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I just bought Sublime Text Power User by the awesome @wesbos
A grey hat hacker is messing with the @khanacademy CS stuff, posting tutorials on how to use the Chrome debugger and modify XHRs. He's 12!
RT @MikeTaylor: Apple’s “warrant canary” disappears, suggesting new Patriot Act demands. HT @webinista
More awesome coming to Internet Explorer. Updates to our platform roadmap #ie
RT @buritica: Quieres aprender a desarrollar con Node y JavaScript? Ven a la edición de nodeschool solo para mujeres en Medellin!
Best ad I've seen in awhile thanks to @IKEAUSA. Trolling Apple ads is truly awesomeness!
The issue causing our website downtime has been resolved with our host and we are back! Please let us know if you continue to have issues.
We are aware of an issue causing some of our websites to be unreachable at this time. We are working on it and will keep you posted.
Oh yes this is so true about creating native mobile apps nowadays Thx @deltakosh
RT @discourse: Discourse released! Upgrade to latest via /admin/docker, which is changing to /admin/upgrade in all future releases!
RT @davemethvin: @domenic @reybango @ericf @jaffathecake @tomdale @shepazu I think most people expect it to work like this:
RT @girlie_mac: .@jonathansampson talks about IE, @jacobrossi likes cakes, and @reybango dances!
RT @paul_irish: Gallery of beautiful sites for Open Source projects: by @trek
RT @jcreamer898: 5 Things We Learned From the Team Behind Microsoft Internet Explorer - ABC News +@reybango @jonathansampson
Well I am officially Internet infamous for my dance moves. Mentioned on ABC News' website:
The incomparable @AllieBrosh is on Spellslingers! (The Magic the Gathering show with @day9tv):
Some very cool updates made to the IE F12 Developer Tools
RT @jacobrossi: Wow doing the @IE Reddit AMA was a blast! #1 on the reddit front page. Thanks again for all the great questions!
My first Reddit AMA was so fun and painful and awesome and brutal and cool. Loved answering questions, even tough ones. So worth it.
RT @dstorey: With the August update, IE11 moves from 89.9% to 96.8% on the Khronos WebGL test suite. Also WebDrive support & much improved F12 dev tools
RT @jqcon: Get your ticket, win a @Pebble! All attendees that purchase a ticket in August are entered to win 1 of 2 Pebbles!
The Internet Explorer team is doing a Reddit AMA (wut?!?). Go ask them stuff & make 'em sweat!
RT @IEDevChat: Join us for our IE engineering team @Reddit_AMA starting now! Ask away!
RT @mattpodwysocki: Just released a Node.js version on the Bing Translator API. Yes, it uses callbacks, get used to it:
RT @jsconfeu: Google are sponsoring trips & tickets to JSConf EU for five women in computer science. Apply by August 17th: <3
Get free IT & development training with Microsoft Virtual Academy. Lots of good stuff there: +@lifehacker
RT @morris_charles: Mmm, upgrades... what's new in IE11 with the August update:
RT @jqcon: Join us at #jqcon Chicago and compete for huge prizes! The @MaxCDN hackathon is open to all attendees and free!
Anyone in NYC have a D&D group looking for a new, inexperienced, member? Or looking to start one?
jQuery UI 1.11.1 is out, the first maintenance release for 1.11. We've got lots of bugfixes:
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