan, Bret's big in Turkey - anna sauce
turkish is a global language? really? - Chris Heath
LOL we are amazing :D Bret, have a goodtime at Facebook... - Hüseyin Mert
@Bret, have a nice first day at FB. As you see you have huge fan group in Turkey, trying to celebrate your first day there :) Congrats (tebrikler in Turkish) - Goktug Okan Oguz
You should better leave Facebook, boring people and boring stuff. OK, not so sure about people :) - Burcu Dogan
neöölüüyooor ! ! ! buradan amcama selam yolluyorum :P - kadirhan
this is the end of 'user generated content' as you know it : ) - ibrahim özdemir
Турки скоблируют Брета. - from iPhone
тут что-то эпичное происходит, но читать и разбираться не хочется, да? - Лёша
ben facebook'tan ayrılacağım, sen daha yeni giriyorsun, işe bak :P - yasin
hey sakin ol şampiyon :D rahat bırakın bretimi tylorumu... - derya sertkan
Make it the best day ever. - Randy Allen Bishop
Be sure to pick a fight with the biggest person you see..oh wait that would be prison advice. Forget that and have a good day. - Kreg Steppe
В пост призывается ideali, мы хотим знать, как турки скоблят Брета :))) - CES & nootropics
First day of a whole new life. All the best. - Rob Schieber
Looks like it isn't just the Turks anymore. The Russians have to have their say too. ;) - Dennis Jernberg
yakıştı mı patron sana :) - Melih Bayram Dede
ünleme göre pekte memnun sayılmaz... dün neydin bugün ne olduk... sen bizi dinleseydinnn neysee... - Bepanthol ve 1 kişi daha
Sunipeyk yaptı yapacağını 4 harf ile...:) - Levent Yaralı
Here's hoping all of you dig your new digs .... (and keep FF going right here ?! :) - Charlie Anzman
Best wishes amigo. Go do some good damage ~ - Christopher Galtenberg
Telekom engellemeden ff'i, Bret engelliyecek Türkiye'yi... - Onur Selek
couldn't read have the comments. anyways have fun. i'm sure is exciting - Edgar Rodríguez
Ok now, quit bashing Google Translate directly — use , and then criticize it indirectly ;) - Micah
Что здесь происходит - Sadrazam
kararı facebook verir. bret'in kişisel problemleri facebook'u ilgilendirmez. bence :) - Ömer Enis
sene 1915 aylardan temmuz güneş enseyi yakıyor,kar dizboyu.Yürüyorum bi yolda o zamanlar otomobil daha gelmemiş türkiye'ye uçaklarda yer bulmak çok zor. Neyse eve geldim ev karanlık,elektrikte gelmemiş daha yaktım mumu,açtım bilgisayarı.Derken bir arkadaşım MSN'den şu anda bu yorumu yazdığım sayfanın linkini gönderdi.Sonra,sonrasıda işte bu yazı ( = - YUCEL Ugur
Ha bu arada Madem Türksün Göster Ürkün elin ejnebisi kardeşim - YUCEL Ugur
bret rahat mı yeni ofis!? - ArmaN ACAR
bret, ben sana türkçe öğretirim üzülme. - elodeon
bret, adresini yaz, sana bi ofis hediyesiyle ziyarete gelelim. - Arda Çetin
gece gece aklıma geldi bu post. - batuhan
yine bir gece aklıma geldi bu post. ilginç - batuhan icoz
ne ettin sen bret, geceleri gözüne uyku giriyor mu? - NesiL
kafam karıştı ha - İbrahim Can AĞCA
kim bu bret - Geyik Mühendisi
@Halit Altunterim yorumlarına çok güldüm - Tayfun Yaşar
I think that this profile is totaly fake :) - Murat Hoşver (ne0c0de)
חבל, אבל האתר נסגר :) - Ammar Çeker
hacı bu ne - cotr
Evan Williams - Checking the twitters with the boy - Checking the twitters with the boy
Nice picture. Eyes open, full head of hair too! - Louis Gray
handsome boy! - Jenna Bilotta
awwwwwwww tiny baby nose... - Yolanda
He's gorgeous! - Jesse Stay
awww cuddling dad whilst checking out his tweet already! - Joan Lockwood
He's tiny! - anna sauce
V. sweet. How old is he? - Ayşe E.
Nice shot - beautiful boy! - Gary Walter (gwalter)
Congratulations, Dad! - Barb Siddiqui
Ok, that's it, I'm having one. No one try and stop me. :) - Charley M
When is he going to get his own account? - Chris Martin from iPhone
Sweet picture :) - Susan Beebe
ooohh mommy porn. luv it!!! - Mrsth
two pensive guys! Grats @ev & @sara ! - dario
Josh Bernoff
Having a few friends for dinner. This seems to be my party season. Yeehaw.
