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gutta cavat lapidem
RT @raruler: my current favourite comment: # sleep for 10 /bin/sleep 15 thanks, never would've figured that out on my own
Using Docker for the first time, finally. I'm very impressed.
Genuinely excited about this "swag" from #boxworks
RT @rsarver: Great post by @sacca "A few thoughts on race, America, and our President"
RT @TheOnion: The Pros And Cons Of Militarizing The Police
RT @AntonioFrench: Rain, demonstration, and celebration in #Ferguson tonight
RT @xor: If you're protesting in #Ferguson or elsewhere, follow these updated tips to keep your phone data private from cops:
Following @MagicSeuss makes my Twitter experience noticeably better.
"What I Did After Police Killed My Son"
RT @pablod: Wow. “@doctorow: "Years ago I learned a very cool thing about Robin Williams and I couldn’t watch a movie of his..."”
OH: "Se the thing is, I _hate_ water"
RT @TheOnion: Here are The Onion’s tips for being an unarmed black teen in America
RT @KMBTweets: #TheWire's David Simon goes all the way in on #Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson and it is absolutely glorious:
RT @xeni: Agreed (Capt. Johnson in #Ferguson) “@jonfingas: @xeni It’s like he came in and said “alright, this is how you do it… watch and learn.””
RT @xeni: THAT is how it is DONE. Last night, all eyes on #Ferguson in horror. Capt Johnson responded tonight with compassion, respect—true authority.
RT @AntonioFrench: I'm very proud of these young people. All love! #Ferguson #JusticeForMikeBrown
RT @NicholsUprising: Capt Ron Johnson of Missouri State Highway Patrol marching w/#Ferguson protestors to "break this cycle of violence."
RT @Yamiche: Protestor talking about St. Louis County Police: "They underestimated our ability to be peaceful." #Ferguson
Want to change the world? There's nothing to it.
IDEs: Tools that shape not only code, but the shape of the code.
RT @AntonioFrench: After a night in the #Ferguson jail, I'm free. My staffers who were also arrested last night are also free. Thank you for all the support.
RT @kennethreitz: We've now collected the Python dreams of 27 dreamers. Need 27,000 more!
RT @ggreenwald: The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson
In other news: The #Ferguson City Council has decided that it was a bad idea to let the local cable company run the police force.
RT @bgpmon: Q: What caused today’s Internet hiccup? A: Thousands of more specifics caused routing instability. Details here: #bgp
RT @kennethreitz: We now have 14 dreamers, need 14,000 more!
RT @MsParkerazzi: FAA Issues No Fly Zone Over #Ferguson, Charter Internet Services Down.
emscripten that generates XSLT instead of JS
"XSLT is a Turing-complete language, meaning it can specify any computation that can be performed by a computer." ಠ_ಠ
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