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RT @SlideShareToday: 'Culture of Disruption - How we're growing a new type of game company' by @jradoff is featured on our homepage.
Interview with me about Game of Thrones, iPhone/Android, etc.:
Awesome article about our plans for Star Trek Timelines: @STTimelines #MakeItSo
Good article by @bbalfour on Marketing vs. Growth orientation:
RT @DaliDimovski: I had a chance to chat with Disruptor Beam's @JRadoff about the upcoming Star Trek Timelines at PAX East. Enjoy!
[On the deck of Enterprise-D] Video Interview with me about Star Trek Timelines:
Polygon interview about Star Trek Timelines and Disruptor Beam's vision:
Creating a culture for growth and sustainability in gaming:
RT @TenTonHammer: #PAXInterview: 'Star Trek Timelines' is exploration, science, diplomacy, and character driven.
RT @burly_adopter: Great time interviewing @jradoff of Disruptor Beam about new game Star Trek Timelines (@STTimelines) for @NerdCaliber #PAXEast #scifinerds
Yes! Ban non-competes. @bijan lays out all the reasons why:
RT @ScottKirsner: Capt. Jon-Luc Radoff on Disruptor Beam's vision for Star Trek Timelines:
RT @MaiaHeymann: @jradoff "When we build games, authenticity is very important…." @BetaBoston @DBKeohane
Congratulations, Opower!
Dear IT Outsourcing Company: why we're not going to hire you. (Read on if they're calling you too) #startup
Nice beginner strategy guide for Game of Thrones Ascent [fixed link]:
Nice beginner strategy guide for Game of Thrones Ascent [fixed link]:
[fixed link] Pocket Gamer strategy guide for Game of Thrones Ascent of Thrones: Ascent/feature.asp?c=58636
Cool Kickstarter from a local studio - I love the idea of combining CCG gaming with the 3D card models. Please back:
Disruptor Beam / Game of Thrones - 7 open jobs in engineering, marketing, QA, data science, UI design:
RT @BostonGlobe: Game of Thrones iPad game arrives, via Mass. startup by @BetaBoston/@KyleAlspach
RT @cheryllmorris: Congrats @jradoff RT @KyleAlspach: "Game of Thrones Ascent" (@GoTAscent) comes to iPad, via Disruptor Beam #april6
RT @aieshaa_: downloaded game of thrones ascent. goodbye degree. #YESpimpmysummerball kent uni
Pocket Gamer's review of Game of Thrones Ascent: "a stunning recreation of the intricacies of Westeros"
RT @EmilyG: We launched Game of Thrones Ascent on iPad yesterday! George R. R. Martin approves:
Inside Mobile Games: "Disruptor Beam brings Game of Thrones Ascent to iPad"
George R.R. Martin talks about Game of Thrones Ascent for iPad: #GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesAscent
Game of Thrones Ascent for iPad featured in the Apple AppStore in "Best New Games" -
RT @MassChallenge: Obsessed with @GameOfThrones like us? #DisruptorBeam and @jradoff has given us @GoTAscent to play until Season 4!
VentureBeat covers Game of Thrones Ascent for the iPad:
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