Happy Birthday, Shel. - Michael Chin
Hitler is PISSED About Facebook Buying FriendFeed -
Hitler is PISSED About Facebook Buying FriendFeed
Such a great video! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Who made this? Anyone I know? - Rahsheen
It was made by Mark Trapp - Michael McKean
there we go - Will Higgins™
That was beyond awesome. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I have to say I've seen funnier. - Will Higgins™
OMG.....LMAO!!! - Bonnie Foster
Will, don't you have a MySpace page to go 'pimp'? - Akiva
This is so f'ing brilliant, I don't even know what to do with myself. - Hookuh Tinypants
I kept resisting looking at this because of Hitler. I thought it would be tasteless. But, no. LOL. Hats off to Mr. Trapp. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I knew it was probably someone I know from here just cuz the stuff referenced hit so close to home. Good on ya, Mr. Trapp. - Rahsheen
So well done, Mark - anna sauce
I love these so much. - Jaremy Rich
ROFL, This made my day. - nfan12
LMAO! - Brad
This is LOLGasmic! - nfan12
AWESOME... AWESOME... - Harold
Louis Gray
Reminder: The Five Stages Of Early Adopter Behavior (See Stage 4: Entitlement) -
Reminder: The Five Stages Of Early Adopter Behavior (See Stage 4: Entitlement)
"At this point, often in part due to favorable feedback from the service's authors, the early adopter feels a sense of entitlement, that the product absolutely must be architected in the way they say so, even if to move in that direction wouldn't serve the larger installed base. Now, instead of suggesting quick ways the service could update, the calls are more like ultimatums, and if not quickly seeing a response, the early adopter can get extremely frustrated, at times, seeing this annoyance bubble up to the same degree their first comments on the product reeked of praise." - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
Re: This. The feedback is predictable. - Louis Gray
I get the feeling the Robert has jumped the shark a little bit here. I hope he apologizes to Kevin for his uncalled for ad hominem. - Brian Sullivan
This is great, but I think it ALSO applies to less than diplomatic responses from early adopters that I go back to Twitter, ha. I don't take it personally, but your point is a nice reminder that it is not about me. - Liza + = ?
science. - Josh Haley from iPhone
I may be the only early adopter that doesn't feel entitled to anything - Bwana ☠
Then again, I'm not your average human - Bwana ☠
Ever since I posted this, I'm self-aware about potentially slipping from a 3 to a 4, so I think twice about posting criticism without knowing the deciding factors. - Louis Gray
Hah! Looking in mirror. Seeing egg on face. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I feel entitled to type in this box and push the button named "comment." Sorry, I thought that was what FriendFeed was designed for. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I don't know that entitlement is the right word. For me, at least, it's more frustration. Here you have this great product. I want more people to know about it, but I'm having issues, be it my tech, user error or just loss of features, it's frustrating. If I'm having these issues, then there's no way I'll be able to explain to my friends and family why things are why they are. When you... more... - Anika
One point to the one above. I know that many companies who offer free service will or should charge for use at some point. I'm okay with that, but when they mess with functionality it's hard to justify paying for it. When your users are asking for the same thing over and over again, especially when you're in beta, don't give them a useless feature that offers nothing much to usability. At that point, it's hard to justify the ongoing use of something, let alone paying for it in the future. - Anika
Is it entitlement or ownership? People support what they help build, right? So maybe it is partly a sense of ownership... - Liza + = ?
Great conversation thread... Rule #1 if you do not own it, then do not falsely allow yourself to believe your vote will ever - or should ever - count. Sometimes the developers listen to your sound words of device, but in my humble findings often this waxes and wanes. Rule #2 is that step 5 is your alternative. Rule #3 is always see Rule #1 when you begin to think your opinion matters ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Robert. No harm, no foul. :) I'm just glad I wrote this one already last year, so I don't have to do it again. - Louis Gray
its a pretty graph and perhaps it is true, i have experienced it myself through mmos, beta testing, but did you actually have numbers or is this just instinct? - Robert Higgins
By the way, I'm ACTIVELY still in the promotion phase. I'm showing FriendFeed to EVERYONE as everyone I met in Boulder last week can attest to. That's one thing that Louis' graph doesn't understand. I go through all of these phases IN PARALLEL. Not serially. So, deal with it. :-) - Robert Scoble
The graph is simple. People are not simple. :) The downside to acting like a #4 is dorks looking for an excuse tend to use it as an excuse. Just wait. (Not even Scoble likes FriendFeed any more... he says... "x") So don't give the bastards any ammo. :) - Louis Gray
Louis what is the oldest service that you still use that you didn't migrate from and why? - Robert Higgins
Interestingly, those seeking to distill life into simplistic terms can be dangerous. Like those dorks who spout off non-sensical rules ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I do think it is used as ammo, which stinks, b/c a discussion we should have (UI on FF) becomes a territorial battle. There were great points made, but also a lot of juvenile comments which I hope are ignored. As I learned in my first online attack, "don't feed the trolls". They are everywhere and not unique to specific networks. - Liza + = ?
