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RT @jswartz: Nice scoop from @johnshinal on the fate of wireless start-up FreedomPop. Sprint is interested in acquiring it.
RT @jswartz: Survey: Americans have lost control of their personal info
RT @bykevinj: Police killings highest in two decades via @usatoday
RT @JohnWaggoner: Who cares about the soaring dollar? You do.
RT @lauramandaro: Cool photo gallery Landing on a comet via @usatoday
RT @jswartz: Our landing page for Inequity in Silicon Valley.
RT @jswartz: New photo apps tap all your photos into one place
RT @AntonioFrench: Governor to announce law enforcement plans for Ferguson grand jury announcement via @stltoday
RT @ClientSoftInfo: @jswartz @jguynn @marcodellacava >"Excellent stories & truisms are so well crafted that denials are pointless & they cry for solutions!"<
RT @jswartz: Missed the @USATODAY @StanfordRock panel on closing racial gap in Silicon Valley? Listen to it here:
RT @jswartz: @jguynn and @marcodellacava make me raise my game on this important topic. Their stories on diversity are so well crafted.
RT @BrennanNJ524: Shoutout to @jguynn for shedding light on diversifying the workplace. Keep it up
RT @Marivi1: @jeffersongraham @USATODAY @marcodellacava Great job. Should tech companies in Calif aspire to higher % of Hisp given 39% of pop is Latino?
RT @wadhwa: Struggling in shadow of Silicon Valley wealth by @jswartz --let's have CEOs& VCs spend a night in homeless shelters
You can listen to the entire @USATODAY @StanfordRock panel on closing racial gap in Silicon Valley via #soundcloud
Must watch video from @USATODAY all-star panel with @StanfordRock on closing racial gap in high tech #techdiversity
RT @marcodellacava: @usatodaytech analysis after our Diversity in Tech forum last week: @jguynn @jswartz @USATODAYmoney
RT @jswartz: Analysis: Tech execs acknowledge diversity gap. So, what's next? From me, @jguynn and @marcodellacava
RT @OPDChris: Great, @jguynn. I was alarmed at reports of a "Bandit" being on the run on College Ave. Glad this one obeys...
Bravo @oaklandpoliceca! Called nonemergency number and dispatcher was SO helpful in getting info on missing Bandit to officers! Thank you!
GOOD NEWS: Bandit was just found in Oakland. He's reunited with his family. Thank you tweeps for helping bring him home!
Bandit last spotted running on College Ave near Broadway trying to find way home. Please share. cc @oaklandpoliceca
Lost dog in Oakland near Alcatraz and Telegraph. Please share. Our family is desperately searching for Bandit.
RT @EvelynRusli: @selenalarson @RWW all of twitter is media twitter-- congrats on your move!
RT @selenalarson: I’m so excited to announce that I’m joining @DailyDot as a tech reporter next week!
Feeling #FF grateful for rock star team on diversity (part two): @MikeSnider @brettmolina23 @dcallaway @amwillette
RT @ScarlettSieber: Love this, keep up the good work. "Dropbox CEO @drewhouston thinks outside the box on #diversity" via @jguynn
RT @otisrtaylorjr: Silicon Valley's gender and racial imbalance. Solid read on what Dropbox is doing by @jguynn
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