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.@RevJJackson Jackson is seeking EEOC scrutiny of the technology industry for its lack of diversity via @usatoday
.@RevJJackson talks to @USATODAY about campaign to turn up heat on the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley companies
RT @jswartz: Airbnb leaps into business travel
RT @jswartz: T-Mobile CEO blasts AT&T (again), unveils new promotion
RT @jswartz: I wonder what he's talking about? ;) RT @GanucheauAdam: Rev. Jesse Jackson is in the @USATODAY newsroom today. Pretty cool.
RT @edbaig: Facebook, Google vying for growth as Alibaba IPO looms via @usatoday
RT @wadhwa: 7/ Silicon Valley is pivoting. --that is key message of @InnovatingWomen. Despite problems it is land of greatest opportunity for everyone
RT @wadhwa: 6/ Today, there is a chorus of female and male bloggers, business executives, and VCs who are openly discussing the problems and solutions.
RT @wadhwa: 5/ They even have a special word for failure in the valley: it is called “pivoting”.
RT @wadhwa: 4/ There is nothing wrong with saying I made a mistake and am now doing things differently.
RT @wadhwa: 1/ One of things I highlighed in @InnovatingWomen was that for all the bad say about Silicon Valley and venture capitalists,...
RT @wadhwa: 2/ you have to give them credit for being open to criticism, listening very carefully, and being proactive in bettering themselves.
RT @wadhwa: 3/ This is and what gives Silicon Valley a global advantage: dissent is encouraged and learning and reinvention are the norm.
Fixed Raises $1.2 Million For A Mobile App That Fights Your Parking Tickets For You via @techcrunch
RT @stevegarfield: Trailer. Next season. The Walking Dead. #OMG
RT @dannysullivan: @jguynn 1/67 I shall try to explain....
Finding it hard to remember what Twitter was like before @pmarca #tweetstormer
RT @jswartz: Twitter campaign tries to keep Detroit water flowing
RT @USATODAYmoney: Hacking group Anonymous said it planned a cyberattack Friday against Israel, but as night fell little had happened
RT @lauramandaro: Police say Amazon employee was the operator behind a #drone that buzzed the Seattle Space Needle
RT @edbaig: Bose sues Beats for noise cancellation patent infringement via @usatoday
RT @lauramandaro: Uber comes to Kalamazoo.. and Lagos.. and Guadalajara . Quite an expansion
RT @rakeshlobster: @jsqfunk @jguynn the 2% overall is a ridiculous and specious argument.
RT @rakeshlobster: @jsqfunk @jguynn if you are google, twitter, FB you aren't limited to the average. You can scoop them all up.
RT @lauramandaro: "California has reentered the race and closed the gap with the other states," Tesla tells @ChrisWoodyard $tsla
RT @beLaurie: I don't think people understand the magnitude of how amazing @KristyT and @tiffani are. Brilliant minds giving their time for #DetroitWater
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