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It depresses me that the best way I have to answer "Who do I know that ..." type questions is to look through my list of Facebook friends.
After the apocalypse, San Francisco was overrun by ferocious packs of wild, tiny, dogs.
"transmission through space (typically signaling) is the same as transmission through time (storage)"
I accidentally read the first chapter of "Art of Doing Science and Engineering" and I'm overwhelmed and excited. I can't wait to read more.
RT @hhoover: Heartbleed walks into a bar, and says "Hello!" The bartender says: “Hello! -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----GDSSHPAIBAAJB…” / @brintly
RT @matthewstoller: NSA: We carefully balance our right to spy on everyone with our core mission of ruining everything.
RT @skimbrel: “pip install pyladies && pyladies handbook” this is _awesome_. “you get a pyladies! and you get a pyladies! and you…” #pycon2014
RT @jazzychad: Took 3 hours to create this FB SDK Login state machine from empirical data. What a mess.
RT @TaraLongest: If you're in SF and like Super Smash Bros, my friends are helping organize a screening of this on April 13!
RT @jessicard: vim, I can't quit you. no literally, how do i quit vim
I went to space to take a #spaceselfie, it didn't turn out well ...
I'm at BUILD and loving that the line for a coding challenge is longer than the line for the free Xbox One attendees all got.
RT @Allisomething: NPR tries to play a joke; accidentally performs the biggest sociology experiment on the Internet ever.
I just successfully ran "Hello world" in a simulator for an IBM 1401
RT @nedroid: Here comes April Fool's Dave
RT @tolmasky: The Pope's temptation to start canonizing random stuff today must be unbearable
RT @dangillmor: The only surprise today is that the Onion isn't running real news.
RT @Microsoft: Old School: Microsoft & @ComputerHistory Museum make MS-DOS & Word for Windows source code available to the public:
RT @owenthomas: April Fool's has become a platform for corporate self-promotion. It's Jokes as a Service.
The CIA misled the government and the public about aspects of its brutal interrogation program for years:
I started chatting with a girl over email and AIM because of a Palm OS game I wrote. She's why I listen to "Godspeed You! Black Emperor"
When I'm writing a blog post, I seem to spend most of my time writing the first paragraph.
RT @scott4arrows: Dentist "Do you floss regularly?" Me "Do you back up your computer data regularly?"
RT @vogon: when writing an April Fool's joke consider that Facebook makes VR helmets and the gov't posts to Buzzfeed about why you should buy insurance
and If You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where to Land
Why live in a future that someone else has made when you can build your own and live in that one?
RT @ID_AA_Carmack: (3/3) What are the hazards? What should be done to guard against them? What are the tests for failure? Blog and I'll read.
"@MartinLuther: Ninety-five things wrong with the church: […]"
RT @progrium: Apparently Michael Jackson would compose and prototype entire songs vocally on micro-cassette
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