for me the oldest service i still use is hotmail. - Robert Higgins
Robert: you didn't ask me, but I'll answer anyway: Outlook/Exchange. Although that has changed a lot over the years but I first started using whatever Microsoft called it (MSMail?) back in 1993. Regarding newer web services? Flickr. Wordpress. Google Reader are probably the ones that have had the longest staying power. - Robert Scoble
Louis: yeah, but if I worried about what dorks think I would just stay off the Internet. :-) - Robert Scoble
thought about why and the stages of the graph. while i still use hotmail, for family and things i have migrated to gmail mostly. I personally never did step 4 with hotmail, but i did get buddies on it a long time ago before they even had their own computers. It was cool to promote hotmail and messenger in the 90's felt hip to chat with people in China when I lived in USA. I still like sky-drive for the free 25 gigabytes of online storage, so will probably never migrate. - Robert Higgins
Robert, I still use .Mac mail, and have for a very long time. (Some day I may move to GMail, but not yet). I have stuck with Mac OS through all its iterations from System 6 or so, so I assume that counts. I've been on FriendFeed longer than Twitter, and Facebook longer than FriendFeed and Google Reader longer than Facebook. - Louis Gray
thats interesting, but in term of early adopter and stages where are you now with Mac OS for example. - Robert Higgins
I would say Stage 3 with Mac OS. I don't feel like they need to change anything to reward me for my loyalty. I've never been a Stage 2 user for Twitter, so I hang out in Stage 3 or 4, it's just a utility, as is Facebook. I am Stage 2 and 3 with FriendFeed and Google Reader. I will always push FriendFeed and Google Reader, even if I know they could improve, because I get great value from both and trust the teams. - Louis Gray
Louis: I was through all five stages with the MacOS by 1993. Started over again in 2003. Heheh. I forgot that I still use Hotmail and have for a long time (I remember waiting in line for StarWars #4 overnight with the Hotmail founders and thinking they were pretty cool). - Robert Scoble
you are such a geek scoble waiting in line overnight for Star Wars #4 with hotmail founder - Robert Higgins
Robert: that is true, but, as waiting overnight for the iPhone proved, the line itself was more fun than seeing the movie or getting the phone. In Silicon Valley these things turn into impromptu barcamps. Several companies had tents and it was an all-night party. My son did both with us and they were among the best things I've ever done with him. Good bonding time. :-) - Robert Scoble
Higgins: if I remember right one company even paid for a T-1 line so they could provide wifi to everyone. In Silicon Valley we take these things seriously! :-) - Robert Scoble
Nice bell curve, this typically represents most things - I can be in different stages at different times! - for example - different features of the product (ie I can discover a feature, then promote, etc). Not sure about Migration phase, I would prefer to call it Withdrawal - Geer
I think this post was bad form. I have experienced the same problems with admiring the power and brilliance of the features and simultaneously being confused by their counter intuitiveness. In any case if the graph is accurate Robert's activity would have already slowed and will continue to slow down until migration. The bad form is explicitly referencing Robert. - Ru Viljoen
Ru: thank you. Truth is in just the past week I was in all five phases of FriendFeed and even Twitter. I never liked this post by Louis' even though there's some truth to it and I'm still trying to figure out why. - Robert Scoble
Ru, I know FriendFeed is not perfect. But pound for pound, they have the best talent in the business. I also read and enjoyed the exchange in Robert's piece, but didn't "like" it, as he says he didn't this one. Robert and I have a long history of agreeing 95% of the time, and have a mutual respect that lets us exchange ideas this way. I personally would not have approached the issues in the way he did, explicitly referencing Kevin, for example. - Louis Gray
Louis: Kevin runs design at FriendFeed and he's a guy I've judged that is able to take a huge amount of criticism (earned or unearned) and keep his cool and tell you why he's doing what he's doing. Like you said, they have the best talent in the business. Kevin proved it again yesterday. - Robert Scoble
My 2 cents about FriendFeed interface design: Overloading/hiding of controls is often used to present a simpler UI. It's difficult to find a balance, and often testing things on novice users is better than on veteran users to get a fresh response. One difficult example (which I don't know if I could improve) is Canon's cameras (of which I've used 4 cameras). Canon had a standard way of... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Sometimes interface design can be complicated with people at various stages of behavior. Yahoo! tried to change their interface after a few years and got a "New Coke" response (e.g. focus groups, testing, etc... before release). The new interface worked better & made more sense, but they got 1,000s of e-mail complaints from older experienced users - ended up staying with the old... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Oldest services I still use: MS-DOS (1981), Unix (1982), Mac OS (1984), MS Word (1984), MS Excel (1985), MS Powerpoint (1987), MS Windows (1987), HTML (1993), Yahoo! (1995), PriceWatch (1995), (1995), Slashdot (1996), MapQuest (1996), Google (1997), Amazon (1998), MS Outlook (1998), Internet Explorer (1998), PriceGrabber (1999), SECInfo (2000), Network Solutions (2000),... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Goodness me Mitchell - Thomas Power
