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First 1300 Years of Islamic History in 3 Minutes -
Remembering the Muslim Heritage of Tolerance and Hybrid Civilization -
Is the new US airbase in Iraqi Kurdistan all about Iran? -
Does the Houthi Takeover of Yemen’s Sanaa Endanger World Trade? -
The Terrorists have our Number, and do a Number on Washington -
Israel Squatters Chop Down Dozens of Palestinian Olive Trees Near Nablus (800,000 since 1967) -
The Last Days of Kobani Loom as ISIL Closes in on Syrian Kurds with Murder on its Mind -
Is Obama worse than Nixon on Harassing Journalists? Committee to Protect Journalists Petition -
Why is Kobani Important? ISIS advances against Syrian Kurds despite US Airstrikes -
You’ll Never Believe what ISIL has done to Iraq’s al-Anbar Population -
Apple and Google Take on U.S. Government Over Encryption -
Ben Affleck on Bill Maher’s Muslim Problem -
NASA Photo of Sahara: Richat Structure, Mauritania -
Incivility: On not Bringing up Occupied Palestinians in Polite Company -
Rep. Louie Gohmert’s Ebola Theory Is Dumber Than He Is -
Does Bear + Dragon Trump Eagle? How Russia & China may block the US in Asia -
35,000 Walruses Can’t be Wrong about Climate Change: Crowd beach b/c “extreme retreat of sea ice” -
In Iraqi Classrooms, Sunni Muslim Extremists Ban Evolution, Patriotism And Literature -
As the Globe Warms, So Does the Climate Movement -
7 Surprising Reasons Turkey is entering war on ISIL -
Lessons from French Morocco: “Fanaticism Anxiety” about Muslims has been with us since the Colonial Era -
Denying ISIL Legitimacy and the problem of Radical Returnees -
Statement by Professors of Jewish Studies in North America Regarding the AMCHA Initiative -
Palestine goes to UN Security Council to Demand Israeli Withdrawal by 2016 -
Drone Strikes as much an Obama Legacy as Health Care: John Oliver -
Failure Is Success: How American Intelligence Works in the Twenty-First Century -
Netanyahu’s Nuclear Hypocrisy on Iran; In fact, Everyone in the ME needs to Disarm -
$22 Billion to Fight ISIL in same Year Congress cut $8.7 bn in Food Stamps -
The Other Iraq Reality: Shiite Militias besieging Sunni Towns -
Tony Blair obsessed with Religious “Crusade” against Iraq, like Bush: Former British Dep’ty PM -
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