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RT @ashleymayer: "What's the feedback from Wall Street?" "Not good, sir." "Tell Larry to release the robot dogs."
RT @JoshConstine: Facebook Wants You To Share Where You're "Traveling To" Helps you visit friends|Could Help FB show relevant posts/ads
RT @drew: google should do their earnings livestreamed on youtube whilst in a self-driving car, using glass as the camera.
RT @ktbenner: Need proof that tech stocks no longer trade in line w.fundamentals/biz health? Yahoo soars and Google sinks...
RT @pkafka: Google’s $12.2 Billion Isn’t Enough for Wall Street / by @pkafka /
RT @lexnfx: Google to provide more details on CPC and paid clicks trends beginning in Q2 - break down by Google owned sites and network
RT @GreeterDan: I've set up a new algorithm to favorite every time @CaseyNewton or @MikeIsaac even *think* about Twitter.
Yahoo shows signs of growth for the first time in more than a year
Facebook is forcing you to install a separate Messenger app which by default will list your location in every message
RT @danielgraf: Followed Maps to find that the flock was just around the corner - excited to take wing with the @twitter product team...
Wonder if kid's parents know he plays Army of Darkness? Not sure I'd want mine to defend Lord Arthur’s castle, Necronomicon from evil undead
Best question asked of the kindergarteners: What is your favorite video game? The first kid said: Fruit Ninja. The second: Army of Darkness.
Explained what it's like to be a newspaper reporter covering technology to a room full of kindergarteners this morning.
RT @nestGSV: Congrats @jguynn. Any move is cool as long as you stay on Twitter.
RT @MicahSingleton: @jguynn Just saw this, congrats!! They’re lucky to have you.
RT @GuyKawasaki: @jguynn Congrats on USA today! I have some news for you. All the best!
RT @a_greenberg: Bad news: Today is my last day after seven great years at Forbes. Good news: A week from Monday I start my new job at Wired.
RT @Laurie_Ochoa: CBS gets @StephenAtHome "still in the rising arc of his career." @LATimesTVLloyd's take:
Now to borrow a phrase from @drewhouston ... On to the next chapter @USATODAY with the great @jswartz & company. #letitrip
Truly an honor to have been a part of @latimes for seven wonderful years. I worked with and for some of the best in journalism. #thankyou
Dropbox looks to the future: Beyond online storage to being the "home" for all your digital stuff
Drew Houston on Dropbox: "We are going after something really big"
RT @Paeday: “@obrien: @jswartz @jguynn @latimes @USATODAY I am egging his house this very minute. Will post a Vine.” Toilet paper too please!
RT @jswartz: @jguynn @obrien @latimes @USATODAY The pleasure is all MINE, Jess. ;)
RT @obrien: @jswartz @jguynn @latimes @USATODAY I am egging his house this very minute. Will post a Vine.
RT @Recode: iPhone Interface Designer Greg Christie to Leave Apple / by @DawnC331 /
Dropbox has been so smart from the get go about finding solutions to things that inflict copious amounts of pain on users
RT @ToddWasserman: Don Draper pitches Dropbox Carousel
Gentry showing off Dropbox's new Carousel app
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