Indeed. Outlook 98 is the devil :) - Roberto Bonini
Thomas - It's interesting to see what "stands the test of time". Used HotBot for search 1996-2000, but Google's cache won me. MS Multiplan was my 1st spreadsheet (not a Lotus 1-2-3 fan), but Excel beat out many better spreadsheets. MS Outlook won me with color e-mails, shared calendars, & event coordination. Google Maps still hasn't beat MapQuest IMO. I'm still resistant to using GMail... more... - Mitchell Tsai
Considering I'm on stage 4 right now, I wonder how much I stand to make from the sale of Friendfeed? - Andrew Smith
Louis, Robert: It makes sense to me that a service would be forced to field speculative criticism and that the criticism should be answered on the merits of the argument. In this instance I thought that Robert insightfully pointed out the problem with the UI and then must have been totally side swiped by an unrelated personal criticism from someone who is well regarded. I hate to see... more... - Ru Viljoen
It's Interesting that you posted this last night, before the friendfeed/FaceBook announcement! Good intuition! - Michael Fidler
Leo Laporte
Sponsored tweet = instant unfollow from me. That's the last thing I need in my stream. #azea
what if its a tweet for a sponsor? #gotomeeting #mahalo :) - William Kapes
Yeah - I don't get this. Does this mean I should stop listening to TWiT because it has sponsorships? If I disclose my relationship and truly mean what I say I don't see how it's any different. - Jesse Stay
Screw you Laporte, screw you! Had to be done for humor's sake. - John Utech
Aggred - Seth Hoogeboom
The difference is that Twitter users don't need to be sponsored to continue tweeting. When Leo takes on sponsors, it helps him continue to operate. With Twitter sponsorships, the tweet is less genuine because the only content involved is the paid-for message. - Eric Geller
Chris Pirillo is a founding member of that big sponsored tweet thing, but I wouldn't expect any less from the little shit. - Mark
Eric, maintaining a large Twitter audience takes time and effort - is that not worth anything? Community is definitely worth money, and isn't exactly cheap. - Jesse Stay
This is true, but the fact of the matter is that you DO NOT need sponsorships to tweet. You may want them, but they are not physically necessary. - Eric Geller
Leo, on the other hand, needs sponsor money just to pay his staff, never mind the loads of operational costs such as equipment and bandwidth. - Eric Geller
Eric, I don't need a sponsorship to blog, or to podcast either. It doesn't mean I can't. I just don't need it. It uses the same types of technology as a Tweet. - Jesse Stay, my blog, has no sponsorships - Jesse Stay
If you guys think Leo could do his podcasts without sponsors, I'd like to hear why. - Eric Geller
Holden, I know people that would - Jesse Stay
lets face it, in this world, we need to convince people to buy crap they probably don't need. wether that's a silly goto meeting thing or a sponsored twitter post. - Mark
Blogs and Twitter accounts, however, require much less in the way of money. - Eric Geller
Mark: GoToMeeting is actually targeted at Leo's podcast listeners. It's not silly at all. - Eric Geller
well its all silly really, that's advertising for you. you convince people to buy things they didn't know they needed or wanted. - Mark
Mark: The difference is that Leo isn't pushy about it. He tells you the virtues of the product from hands-on experience, but he doesn't go out of his way to tell you that you NEED it. - Eric Geller
At least not in the telemarketer, TV infomercial way. - Eric Geller
Holden, I'm considering it. As I am Tweets - it's the same types of technology, and involves similar time and effort to build community for, in both cases. Different strategies for each, but both are content distributors, and community builders. If I'm trying to build a community, it takes money to spend time nurturing that community full time. - Jesse Stay
Totally agree Leo. Yuck. Feh! It's social spam of the worst kind. Pirillo et al are ruining it for everybody doing authentic advocate activation. - Thom Kennon
And btw, you better bet Twitter plays a role in helping Leo's podcasts. It's just a matter of which medium are you going to use to monetize those podcasts? - Jesse Stay
I never said Twitter didn't help promote Leo's podcasts. I said that a podcast network costs significantly more money to run than a Twitter account. - Eric Geller
