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Driving to Montreal alone on Saturday... I'm queuing up this week's @atpfm podcast to listen to.
.@mikhailksenzov Totally. I've taken the 5h Via Rail to Toronto for business trips, it's much nicer than driving too.
Driving to Montreal on Saturday, 2pm. Drop me a line if you want to rideshare!
RT @TripAdvisor: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch - not a typo. It's one of these 14 places with fun names:
After hearing nightly news explain CVE-2014-0160, why should I trust them with world politics? Are they that bad in every topic?
“Ok guys, let’s rotate the logo 15 degrees counter clockwise, and call it a rebranding”
RT @Mxrk: finally, an answer to the question "what do i do with my three precious cheeses?"
RT @bluthquotes: A Bluth never pays his debts. #GoT
"The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain"
why does a printer driver need to be 80mb?
Noooo Camera dead. MIGHT get extended warranty coverage from credit card, if I can find receipt from 2012. Don’t like those odds.
RT @gem_ray: Google acquhires company, takes all engineers, leaves designer cofounder out last minute not paying her anything :(
Ah, I can “lend” a kindle book I bought and paid for, but the recipient can’t accept it from a Canadian account. This is why there’s piracy
Status boards and website claim on time 17:55 departure planned. It’s 18:20 and we have no plane so… Doubtful
Hmm, Porter announced a 30min delay 10m ago over the intercom; website still says flight status on time.
RT @rentzsch: @jpdaigle huh, I never realized that myself. Thanks
Handy trick for remembering how to spell Wolf Rentzsch's (@rentzsch) name: "spelled like Nietzsche, without the e"
Practical Advice for the Obsessive Compulsive Traveler – Rands in Repose
It’s not every day @luclevesque advertises someone’s ebook. I’d better pay attention :) “Success is a series […]”
RT @marcoarment: While I’m making friends, might as well
RT @Circa: OKCupid is delivering this message to Firefox users right now. Here’s why:
"Avoision". It's a crime, look it up.
Ordering food in Boston using a Canadian credit card: Error - you did not enter a valid zip code. Aaargh
1.1 MiB/s through a VPN on hotel wifi is not too shabby #marriott
RT @JonathanLieberm: .@bznotes @pmarca Invest in my restaurant, we mill our own flour & harvest maple syrup from our own trees. We call it "Full Stack Pancakes"
Connection retry properties: -1: try every server forever until one answers 0: disabled; no overall retry limit WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?
RT @MaxTemkin: "Manna," by Marshall Brain One of my favorite short stories.
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