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James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe

husband, father, son, grandson, Green Party activist, Quality Assurance engineer, two time candidate for Treasurer of Massachusetts, youth soccer coach
Contagion? - 89% Spaniards worried about the deposit tax in Cyprus, 62% believe savings in danger @edwardnh @polit2k - James O'Keefe
The @bostonglobe article on the water main break we saw at Inman Sq by @Knothea - James O'Keefe
Patents, Trademarks And Copyrights Have No Place In Trade Agreements - they are *antithetical* to free trade #TAFTA - James O'Keefe
#SCOTUS: 1st sale applies 2 all books! @AWexelblat: @doctorow seen this yet? SCOTUS goes 6-3 for Kirtsaeng! - James O'Keefe
Bradley Jansen from @freebanking on the new FinCEN guidance for virtual currencies #bitcoin - James O'Keefe
We just applied to MassChallenge 2013 Accelerator Program! via @MassChallenge - James O'Keefe
The Tragedy Of Jailing Weev, The Internet Prophet Of Discord - no, travesty, not tragedy; fine piece by @Asher_Wolf - James O'Keefe
The two Australian female lawyers taking on the banks that are supposedly "too big to jail" - James O'Keefe
Minsky funding accelerating as Kickstarter campaign end approaches. That's acceleration I like - James O'Keefe
JUSTICE? Tomorrow @Rabite faces jail time for disclosing #iPad vulnerability to media @thejusticedept #AaronSwartz - James O'Keefe
MT @yniim: You should read this: "Is the collaborative economy only for the privileged?" - James O'Keefe
This is so important; dear media people who follows me: report! Battle Raging Against #NDAA: - James O'Keefe
The Google+ Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @kvanscha @jpokeefe @MatteoMenduni - James O'Keefe
Perhaps if @googlereader hadn't botched the migration to #GooglePlus they might not be shutting down - James O'Keefe
The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever Isn't Scary Enough : Planet Money : NPR -
Federal Reserve Economic Data - FRED - St. Louis Fed -
The Breakthrough Institute - Is Economic Growth Coming to an End? -
European Parliament blocks emails containing the word ”gender” on International Women’s Day - - James O'Keefe
They'll be making wine in Scotland soon @Asher_Wolf: Recent heat spike unlike anything in 11,000 years - James O'Keefe
Don't tell E! RT @doctorow: Make a 3D printed #Makie doll on your tablet with The Makies Doll Factory - James O'Keefe
Twitter to the Rescue? How Social Media is Transforming Human Rights Monitoring - (v @Anne_Roth @Asher_Wolf) - James O'Keefe
Life Inside the Aaron Swartz Investigation - my, it seems Steve Heymann is truly sad little human being - James O'Keefe
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