would be nice if twit had more sponsors though, he is selling the same 2 or 3 products to a market which is not growing and has heard all the spiel before on each product - Mark
Eric, and you have to monetize it somehow - what if he decided to use Twitter to monetize that podcast network in the end? I don't see how that's any different than what he's currently doing. - Jesse Stay
Holden: If you need someone to pay you to build a group of friends and supporters on Twitter, something is wrong. Do what you can naturally. Getting paid to have people follow you is too artificial for what Twitter really is. - Eric Geller
A tweet from @shoemoney to his 60,000+ followers will set you back $324.60 - Mark
Holden: The difference is that Leo buys actual equipment, pays employees, and pays for monumental amounts of bandwidth. I doubt you do any of that for your Twitter account. - Eric Geller
if any ad company pays $324 for that crap they want shooting - Mark
Fuck you all if you try and compare this to what Leo does. Leo is a saint compaired to this: - Mark
Holden. Sponsorship is important for some podcasts as bandwidth is about 98% of our running costs. Therefore, more popular you get, the more it costs you. We have affiliate sponsors on our show but have yet to cover the cost of money spent on delivering that show. - Johnny from iPhone
Pirillo will write a phoney blog entry for your product if you pay him $1000 - Mark
Pirillo is scum. - Thom Kennon
the comments on the blog mark are...lame... lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Mark, are you serious?!?! How is what Pirillo is doing any different than what Leo is doing? So I can do it in a podcast but not in a blog post? Seems like you have a bone to pick. - Jesse Stay
yeah he is spamming threads with that link.. and saying he is scum.. look at a few threads.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Damn Jesse, now I am a hypocrite :( - Mark
Well, I just think its a bit wrong is all, all this sponsored tweeting and stuff - Mark
Jesse: Pirillo writes stuff for hire, pretending to be an unbiased advocate and then pushes that out into the stream hoping to fool people re its authenticity. Get it? - Thom Kennon
Well I said Leo was a saint, it's Pirillo who would fall into the instant unfollow from me criteria set by Leo - Mark
but why are you giving prillo so many backlinks by spamming threads here?? - Rob Sellen :o)
whats a backlink? you mean like promotion ? - Mark
If you found out that Chen or any of the guys on Gizmodo or BGR were actually being paid by the brands of products they reviewed would you still take their advice? - Thom Kennon
Am not following him, it's Leo who said "Sponsored tweet = instant unfollow from me". - Mark
Thom, you were fooled by that? Of course Pirillo gets paid for what he does. How else would he be able to sit in front of a computer all day long. I don't think anyone is fooled by that, nor is he trying to fool anyone. - Jesse Stay
mark.. maybe you should stop and THINK before you do stuff... you are slamming him.. yet helping him with backlinks... LOL you know... he may get MORE 1000 buck cheques because if you... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I guess im just jealous of the fact that I have to work for a living, and go out and do a job and he gets paid $1000 to write a phoney blog post in his wordpress editor :) - Mark
Mark... whos fault is you have to "go out" and work for a living? no ones but yours... - Rob Sellen :o)
In fact you can watch Pirillo during the day working out the deals with sponsors. He's always been all about the sponsor. If you followed him you'd know that. - Jesse Stay
Danny M - But you claim to "blog for others" so that's pretty much the same model as Pirillo's, right? - Thom Kennon
well I am a nurse, there are lots of people who do need to go out and do real jobs to keep the world ticking by. I just hate the fact some people make a fortune devising plans to give clients more hits on google and I bust my ass. Jealousy, I know. - Mark
Mark.. what is to STOP you creating your own REAL asset online in order to do something similar? - Rob Sellen :o)
well if everyone did that the world would fall apart or something :D - Mark
NO mark.. there is an eternal september...remember ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Today I cleaned a wound a boy had from a dog bite and I was on my knees with blood on my hands and I just thought when reading this thread that I wish I could sit in front of 3 30" monitors and talk about tech on youtube and get paid big $$$. Sigh. :D - Mark
I would happily take a thousand bucks to write a post on your stuff.... not that you would get millions of hits..and as for "ethics"... it PUTS bread in my cupboard.. but you would ALSO have to let me use whatever it is..and give an HONEST opinion... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
well DO that then Mark.. instead of moaning OTHERS success, look at where you CAN write about some "shit" passionately... and DO it... - Rob Sellen :o)
naa I do think it's wrong, I guess Leo does too, the whole pay me to post thing - Mark
and to be fair Danny you cannot comment objectivley, you are on his payroll? - Mark
