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"we're in a fast moving world, but humans are a little slower" (paraphrase) -Nate Silver
RT @_munter_: I deleted my @Groupon account and donated $20 to the @gnome foundation. My reason? This: #DefendGNOME
RT @tef: Groupon, it's like SCO but for Gnome.
I'm able to determine that it's foggy outside by the output of a "ping" command.
RT @ComputerHistory: Here's a museum blog post that takes u behind the scenes of the museum's IBM 1401 team's quest to restore two 1401s
Being able to read NFPA 704 signs gives you a weak "x-ray" powers to see into buildings
RT @patio11: This is a socially contagious memeplex. It subverts organizations/communities like a virus subverts cells, bends them to reproduce itself.
RT @patio11: Trust the (recovering) Japanese salaryman: Overwork is seductively destructive and destructively seductive. Hitting bottom *sucks*.
RT @starsandrobots: Do I know anyone in SF who's used either of these Bluetooth analyzers? ( or
Advertisers scramble as they discover their house is built on sand.
Programming in MVC 4 is like flying commercially in the US. Pain and loss of sanity up front, quite nice otherwise.
Kevin Kelly on "The Singularity Is Near": "I call this book mythical because I think the Singularity is a brand-new myth for our age."
With Apple, it's not an Application. It's an App. An App...le
"The Sixth Stage of Grief Is Retro-computing"
"Vegas. Its like a mix of [the] Mos Eisley Cantina and a glittery litterbox."
gutta cavat lapidem
RT @raruler: my current favourite comment: # sleep for 10 /bin/sleep 15 thanks, never would've figured that out on my own
Using Docker for the first time, finally. I'm very impressed.
Genuinely excited about this "swag" from #boxworks
RT @rsarver: Great post by @sacca "A few thoughts on race, America, and our President"
RT @TheOnion: The Pros And Cons Of Militarizing The Police
RT @AntonioFrench: Rain, demonstration, and celebration in #Ferguson tonight
RT @xor: If you're protesting in #Ferguson or elsewhere, follow these updated tips to keep your phone data private from cops:
Following @MagicSeuss makes my Twitter experience noticeably better.
"What I Did After Police Killed My Son"
RT @pablod: Wow. “@doctorow: "Years ago I learned a very cool thing about Robin Williams and I couldn’t watch a movie of his..."”
OH: "Se the thing is, I _hate_ water"
RT @TheOnion: Here are The Onion’s tips for being an unarmed black teen in America
RT @KMBTweets: #TheWire's David Simon goes all the way in on #Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson and it is absolutely glorious:
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