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RT @jcenters: Wheeler was quick to point out that he does not answer to the president, but that the FCC is an independent agency that answers to Comcast.
RT @OvercastFM: 1.1 is out! iPad support, full rotation, CarPlay, and lots of little fixes and improvements:
RT @Southern_89: My official top 10 Simpsons moments ever. gives a full run down! @SimpsonsQOTD
So afraid of the vacuum cleaner -
So afraid of the vacuum cleaner
RT @alkerton: .@MathieuFleury @JimWatsonOttawa What's your stance on ridesharing services like Uber/Lyft? If re-elected, will you reform cab regulations?
RT @oytamarind: RACCOON FACT: Whereas “raccoon” in French is «raton laveur» (“little washing rat”), in German it’s «Waschbär» (“washing bear”).
Government PDF form won’t open in Preview, so now downloading a downloader which will download Adobe Reader
Fidelity rep then clarified it was 2.5% below the spot rate. Ah. I think they misunderstood what 25BP means. (2/2)
Fidelity rep said their FX rate for USD:CAD transfer was 25 basis points below the spot rate. 0.25% sounds great right? (1/2)
RT @JoeDotDeveloper: A programmer left his rich parents to pursue his dream of creating orchestral music. He favored composition over inheritance.
RT @ViatorTravel: A big thank you to @sweetthingsinc for making these amazing (and delicious) Viator and @TripAdvisor #cupcakes!
RT @uOttawa_M: A significant next step in the evolution of Fluidware. The Ottawa-based company was acquired by SurveyMonkey.
RT @Pinboard: When I watch companies like BuzzFeed erase the distinction between journalism and advertising, it makes me hungry for Cool Ranch Doritos™
Just found out PayPal annual subscriptions don't notify you you're about to hit the annual renewal before the payment goes out. #evernote
Delbert has an idea for a startup
RT @emmkaff: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL! Pass me some coal.
I am in awe, and look up to him “Man Buys 23 Burger King Apple Pies to Spite a Small Child via @Eater
RT @LRcomic: what if they made a service like uber or lyft but it was a really big car with lots of seats that just drove around on a set route/schedule
"because the government's request, our opposition to it, and the court's order regarding it were all sealed"
Related: I can’t remember the first name of people I’ve met 4 times. But I can remember a rand WEP key from 10 years ago 😥
Travel a bit, and you’ll meet people who don’t know THEIR OWN wifi password. Me: I remember my WEP key from 2003, a random hex string
I guess there probably isn’t really a place named ‘null’ in Bangladesh. How awesome would that be? #TripAdvisor
RT @annetreasure: 👏 RT @BigRedDreck: America in a single image
RT @BCAppelbaum: That time Americans wouldn't buy 1/3 lb burger bc they thought quarter pounder had more beef.
RT @petapixel: Things I learned after my photo hit #1 on Reddit, and why I probably shouldn't have posted it:
Listening to @atpfm, Marco talking about lack of control when azure/ec2 goes down. How is that really different from his VPS providers?
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