that's YOUR opinion mark.. you got no place calling him scum and slamming him... also think about what I said.. you are indirectly helping him ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
you have a vested interest then, whereas I am just a bitter old git hehe - Mark
Jesse, of course WE all get it. I'm talking about the targeted audience of innocents that those paid for posts are meant to target. It is deceptive advertising, and those who practice it are bringing the FTC and other agencies in to land on ALL OF US ... it's uncool, that a handful of opportunistic knuckleheads will end up polluting and hampering the channel for the rest of us. I'm a... more... - Thom Kennon
Mark.. can I ask you something.. don't you think you have a more "honourable" and "rewarding" job than prillo? money is NOT everything mark... How many post do you think prillo writes at that price? not as many as you think i bet... - Rob Sellen :o)
Thom, I don't think Izea is trying to target any of those. Izea makes it evident on their site they have a firm policy on FULL disclosure. They have always been reputable. - Jesse Stay
you are a darling, dear Rob x - Mark
techcrunch not a fan of Izea? - Mark
No.. I am not... but I DO know that in reality, you are probably changing more lives than you realise... - Rob Sellen :o)
right about now someone posts a url to the article in question :D - Mark
Then again Techcrunch don't need Izea... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I think TechCrunch has a bias against Izea. Of course they're going to be against them. - Jesse Stay
TechCrunch has many bias'es I am sure :) - Mark
so mark... do you think there are many people who would like to be a nurse? If so.. why are you not sharing your experiences on a blog or something? Helping others? - Rob Sellen :o)
Well Rob, the pay is average, the conditions are often unpleasant, and the patients frequently drunk (on the night shifts which I work anyways). They are also violent! - Mark
But I do live in Britain and work in the middle of a very poor area. - Mark
No excuse ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Amen. - Robert Scoble
So mark. you have a unique perspective... use it ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Do you think we really care Leo? - Craig Shipp
If their life revolves around Leo Laporte they need to get a life! - Craig Shipp
Craig..ironic you comment on leo's post ;o) Ironic but.. Do you think Leo cares that you DON'T care? :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Jesse, you gotta be kidding me! Izea? It's their biggest competitor for "sponsored" social - aka social spam. Here's a solution: At the top and bottom of every paid for post, comment, etc. all these guy need to do is display a big old fat disclaimer: "This post was paid for by the brand/product mentioned". And this disclaimer must travel with that content wherever it wends it way thru... more... - Thom Kennon
I doubt he reads all this crap. He just stirs things up to keep his twit army happy so he can make money off sponsors that he doesn't want others to have. Talk about ironic. I watch many of Leo's shows and enjoy them but sometimes he thinks he's some kind of God. Trying to shut down twitvid - what a joke! - Craig Shipp
Night night all x x - Mark from iPhone
Thom, Izea does require that of all sponsored Tweets if I read them right. Full disclosure is required. - Jesse Stay
Wow! Shame on you Leo LaPorte. That's very hypocritical of you. >< - David C. Cooper
I have the same sentiments when it comes to being spammed via Twitter. And the same reaction. Instant unfollow. - Chris Marquardt
If anyone knows how to get an auto spam off of your tweet account please let me know. I signed up for this thinking it was a good thing. Then I wanted to quit cause they spam through my account. How do I get it to stop? I changed my password already. "300 new twitter followers in a day - TOTALLY FREE - NO SALE -" all spammers must die! - Nathan Gibbs
Nathan, easiest solution: Don't follow the spammer in the first place. If you need the automation, on SocialToo we provide some tools to help you keep from following the spammers. I'm improving those even further as we speak. - Jesse Stay
I don't care what they say. It ISN'T a "value add"!!!! - Ronald S from iPhone
I suspect that you've had sponsored tweets in your stream for a while now and don't know it Leo. - Scott Jangro
i agree with you Leo I have had enough:) - Rob Cairns
What's the difference between a sponsored tweet and talking about your own products? - Jason Nunnelley
You all make some interesting points. Maybe a sponsored tweet is no different than an advertisement in a podcast, but it sure feels different. I'll have to think about this some more. (By the way that "thank the sponsor in your Twitter feed" is a Jason Calacanis thing. I never ask folks to do that.) - Leo Laporte
Leo, I'm definitely interested in your thoughts. I don't fully understand the difference. And not disclosing the relationship is pretty much a form of payola and could almost be deemed illegal, so I'm definitely not for that. With disclosure though, I'm not sure the difference from a podcast or blog sponsorship. - Jesse Stay
