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A full length bus advertisement to make the bus look like the catbus from My Neighbor Totoro.
RT @textfiles: Thanks to @antumbral JSMESS has made some real strides.
"The bootprints of Apollo are waiting for company."
RT @jwz: Hackathon Accidentally Picks Perfect Metaphor for Its Own Awfulness. Startup Land only says something poignant...
Ever wondered what it's like to do a deal with the devil? Try canceling a @comcast account!
RT @timberners_lee: Cable's trying to end #netneutrality & break the Internet for profit. 36 hours left to stop em
RT @antumbral: Just filed a SpiderMonkey bug report, then filed a Chromium bug report for the *inverse* of the SpiderMonkey problem. JavaScript is weird.
RT @ID_AA_Carmack: The 80's Max Headroom show was a future with a ludicrous amount of TVs -- with babies, at pools, in cars, etc. Smartphones made it accurate.
So happy to see @rndmcnlly and @kaflurbaleen married today!
What's long and brown and sticky?
A well seasoned cast iron skillet is delightful.
Time and energy, a precious commodity He challenged us to reexamine various design and operational features fo...
NASA needed "three nines" for the Apollo missions NASA had posed a very broad requirement for reliability: eac...
RT @kerihw: -The name's Bond. James Bond. -I've written Bond now. -Oh. Can you change it or is it too late? -When your coffee's ready they'll call Bond
"We have to move forward. To stop in space is to surrender" The "When We Left Earth" mini-series is very good.
I have so many books, videos, games, and speeches I want to experience. I had set up a Trello board to help me keep track of them all.
"Do .NET developers really solve any hard problems?"
"A crippled newsie took them away from him, I made him give them back"
My favorite event of 2013 was @XOXO, so I'm excited that I was picked in the lottery for the 2014 event.
A movie like "Memento", except it's a romantic comedy.
"Conforming to the vacuity of modern American culture can actually offer a sense of relief"
Someday, I'd like to see the launch of a rocket destined for orbit.
Historical accounts never seem to capture the uncertainties, the boredom, and terror of waiting in the present.
RT @xor: Next Facebook randomly assigns users as "prisoners" or "guards"
RT @shazow: Followers, pending your consent, I want half of you to visit /r/aww and half to visit /r/wtf. Please self-report desire to click on ads.
RT @Newsweek: 'Illegal Spying Below': Activists fly airship over the NSA's Utah data center
"Had that rocket not fired, why, I'd still be orbiting the moon. Forever. And, uh, I really didn't want to do that" - Frank Borman
"it was ironic that we had come to study the moon and [we were] really discovering the Earth"
(I'm watching the excellent "When We Left Earth" mini series on Netflix)
"we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard"
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