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Joel Postman

Joel Postman

It says "Change Picture." I'd love to do that, but that's how I look.
Waterboarding for Apples #BadHalloweenTreats
How To Stop WordPress Brute Force Attack on xmlrpc.php -
Animaniacs of Treason #PirateTVShows @midnight
Plank Walker, Texas Ranger #PirateTVShows @midnight
Men Mad About Each Other #PirateTVShows @midnight
Scurvy Dog Whisperer #PirateTVShows @midnight
Project Gangplank #PirateTVShows @midnight
Orange is the New Blackbeard #PirateTVShows @midnight
How I Made Your Mother Walk The Plank #PirateTVShows @midnight
VPS: More Cores The Better? -
Zappos SEO Bait and Switch -
Georgia now allows guns almost anywhere, including museums. I'm looking forward to the premiere of the new series "When Paintings Attack"
I Took The Gallon of Milk Long Past Its Sell By Date Challenge! #IceBucketChallenge
Ballmer will be right at home courtside with the Clippers. He can use his 30 years experience pacing and yelling like a madman. #Clippers
We need an app so normal people can connect with deranged gun nuts to solve problems like barking dogs, noisy neighbors, bad drivers, etc.
When I see someone's Twitter avatar, I think that's how they look right now and that's how they're looking at me. #unclearonhowitreallyworks
Do you think Albert Einstein's mom would say, "Oh, you're a real Einstein" when she got mad?
Do you follow back accounts that claim "I can get you 10,000 followers for $10" and things like that? I don't. I block them.
Chernobyl Groundwater Ice Bucket Challenge #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Taunt a TSA Officer for Passenger Safety Challenge #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Impromptu Organ Donation #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Taunt a TSA Office for Passenger Safety Challenge #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Make a Quilt Out Of Navel Lint to Benefit People With Outties #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Stick a Butter Knife in the Toaster Even Though I Told You a Million Times Not to Do That #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Drink Milk With the Oldest Sell By Date Challenge #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Ebolapalooza Benefit Concert #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Ferguson Missouri Extreme Selfie Challenge #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
Go Face First Into a Freshly Baked Pizza #NextBigCharityChallenge @midnight
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