gah - sorry for the dupes! - Jesse Stay
When it comes to blogs I don't think ads should appear in the blog stream, but they're fine in a sidebar. I guess it has to do with expectations. There ALWAYS needs to be a clear delineation between editorial and advertising and ads should not appear in places where editorial is expected. (Interstitial advertising in TV in radio seems to be the exception here and I think it's, again, an expectation thing. Of course in TV, radio, and podcasts there's nowhere else to put the ads.) - Leo Laporte
agreed. just started a blog and put that into consideration! - Dakota O'Neill
It comes down to intent. Is it the intent of the ad to pose as content? Then it's an attempt to trick users and not ok. Ads that appear in a content stream are often intended to fool people into thinking they're content not advertising. - Leo Laporte
Interesting way to put it, Leo. I think Twitter has the same problem though - nowhere to put the ads but in the stream. - Jesse Stay
Although you could argue even with a podcast, ads could be put on the site that the podcast resides. Most blog posts aren't read on the site they are published on, similar to a podcast. - Jesse Stay
Twitter can monetize twitter without confusion - not sure if Twitter users can. - Leo Laporte
Not really Jesse - podcasts are designed to be consumed elsewhere. The ad has to go with the show. - Leo Laporte
I agree though - disclosure is key. I don't see any problem though with a person disclosing their relationship with, say, Pedigree dog chow, and then Tweeting about "their sponsor", pedigree dog chow - Jesse Stay
Leo, I design my blog posts to be consumed via RSS - what's different from that? - Jesse Stay
Then I presume you include the ads in your RSS? If not, you're not going to be able to monetize the blog. However, if your ads are indistinguishable from your posts you're trying to trick your readers and they'll bolt eventually. I have no problem with obvious ads in RSS. I hate "pay per post" blogs and avoid them like the plague they are. Ads need to look (or sound) like ads - not content. - Leo Laporte
BTW Leo, I say all this in full respect for you - I've been following TWiT since your first show, and Screen Savers long before that. I'm a big fan! - Jesse Stay
Thanks Jesse. I'm not offended. This is an important conversation, and you've made me rethink my original tweet. Or at least, consider it more fully. AND this is something old media types like me can bring to the table. You youngsters need to understand how to monetize without compromising your content. Something we've spent a lot of time thinking about. - Leo Laporte
Leo, understood on the Pay per Post model. I may agree with you there - that is definitely different than including ads at the top and/or bottom of the RSS post. The monetization thing is something I'm definitely still trying to figure out. Content should not be compromised. - Jesse Stay
The form factor makes it all-too-easy to make snap judgments - that's why I like the edit function - heretic_twit
Twitter, however, may still be more comparable to the podcast/radio/tv model though. It's more of a "live stream" than a blog post. - Jesse Stay
Scoble calls it the "world-wide talk show" - Jesse Stay
Well we'll see how people feel when/if these ads become widespread. I predict that people who do it regularly will see their followers plummet. There's not enough value in most twitter streams to put up with ads. Furthermore, the reason advertisers want these (and pay per posts) is that they are stealth ads, in other words, they fool people. If there's the potential to confuse people about whether it's an ad, it's a problem. - Leo Laporte
I say sponsor FriendFeed over twitter - heretic_twit
Leo, I agree - I think if done right, it could be accepted amongst only certain Twitterers. There's no way it will work amongst the general population though. Chris Pirillo, for instance, I think could get away with it. - Jesse Stay
"This tweet brought to you by Carl's Jr" </Idiocracy> - Neal Krummell
Hear, hear! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
And a bulk sponsored @ tweet get an instant block from me as well. (After I confirm the account hasn't been compromised by a Bot of course.) - Paul Greeve
Leo, you say, "Ads need to look (or sound) like ads - not content," but your show's ads sound like content. They are conversational and personalized. But they are also clearly delineated as ads and your views/listeners can easily distinguish them as sponsorship messages and separate from your show content. Now with sponsored tweets how is this different if they are clearly marked as ads/sponsored? - Scott Magoon
I am not eager to see this on twitter, but I don't see it as the end of civilization either. It's really easy to make a follow/unfollow decision so why don't we just allow for a "marketplace" solution where everyone votes with their actions and sponsored tweets live or die based on the results. - Scott Magoon
what is a sponsored tweet Leo? - howardrs
Bret Taylor
Convinced pregnant wife to stay up past 9 pm and go to a jazz lounge. Miracle!
