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Listening to @atpfm, Marco talking about lack of control when azure/ec2 goes down. How is that really different from his VPS providers?
RT @codinghorror: Love details like this: it is as if a million @discourse support requests cried out at once and were silenced.
Just saw someone walk by on Rideau Street in Ottawa, wearing an @atpfm shirt! My fav podcast: Not so obscure now!
RT @22_Minutes: LCBO spends $500,000 on rebrand, new logo. Just in case Ontarians forgot the one place they can buy liquor.
RT @sehnaoui: Made me lol. Only hackers will understand :-)
RT @TheOnion: Onion Talks: Land The Perfect Job By Having Your Rich Dad Set You Up #SPONSORED
It's 2014 but I don't completely trust drag-and-drop in OSX for huge files. mc FTW
A little cartoon about homeopathy
‘Forget “search conference”, you should be throwing a “Google conference”, because there’s no difference.‘
RT @raganwald: Memories of consulting
Is it kosher to name-and-shame an otherwise benevolent charity because of their hassling / almost-harassment tactics? #ottawa
Canada needs banking innovation. Why does it take 3 weeks to clear a check from a large US bank?
Scary, but fascinating hack - Abusing JSONP with Rosetta Flash:
Anyone else annoyed that mobile Safari makes you decide whether to save login credentials to keychain BEFORE you know if they worked?
Step 1: write a python script to do portfolio rebalancing Step 2: forget to convert USD:CAD Step 3: let it mess up your allocation. whoops
RT @alejandrocrosa: Hey Americans now that you realized you like soccer, let me tell you about this other really awesome thing called “the metric system”.
Today: svn 1.8.8 mysteriously can't talk over ssl anymore, had to brew install 1.8.9 for it's updated libs
RT @TripAdvisor: #HotelCup #Prediction#Colombia tipped to beat an overly relaxed and hotel pampered #Uruguay
RT @SimpsonsQOTD: "Well, better make it quick, kiddo. In five minutes this place is becoming a Starbucks!"
RT @BrookstreetOtt: Perspectives Restaurant has once again been awarded the @TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Big thank you to our loyal guests!
RT @iPhoneinCanada: RT @wirelessforless: Mobile wireless international price comparaisons #cts14 #cndpoli #cndtech
RT @UberFacts: One alcoholic drink a day can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 30 percent.
Charging the Fitbit Flex: pins don’t quite make contact so we slip in a little piece of paper #hack
List of Eligible Commission-Free ETFs -
RT @urgettinold: @jpdaigle Thanks. Obviously we can't control how blogs link to us, but people seem to be finding the site anyway...
RT @raganwald: Call me old-fashioned, but this is NOT how I want a technical article to be presented:
The 12 step process to download Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014
Shitty blogs covering "You're Getting Old" try so hard not to have a clear link to it. This site is fantastic
RT @apnerve: Really really clever use of transparent PNG! - . Click on it to see.
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