Didn't know you guys were expecting. Congrats! - Richard Chen
Indeed, congrats! When's the due date? - Brett Kelly
You go girl!! - Skye Miller
Awesome. When are you due? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Karen is due in early January... - Bret Taylor
Pregnant? This is indeed news! Congratulations to you both! - Louis Gray
Oh this is awesome. Congrats! - Alp
Bret: awesome. Need a recommendation for birth class? @ev used the same coach that we used (Jeremy Toeman recommended too). My birthday is in January, hope it is on the 18th! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Bret, here is the birth coach I recommend: - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Congratulations Bret! A January baby :) - Matt Ruiz
Fabulous! Congrats. - Nir Ben Yona
Congrats ! - Guy Vander Heyden
Congrats Bret & Karen! - travispuk
Which lounge Bret, I'm a fan of Jazz. - Jeremiah Owyang
Congrats.. Is that Coda, the new place that just opened? - David Vasileff from iPhone
Wow, I had no idea. Congratulations to both of you! Anaïs is just passing nine months, and we're finally starting to go out to restaurants with her. Just remember, once [s]he gets here, and you're pulling your hair out from fatigue and frustration -- it gets better quickly! - Joel Webber
congratz! - timepilot
Jeremiah: we went to Hedley Club Lounge in San Jose ( We live in Los Gatos, so more convenient than SF for us if we don't feel like driving. Pretty laid back, good drinks. I am not a jazz aficionado, but the music has been very good the few times we have been. - Bret Taylor
you guys look great! - Monique
That's great Bret, we should go to Yoshi's sometime! (I used to be a jazz performer in college, but no more) - Jeremiah Owyang
Having been there myself, that is no mean feat! - Martha
Loic Le Meur
2,000,000 downloads of Seesmic apps milestone just today. w00t!
That's impressive--Congratulations! - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
thank you all, it's a good day :-) - Loic Le Meur
nice shot /-) - Nicolas Voisin
Congrats - jjprojects from iPhone
Michael McKean
I look goofy.
if you had a leather jacket, you could be the Fonz, and the Fonz was never accused of being goofy - RAPatton
No you dont - Shevonne
keepin it real - anna sauce
You should see me when the meds are workin'! - Michael McKean
Ok, 'Fonz' might be a stretch....but way better than Cunningham, Potsie or Malph....So you got that going for you, which is nice! - Morgan
When they aren't working, do you go all Al Capone in the Untouchables? - RAPatton
Don't you just love hospital couture? :D - Yolanda
the gown is quite fetching! and you look about a billion times better than I would in the same situation. - Morgan
and if you think like the Fonz, you can smack your IV drip and make it give you more meds when you want them! - Morgan
It's fantastic to see you Dude. - Brent - Yes I am
Nice to see your smile :) and the sexy jammies rock! - comix aka martha
you look brave - chaz2b
Good luck with the recovery! - Tyson Key
That's probably the best hospital bed picture I've ever seen - well, except for my wife after she gave birth to my daughter. - John E. Bredehoft
I am such a horrible friend for being the last one to find out :( But I am totally digging your positivity and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! - Mona Nomura
ps: you don't look goofy! - Mona Nomura
Actually, you look pretty dang good. No goofy the thumbs-up and smile. - Karoli
You're looking fantastic AND smiling! :-) - Jannifer @wordsforliving
very happy to see you smile! - vicster.
and don't be harassing the nurses, now. - MikeAmundsen
As opposed to looking like Pluto. :) - Morton Fox
keep on chooglin'! - Big Joe Silenced
I need to shave!! - Michael McKean
Mona, don't feel bad! You're not a horrible friend at all. Thanks everyone! - Michael McKean
Any updates, Michael? How are you doing? - Josh Haley
Great to see you! Keep up your great attitude and keep on keepin on. We need to play some ska, rocksteady and hardcore soon (I've been mostly in the Diggin in the Crates room). - Adrian
I'm doing pretty good, Josh. Just posted an update: - Michael McKean
Thanks! - Josh Haley
Two Thumbs UP! - sofarsoShawn
hope you get well soon and that it all works out - Cee Bee
You look like a man with a good attitude. Keep it up, Michael! We're behind you. - Ayşe E.
Kick some ass man! You've got all of the Internet behind you! Can we arrange to have a sexy nurse sing to you? Yes? Yes? - Mike Nayyar
You guys are awesome! Thanks again! - Michael McKean
No, you look like a hero. - Joel Robert Perez
The wolf shirt strikes again!! #sdcc :P
The wolf shirt strikes again!! #sdcc :P
Nicholas, the reviews here: turned into an Internet meme. Wolf Shirts are one of those classic nerd apparel items that aren't nearly as cool as the person wearing them thinks they are. This particular Wolf Shirt has become an item worn in irony. - Rob H.
I love it non-ironically - Veronica from iPhone
Epic! - Fee501st
What when it's a former Alcatraz inmate wearing it ... - Ranger Craig
Awesome. Here's a clip from Amazon. Pros: Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women. Cons: Only 3 wolves (could probably use a few more on the 'guns') --> - Dave Friedel
The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn't have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a wolf-shirt shouldn't settle for the first thing that comes to him. - Dave Friedel
When I see those I think of the efforts made in the wolf recovery programs and the people that support them. - a little info - - - - Mac Sharp
*single emotional tear* - Eric Nakagawa
eeeww!! - Susan Beebe
it howls your name - sofarsoShawn
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